Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 3

Poisoning is still a method of assassination used today. It is difficult to detect poison instantly mixed into food or drinks, resulting in many deaths. Even now, people die from it, so it would have been nearly impossible to prevent it in the times when magical technology was said to be underdeveloped.

After taking a sip of tea, the director continues with more information.

“‘The Poisonous Drink King’ is a mysterious work with unknown author and age. However, it is clear that it is modeled after Naft II, and some theories suggest that it was created by one of his devoted followers after his death.”

“That’s right… Wasn’t the murderer said to be a disgruntled astronomer whose ideas were rejected?”

“You’re quite well-informed, Roth. However, that’s just a hypothesis. No evidence has been found to support it.”

The identity of the assassin who killed the esteemed King Naft II is something archaeologists from all over the world are trying to uncover. When that is revealed, history, which has stood still, will begin to move again… or so a book with a headline like that was once sold in a bookstore. That’s just how much attention and popularity this king has.

After hearing the whole story, Princess Krell lets out a big sigh.

“I feel like I’m painfully aware of my own ignorance…”

“Given Princess Krell’s intelligence, I believe you can learn a lot by studying a little. Of course, I’ll accompany you until you’re satisfied.”

“Please do.”


I accept my master’s modest request and bow my head slightly.


When we left the Magic Museum, it was past 6 p.m.

The view of the city from the carriage window appeared different from the daytime. The city lights and numerous buildings were illuminated, and people who had finished their day’s work were walking along the cobblestone main street. While the expressions of the passing people varied, most seemed to exude a sense of relief and accomplishment after finishing their work. Laughter from men already drinking at a certain liquor store echoed through the night, despite the fact that it was just getting started.

As I enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere of the city, Princess Krell suddenly asked me a question.

“By the way, what about the three girls staying at the museum ? We’re going to the restaurant now, but…”

“Of course, I told them to prepare their own meals. Occasionally, they must learn to take care of themselves. Being unable to cook at all is fatal for servants, you know.”

While I usually cook for our meals, eventually those three should be able to handle meal preparations on their own. They are excellent in most things, except cooking, but… Princess Krell seemed concerned.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Well, I’m just asking them to cook, and even if they fail, skipping one meal won’t kill them. They’ll be fine.”

“Not about them, but about the kitchen.”

“I can’t guarantee that.”

That’s something I can only pray for.

There’s a good chance that they might chop the knives without knowing how to use them, or start unnecessary flambéing and cause chaos around the stove… I don’t want to think about it, but there’s a very real possibility of such a tragedy happening. Please, girls. Seriously.

“I almost forgot, but those three are as much of a disaster as you, Princess Krell.”

“Please stop casually lumping me together with them as a disaster.”

“Don’t worry. I love you, including your disaster side.”

“That’s not the issue!”

Princess Krell gave her usual dissatisfied expression, and I chuckled as I got off the carriage, helping her into the wheelchair. We entered the restaurant marked with an elegant sign reading “Lamit.” The coachman had parked the carriage nearby, so we could leave it to him.


As soon as we entered, a black-haired waiter approached us, inquiring about the number of guests and whether we had a reservation. As expected of a place preferred by the upper class, the language and manners were impeccable.

The restaurant was divided into private rooms and open seats without partitions, with most customers dining in the open seats since private rooms had an additional charge. Private rooms were mostly used by individuals with publicly recognizable faces or highly distinguished nobles, and Princess Krell, being a member of the royal family, fell into that category.

While being guided to a small and tidy private room, Princess Krell and I took our seats facing each other across the table.

“That chef from earlier, is he an acquaintance of yours?”

“Yes, he is. His name is Webber, a man who constantly has cooking and muscles on his mind. The so-called muscle-cooking idiot.”

“I’ve never heard that word before… How did you get to know him?”

“Before… when I had just become Princess Krell’s butler, I visited here for cooking research. At that time, I met him after he had half-killed a magician causing a commotion inside the restaurant. As a reward for that, he taught me some cooking recipes.”

“It’s an unusual way to make friends…”


By the way, the dishes I learned from him at that time are occasionally prepared at the museum . They are exceptional in taste, as they were passed down by a top chef. I can’t help but think it was good to know him, though just barely. But I wish he would stop recommending me muscle training every time we meet. I do think that his muscular physique, characteristic of a man who is obsessed with muscle training, is beautiful, but Princess Krell doesn’t like overly muscular men.

Princess Krell seemed surprised.

“The way you met is so like you… Honestly, I didn’t think you had any friends. You’re always by my side, and I thought you had no time to make friends.”

“That’s true. I’m always by Princess Krell’s side while she’s awake. However, once Princess Krell goes to bed, I occasionally go out for various reasons, mainly for information gathering.”

“Oh… going out in the night streets…”

She started to say something but then stopped, narrowing her eyes as she looked at me.

“In the night streets… you’re not doing anything strange, right?”

“What do you mean by ‘strange play’?”

“That… well, something I find hard to say… you know…”

“Oh, I see.”

Having sensed what Princess Krell wanted to say, I returned her words with a slight exasperation.

“Princess Krell, I have absolutely no intention of being intimate with anyone other than the woman I love. So, I won’t go to places like that even for fun. Besides, it’s impossible for me to profess my love to Princess Krell and then go to such a place. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Y-You’re right. R-Roth is serious, so, of course, you wouldn’t go to such places.”

Princess Krell heaved a sigh of relief when I said that. Then, the waiter from earlier arrived with the restaurant’s wagon, carrying the dishes.

There was a salad with salami on freshly baked bread, a butter sautéed river fish, and the main dish, tomato stew. The aroma of the spices tantalized the senses, increasing our appetites.

Although I am confident in my cooking, it seems I can’t compare to the professional who designed the dishes. Well done, that muscle guy.

“It looks delicious… but isn’t it too much?”

“It’s just the right amount for us. If there’s anything left, I’ll eat it all.”

“Haha, you’re still a big eater despite your appearance.”

After the waiter left, Princess Krell reached for the fresh green salad first. The salad, dressed with a special dressing in addition to the salami, had earned a great reputation among the customers.

“Mm, it’s delicious.”

“That’s good to hear.”

After confirming that Princess Krell started eating, I also began my meal.

A servant must not start eating before their master. Princess Krell says it’s okay, but it’s a matter of common sense and rules for a servant. Just because the master permits it doesn’t mean I can break that rule.

Using my fork and knife, I cut the butter sautéed river fish and brought it to my mouth. The spiciness and saltiness complemented the white fish well. The amount of spices and the degree of cooking were exquisite. This is a recipe I wasn’t taught, so I really want to know how to make it. I think the three girls at the museum would enjoy eating it too…

…I felt a sense of incongruity.

I stopped eating and looked up at Princess Krell. She held a spoon and was about to put a spoonful of Webber’s masterpiece, the tomato stew, into her mouth.

It was just a normal scene, nothing strange about it, considering we were having a meal. I checked the surroundings, but nothing seemed out of place.

However, at this moment, I sensed an intense feeling of danger. My spine straightened as if cold water was poured down my back, and my senses sharpened. Don’t stop, keep thinking.

I had the illusion of another me warning me. Focus my attention on one point.

In front of Princess Krell was a dish with the tomato stew. It looked like an ordinary tomato stew. I had eaten it before, and its appearance was exactly the same as before. The arrangement of the ingredients might be different, but there was no significant change in appearance.

However, there was one thing. Not through sight, but with my heightened sense of smell, I detected something abnormal.

Among the aroma of the stew, there was a faint, stimulating scent that pricked my nose.

“Wait! Princess Krell!”

With my whole body shivering, I immediately called Princess Krell’s name.

But she had already put the stew into her mouth.

“R-Roth? What’s wrong?”

“Spit out the stew right now! Quickly!”

“What are you talking ab– Ahh?”

Just after Princess Krell spoke with a puzzled expression, a single tear of blood flowed from each of her eyes.

“Protective Shield Key!”

Summoning my magical key, I leaped over the table and rushed to Princess Krell’s side. At the same time, an intense anger toward myself surged up. Why didn’t I taste-test the food before Princess Krell ate it? Why didn’t I notice the lethal poison that had been mixed into the dish much earlier!!!

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