Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 5

That fact irritated me immensely.

“I… don’t care about the pain I’m experiencing right now. I don’t even care about the dishonor I’ve suffered in trying to save Princess Krell. If I could protect her, that would be enough. But…”

Gritting my back teeth, I stared at the waiter with a murderous gaze, tightened my grip on his hair, and slowly raised the Guardian Shield Key in my other hand.

A dangerous and disturbing emotion oozes out, the kind one should never harbor in their daily life. The desire to kill this man wells up within me, unconsciously nesting in my voice and gaze.

Even before Princess Krell, my mistress, I shouldn’t allow myself to feel such emotions. Normally, I can maintain my composure and never let any ugly emotions show, even for a moment. But right now… I couldn’t stop it.

“I can’t possibly forgive you for making me feel this emotion, even for an instant. The fact that you attempted to harm the one I love, I won’t forgive you. Here—”

As I raised the Guardian Shield Key over my head, preparing to strike with all my might,


With that call, a strong slap on my cheek snapped me back to my senses.

The rage that had been boiling up inside me receded like a wave, and I turned the Guardian Shield Key in the air, causing it to vanish into thin air. I released the grip on the waiter’s hair, and he fell into the center of the broken table, unconscious with his eyes rolled back. The intense killing intent from up close must have been too much for him to bear, causing him to lose consciousness.

I glanced at the unconscious man and then bowed my head to Princess Krell, who had appeared beside me at some point.

“I apologize. I lost control for a moment.”

“Yes, please try to stay composed. I called the knights, so we’ll leave the rest to them. I appreciate that you were thinking of me, but… you don’t need to get your hands dirty.”


The moment I heard those words, the strength I had been forcibly channeling into my body as I moved due to anger dissipated, and I dropped to my knees. The blood tears had stopped, but the sharp pain in my chest and the urge to cough up blood still persisted. However, my condition was undoubtedly better than right after I used the Pain Transference. By now, after an hour or so, the coughing and chest pain should have subsided.

Well, there’s still the matter of the knights’ interrogation before the poison leaves my body.

I thought about that with annoyance as I waited for the arrival of the knights.


The next morning at 8:00 a.m.

“Good morning, Princess Krell.”

I bowed to Princess Krell, who entered the dining hall just as I finished setting the freshly made breakfast on the table, and she walked over and returned the greeting.

“Good morning, Roth. Did you sleep well last night?”

“I apologize, but I didn’t sleep much.”

“! Is the poison still…?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that you didn’t give me a goodnight kiss.”

“I never did such a thing!”

“Just kidding.”

Engaging in conversation with Princess Krell, I poured cold water into a glass.

It was true that I didn’t sleep much. Although I had successfully neutralized the toxic components of the red tree sap, I still suffered from headaches and nausea for a while after returning to the museum . Moreover, the anger that I had suppressed resurfaced when I was alone, making it impossible for me to sleep well.

“Don’t say things that sound bad. Well, they’re just scared on their own.”

She said with a dissatisfied expression as she took her usual seat.

Originally, we should have spent the entire night being interrogated at the knights’ base. An attempted assassination of a member of the royal family is a serious crime, and it cannot be settled with a brief interrogation. Not only me, but also the shop staff and witnesses there would have been detained for a long time. However, when the leader of the dispatched unit, a young man, arrived, Princess Krell made a strong request: “He is my retainer, and he is suffering from the poison’s effects. Please conduct the investigation at a later date when he is in perfect health.” The courageous young man hesitated for a moment, but when Princess Krell said, “Do you have any objections to that?” with a frightening expression, he quickly shook his head with a terrified look, and we were able to return home within about five minutes of the knights’ arrival.

Princess Krell is amazing, I honestly thought at that time. The authority of a “royal” appears to be formidable.

Oh, right. After watching the poison-drenched waiter, who had fainted on top of the shattered table, being taken away by the knights, I informed Webber to calculate the amount of damage to the shop and submit an expense claim to the imperial office. We had broken quite a lot of things, but it was necessary damage to protect the royal member, Princess Krell. If I explained it that way, the office would likely pay the claim without any fuss. After all, those people wouldn’t dare oppose me.

As I thought back to last night, Princess Krell looked around and tilted her head.

“Come to think of it, where are those children?”

“They’re cleaning.”

“Why don’t they clean after having breakfast?”

“Milady, it’s not just ordinary cleaning. It’s also a punishment.”

“Eh, a punishment?”

“Yes. In summary, it means Princess Krell’s intuition was right.”

The moment she heard that, Princess Krell covered her forehead and let out a sigh.

Yeah. The real trouble started after we returned to the museum . The three servants who were waiting at the entrance rushed towards me, their shirts stained with blood, and exclaimed, “Who did you kill?!” with misplaced worry. Especially Farah, who grabbed my arm in tears, saying, “We’re taking you to the interrogation room right away!” I almost felt like punching them all. What do they think of me?


After explaining everything that happened to Princess Krell, and after everyone understood, we entered the museum . I escorted Princess Krell to her bedroom and was planning to do a quick inspection before heading to bed, but… when I saw the kitchen, I was hit with a wave of despair.

On the carriage ride to the restaurant, Princess Krell had expressed concern about the three using the kitchen, asking if it would be alright. Well, her bad feeling had become a reality. The walls were as black as if they’d been smeared with charcoal, and the floor was oddly sticky, making a squelching sound with every step. Naturally, the cutting board was chopped into pieces, and the pot seemed to have taken on a bizarre shape.

How on earth could this hellish scene have come about?

I glared at the three servants with not just anger but also bewilderment, and they all averted their eyes, trying to escape my gaze. They were perfectly in sync in that regard too, which made me even more exasperated.

Usually, I’d make them kneel on the sticky floor and give them a scolding, but unfortunately, I was too exhausted from the accumulated fatigue and the poison’s damage. So, I simply told them to use detergent and clean up in the morning, and retreated to my room.

Since they seemed repentant from their expressions, I decided to spare them the lecture. I thought I was being too lenient.

Besides, cleaning that mess up would be quite a task. That alone would probably serve as a significant punishment. They were now desperately polishing the floor, looking like they were about to cry. Breakfast might turn into lunch at this rate.

“It looks tough.”

“Well, they brought it upon themselves. If I helped them, it wouldn’t be much of a punishment.”

“Well, I guess… By the way, are you completely okay now?”

In response to Princess Krell’s concern, I nodded.

“I’m fine, no problems.”

“Really? You could take the day off, you know? Now that I think about it, I don’t think Roth has ever taken a break since becoming my butler…”

“Please don’t treat me like an ordinary person. I’m fine. Besides, what would you do without me?”

“I-I’m not like that! I can manage on my own…”

“Don’t pretend. I think if you were left alone to do something, you’d fail at everything. You’re like a child; if I take my eyes off you, I won’t know where or what you’ll be doing. Princess Krell equals a child. You’re in your late teens, so grow up. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get married.”

“Also, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“W-What is it?”

As Princess Krell stopped cutting the omelette, I straightened my back and spoke.

“I didn’t really plan on getting too involved in the case of the etoile Magic Key theft. It had nothing to do with us, as it was about the country’s treasure being targeted. However, last night, when your life was in danger, it became something that concerns us.”

“W-Wait a minute!”

Putting down her fork and knife, Princess Krell interrupted my words.

“Are you saying that Roth thinks last night’s incident is related to the museum’s threat letter?”

“I think the possibility is high. There are many suspicious points, and it’s quite likely that the waiter was trying to kill you, Princess Krell, to hinder the theft of the etoile Magic Key.”

The timing was perfect. There were many other suspicious aspects, so it’s highly probable that there’s a connection. The motive would be to eliminate Princess Krell, the biggest obstacle to stealing the Ethowa Magic Key.

Whatever the reason may be, I have no intention of forgiving the culprit this time.

“In that case, could that waiter guy be the culprit of the threat letter?”

“I considered that possibility, but it disappeared this morning. This paper is the information the knights extracted from the waiter last night, and it was found in the mailbox this morning. He said he was given money and asked to do it. However, we still don’t know anything about the client.”

“I guess reality isn’t that kind, huh…”

“Yeah. We’re still in a situation where we don’t know when danger might approach you, Princess Krell. But going back to what I was saying… I’ve decided to be deeply involved in this case.”

Here is my attempt to translate the Japanese text into natural English:

My anger has not subsided. If anything, it has grown larger than it was yesterday. I’m just keeping it suppressed with my usual self-control, but… When I come face to face with the culprit, I may not be able to restrain my emotions and end up lashing out. Just yesterday, I almost killed that waiter in a fit of rage. I do regret it, but I’m not confident I won’t do it again next time.


“If I try to do something against Milady’s wishes again… please stop me. If you deem it necessary, feel free to use your magic on me. I’d rather not become someone Milady doesn’t want than…”

“It’s alright,” Milady said gently, grasping my hand. “That won’t happen. If it comes to that, I’ll stop you without hurting you, I promise.”

“…Thank you very much.”

I bowed deeply in gratitude and respect for her merciful nature. And secretly vowed to flatten any foolish offender who dared take the life of my kind mistress.

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