A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 1

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Chapter 9: A Presence to Protect or a Presence to Discover

The sound of a wooden sword being deflected resonated with a dull thud, the impact reverberating through the swordsman’s muscles. A cough echoed through the air as the man doubled over, clutching his stomach where the sword had struck.

Bowlan, looking down at him, wore a triumphant smile on her face. In contrast, Fei, the one being looked down upon, gazed upward. There was no trace of regret on the face; instead, eyes seemed to be staring into the abyss. However, his gaze went far beyond what was visible, as if peering into a distant horizon.

This scene played out repeatedly. Fei continued to lose to Bowlan, to True, to Arthur, over and over again, until he was completely defeated.

Bowlan had always emerged victorious against Fei, never tasting defeat or allowing herself to be bested.

She believed this pattern would persist indefinitely. She believed her own values, as well as the relationship between herself and Fei, would remain unchanged. Little did she know that this prologue would mark a turning point, causing Bowlan, a girl, to undergo a subtle transformation.


A considerable amount of time had passed since I began my one-on-one lessons with Teacher Yururu. It had been about three months since I joined the organization on a temporary basis. The once pristine blue uniform provided to me was now stained and soiled. Apparently, the Holy Knights usually wore this blue uniform during missions. However, they were also given a red uniform specifically for training purposes, which they often wore outside of missions. Each knight seemed to utilize them according to their intended functions. Well, since I trained every day and struggled to keep up with the laundry, not to mention being a temporary member, I ended up using them regardless of their intended purpose. It seemed the other temporary members faced similar challenges with laundry and resorted to using the uniforms interchangeably.

Every day, I donned either the red or blue uniform. While the other temporary Holy Knights would wear casual clothes on their days off from training, I continued to wear the uniform daily due to my rigorous training routine. I simply found it convenient and well-suited for training.

Perhaps as a result of my consistent training, I noticed a certain change within myself. My swordsmanship had grown stronger. I could now hold my own against Arthur and True, whom I couldn’t compete with before, and even have a decent match with Bowlan.

“Your progress is quite remarkable,” remarked Teacher Yururu, her expression indescribable. “Oh, I’m aware, teacher.”

Naturally, I struggled to conceal my surprise. With such rapid improvement, achieved through tremendous effort, I understood the teacher’s concerns for my well-being as a student. She was a truly exceptional mentor, always looking out for me.

“Well then… let’s engage in another mock battle.”

“Ah, yes.”

The teacher and I engaged in numerous sparring sessions. She was truly a professional, excelling in her role as an instructor. No, I genuinely believed that I had grown this much thanks to her guidance. The ability to excel at something and the ability to teach it were distinct levels of difficulty. That was a testament to her excellence as a master. Well, it was only natural, considering she was the master of the protagonist.

At the same time, I had my own inherent talent.

By the way, does the teacher have a particular swordsmanship style? As someone well-versed in swordsmanship, I found myself curious.

“Hey, do you follow a specific swordsmanship style?”

“Huh? Well… I do have one…”

“I see.”

“Um, well, how can I put it? This swordsmanship isn’t widely known… I feel hesitant about spreading it around or teaching it to others…”

What’s with the vague way of speaking? Could it be… the forbidden swordsmanship!? Now I’m intrigued.

“So, what kind of swordsmanship is it?”

“Uh, well, have you heard of Garethia?”

“…only as your family name.”

“Yes, we were once a noble family that fell into ruin a few years ago… and the swordsmanship that has been passed down in the Garethia family for generations is the Namikaze Shinshin-ryu, which is my school of swordsmanship.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, but this swordsmanship isn’t very well-received… I mean, I have reservations about teaching it… because, you know, if I teach it to you, your rank as a Holy Knight might not easily improve… and my reputation…”

“I didn’t join as a temporary member to increase my fame or rank. It’s to become stronger.”

“I see.”


She’s conflicted. She doesn’t want to teach me that much. Is it cursed? If it’s a cursed swordsmanship or something, I shouldn’t want to learn it… but then again, it would make me even more eager to learn. It’s intriguing because it’s cool like that. Teach me.

“I am quite disliked among the Holy Knights. To be honest, just being assigned to work with all of you feels like a miracle… There are people who believe that I’ve been robbed of my promotion.”

“I see.”

“I hold the lowest rank, rank 12. Initially, this position was meant for a more renowned knight, but an acquaintance recommended me this position . Well, I occasionally taught young knights like Fei, but I’ve never taught the namikaze Shinshinryu style.”

This person seems to bear quite a heavy burden… Maybe I shouldn’t be too eager in my plea. But I really want to learn.

“My only strong point is swordsmanship, so I’ll correct any peculiar habits, and my job is to enhance close combat skills through practical experience.”

“namikaze Shinshinryu isn’t a unique sword technique, but if it becomes known that I’ve taught it, it may cause trouble. Are you still okay with that?”

Trouble and complications are a staple for protagonists. As a protagonist, I know that abnormal events await me. Even if a couple more come now, it won’t change anything.

“I don’t mind. Please teach me now.”

Oh, I meant to say ‘thank you for your help,’ but… I suppose being condescending is the norm. The teacher doesn’t seem to mind.

“Well, as a teacher, I can’t refuse when you put it that way.”

“Please, I beg you.”

“Hmm, it seems like I was testing my disciple’s motivation. My mood is improving now.”

“This is the first technique I learned from my father. Fei, please swing your sword straight at me.”

“Got it.”

I swung my sword at her with the speed of wind or light. Then, the teacher turned her blade sideways, and our swords crossed like a cross, but in the next moment, she pointed the sword down and turned the blade vertically.

The teacher’s vertically turned blade flowed down like a waterfall, deflecting my sword from above and then pointing the sword at my neck.

“This is namikaze. Deflect your opponent’s sword from above and then counterattack. Roughly speaking, that’s how it works.”

“I understand it for the most part.”

“It’s not as easy as you think.”

“Of course,I intend to push myself. But I have faith in your skills. So, I believe that with hard work, I can achieve it.”

“You sometimes say things that sound like you’re trying to hit on me, Fei.”

“That’s not my intention.”

“I know. Well then, let’s begin.”




“I think it’s commendable to seek strength. I appreciate your straightforwardness. Until now, there have been many people who disliked me. But for three months, you came to me every day to learn swordsmanship.”


“I felt a little happy. Being able to teach someone… That’s why, Fei, please don’t make your goal solely about becoming stronger. If you do, you might overlook the important things. You won’t understand the pain of losing them.”

“I’ll remember that.”

She said something truly heartfelt. I’ll cherish those words in my heart. Moreover, this teacher is genuinely a good person. Perhaps she’s as remarkable as Maria.


There exists a race known as the beastmen, characterized by their animal-like ears and tails. They follow the law of the jungle, where the strong dominate the weak. In a village governed by the beastmen, resided a girl named Bowlan. She was the daughter of the village leader and a human woman. Being a half-breed, she looked distinctly different from the other beastmen, making her stand out. Unfortunately, her human mother had passed away, leaving Bowlan alone.

She had to fend for herself and grow strong in this environment. Growing up, she developed a profound hatred for the weak. She despised those who didn’t strive to become stronger, those who were strong but resorted to dirty tactics, and the feeble-minded individuals who surrounded them. Her disdain extended to all of them.

From the moment she was born, Bowlan exhibited strength. She possessed natural talent for magic, physical prowess, and martial arts. It was evident that she was one of the strongest individuals in the village. After fighting alone for a considerable time, an incident occurred that subjected her to discrimination due to her human lineage. Following the demise of the village leader, a battle ensued to determine the next leader. Bowlan had no interest in participating, but some feared she would claim the position.

Caught in a vile trap set by her half-siblings, she was drugged and defeated before the battle even began. She never intended to partake in the conflict, but those around her refused to believe it, resulting in severe injuries.

The weak and their despicable actions fueled Bowlan’s hatred. She was determined to become truly strong.

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