Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 1 Prologue

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[Prologue] In Search of Unrestrained Evil

Year 15 of the Anbarld Calendar, Third Lunar Month, Day ×

I died in an accident and reincarnated into a magical world.

Given the name Ouga Vellett, it has already been five years.

I’ve decided on my new life goal.

To live as I please!

Looking back, my previous life was spent continually playing the good guy, and all that remained were bitter memories.

I confessed but was rejected for not being seen as the opposite sex. And when I finally got a girlfriend and try to foster love, she was stolen away when I went to university.

Since I’ve been reborn in another world, I don’t want to experience such feelings again.

I was born into the Vellett Dukedom family that handles diplomacy and intelligence for the country, so money problems are no concern.

As the eldest son, I’ll likely inherit the family business in the future.

I’ve already been hammered with talented education. But working hard now will come back to benefit my future self, so I don’t mind the effort at all.

Since I’m their first child, my parents dote on me, and any textbooks or tutors I desire are readily prepared—the environment couldn’t be better.

I’ll keep to the lord’s path and live as I want in this life!

I’ll have cute girls serve me, boss around slaves, and suck them dry for profit.

Eat delicious things to my heart’s content, sleep when I feel like it, and lead a wonderful lazy life.

Kukuku…! Ah, I’m looking forward to the future!

Year 15 of the Anbarld Calendar, % Lunar Month, & Day

Bad news regarding my family being called evil feudal lords.

Seeing my diligent studies every day, Father himself provided instruction on the advanced state of nobles’ affairs.

And I learned of the Vellett Dukedom’s position.

Father is apparently feigning incompetent rule to deliberately appear to brlooked down on. The goal is to create an opening in the target’s guard.

In other words, I as the successor have to follow in Father’s political footsteps as well.

So I decided to study how to be a “villain”.

Behaving as I please, throwing fits when undesirable things occur, arrogance, bossing people around. Ignoring public reputation and believing the world revolves around me.

I’m studying “villains” to play the part of an evil feudal lord, but… this surprisingly matched my own goals.

Because an evil feudal lord is the ideal life to live exactly as I want!

I had originally thought lightly of just imitating “villain” characters from stories ordered from various places. But continued emotional investment changed my perspective on “villains”.

The “villains” I’d looked down on still have pride.

I thought it was cool how they lived according to their beliefs without yielding, even when lacking understanding.

I’ll revise my own goals modeling after them.

Become a [cool villain] living by the creed of [leading a free and unrestrained life of doing whatever I want].

From today on I determined not to half-ass this and act in accordance with the creed engraved in my heart.

Year 15 of the Anbarld Calendar, ▼ Lunar Month, ▼ Day

There are four Great Dukedoms in this world called the families second only to the royal family in power.

The Vellett family is one, and a party only for dukes of the Great Dukedoms and their relatives was held. Though pretending cooperation and good relations for appearance’s sake, they secretly probed each other seeking to cast the other families down.

I wanted to grasp the relationships by listening in, but as a child I couldn’t participate…

While bored and wandering the garden, I encountered a crying girl surrounded by several men.

After resolving to act upon my beliefs, I came to dislike cowardly harassing the weak.

So I bullied them just enough to avoid injury.

I thought that was the end of it… but the girl seemed to have taken liking to me for some reason.

Her name was Karen Levezenka. Apparently the only daughter of the Levezenka family, another of the Great Dukedoms.

Speaking of which, the Levezenka family has old-fashioned thinking and rather unsavory rumors.

For instance, the family head can only be a man, the powerless have no human rights, and so on…

Perhaps Karen’s withdrawn personality was also related.

In any case, a bond had formed. Let’s get along well with her.

Karen clinging to me like a baby chick was very cute.

And I’d yearned for everyday life with a cute childhood friend!

We’d get along well, naturally fall in love, get married… hehe.

…Whoops, that’s no good. I have to keep my indecent face in check…!

Year 15 of the Anbarld Calendar, Cloud Month, $ Day

I received a letter from Karen’s father forbidding contact with her.=


Year 15 of the Anbarld Calendar, Cloud Month, ▽ Day

Power is necessary to stand above others.

Overwhelming violence to suppress subordinates’ discontent and complaints from above means no objections.

Magic is an obvious display of power in this world.

And I—had no aptitude for magic…!!

Fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, light.

Apparently I had no aptitude for any according to the assessment.

The moment I learned this fact, Karen’s frequent visits to my home abruptly ceased…

And a direct letter arrived from the Levezenka family the other day, as mentioned . I could stay calm thanks to Father being even more furious than me.

In any case, being unable to use magic is a huge handicap in noble society.

There went my goal of [leading a free and unrestrained life of doing whatever I want]… But giving in to laziness is commoner thinking.

However, my talent shone in this life.

While lacking aptitude, I had an enormous amount of magical power according to the aptitude tests.

Then all I had to do was devise magic I could use. Gaining power would let me solve any problem.

I decided on martial arts and physical training tutors as well after consulting Father.

Now It’s time to conceal one’s intentions. I’ll hone them for a bright future.

It’s Sun Month, ■ Day of Year 20 in the Anbarld Calendar.

I finally finished it! I possess unique magic!

To be precise, I am unsure if it qualifies as magic, but the most important thing is that it is finished.

I spent a lot of time and effort continuously pondering and experimenting until I got to this point.

It’s quite clear that my talent thrives in this lifetime.

Despite not having magic, I can now battle with mages.

Naturally, I won’t easily expose or use this one and only skill that I created and discovered.

Since I discovered and developed it, I won’t recklessly use the method.

My parents also agreed it was the best choice when I asked for their opinion.

Simultaneously, they directed me towards a new journey which is attending the magic academy to enhance my skills.

It seems like talented individuals from different regions gather there.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to establish connections and achieve my future goal of doing anything I desire.

I will be studying for some time, but that’s not a problem. Okay, it’s time to motivate myself again!

It is Anbarld Calendar Year 25th, ☂ Month, ◎ Day.

Finally, today has arrived.

Today starts my journey towards the dream I have had since my past life.

My dream is to live freely and as I please.

It does not matter to me if I’m called an evil feudal lord or denounced as selfish.

When I turn fifteen, I will leave home to start dormitory life at the magic academy.

To train judgment, the Vellett family allows bringing one person of your choice to support academy life.

I planned to benefit from that person not only during my time as a student but also throughout my life.

In simpler terms, having talent alone was inadequate. Losing their connection to me would ruin their life. Even if they wished, they couldn’t quit.

I needed to pick someone who was almost a failure.

The selection had already been completed.

Chris Lagnika, the former Grandmaster of the Holy Knight Order.

She climbed up from being a commoner to reach the top of the Order due to her strong sense of justice. However, when she reported the human trafficking by nobles to the king, false accusations made by them led to her expulsion from the Order.

In addition, they also seized her assets.

Currently, she struggles to make a living by earning a meager income from fighting in the Woshua colosseum, known as the capital’s unpleasant district.

I presume she wants to work as a guard. I can manage alone, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

She is highly qualified, having the skills to achieve a grandmaster status.

Considering how much she craves justice, if I asked her to join me, she would probably accept.

Chris’s sense of justice will be misused to punish the rebels who oppose me.

Ha ha… Writing it down brings back the feelings.

It’s finally starting tomorrow.

My second life as a [villain]!

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