I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 7

“Ugh… It’s absolutely dreadful…”

I found myself lying on the ground, on all fours, just a short distance away from the tournament venue where I had been moments ago.

Through the use of instantaneous teleportation, I had arrived at this spot, only to be plagued by a miserable feeling in my current position.

[Spatial Translocation]

It’s one of the dimensional magic spells, a challenging incantation that allows the caster to teleport instantly to a designated location.

“Spatial Translocation” is renowned for being one of the most difficult dimensional magics to master, primarily due to its intricate and hard-to-remember structure.

Yet, the benefits are immense.

If I have a clear destination in mind, no matter how far away it may be, I can transport myself there in an instant. Moreover, if I synchronize my magical wavelength with someone I’m in physical contact with, we can teleport together.

Undoubtedly, it’s an incredibly convenient and practical magic. However…

“Ugh… I feel nauseous. My body aches, and I can’t move… I feel dying…”

Strangely, every time I employ this magic, my physical well-being deteriorates significantly.

It’s akin to experiencing motion sickness, a cold, a headache, stomachache, sleep deprivation, and muscle soreness all at once.

The discomfort tends to decrease as the teleportation distance shortens. However, this time, despite not having teleported a considerable distance, the agony is unbearable. I feel as if I’m on the brink of death.

Nevertheless, it’s not as terrible as it used to be.

“Dimensional Magic,” in the first place, is an intricate form of magic. Its spell and magical structure are complex, making it challenging to master.

Previously, after employing this magic, I would be immobilized for approximately a week. Even after regaining mobility, my physical condition would remain unrecovered, leaving me with no appetite, surviving solely on water. It was nothing short of a living nightmare.

It took me quite a considerable amount of time to learn this magic. I managed to grasp the relatively simpler “Dimensional Magic” earlier, but “Spatial Translocation” was a skill I acquired only a few years ago.

…Frankly speaking, if only I could utilize the “Fatigue Recovery” aspect of “Healing Magic,” I wouldn’t have to endure this suffering. Unfortunately, it’s currently beyond my capabilities.

“Damn it, if only I had received the prize—the ‘Spatial Translocation’ magical device—I might have been spared from this… damn it.”

For several minutes, I crouched in the middle of the road, receiving annoyed glances from passersby.

“Phew… I’ve finally managed to settle down. No matter how many times I experience it, it’s excruciating.”

With my condition slightly improving, I stood up and moved to a shaded spot where I wouldn’t be a bother.

“By the way… in the end, I didn’t even receive the prize money. However, I don’t wish to return now… or rather, I don’t want to encounter them again.”

…Well, if the situation worsens, I can always claim it from Aldi later. That way, I can repay my debt to Charl. Yes, that’s the course of action I’ll take.

As I rested, enjoying the refreshing breeze on my cheeks under the shade of the trees…


“Um… I noticed earlier that you were huddled over there. Are you alright? I was genuinely concerned because you appeared quite pale…”

Approaching me with her melodious and beautiful voice was a woman. It seemed that I had caused her to worry.

“I’m fine. I just felt a bit queasy… Huh

I raised my gaze from the ground and was taken aback when I saw the woman standing before me.

She appeared to be around fifteen years old, adorned in a wide-brimmed white hat that partially concealed her face and dressed in a pristine white gown.

Her flawless, porcelain skin and delicate limbs exuded the fragility of youth. If I were to describe her, she resembled a noblewoman or perhaps even a princess from a distant land.

“What a relief. I was genuinely… worried. Yes, very worried…” The girl’s voice, accompanied by her snow-white hair fluttering like freshly fallen snow, expressed a sense of relief on her innocent face.

It felt as though I had stumbled into a painting, witnessing this enchanting scene where an angelic and breathtakingly beautiful girl smiled at me.

She was undeniably stunning, and for some inexplicable reason, my heart started to race, and my breathing became erratic. Not in a strange way, but in a rather awe-struck manner.

“…Thank you for your concern. Well then, I must be on my way—”

I try to hide my face as much as possible and walk away quickly. I have red hair now, which means they don’t know I’m here yet. …… Then it’s all right. The sooner I leave…

“Please wait! Since you’re here, why don’t we go over there and have a little chat? Take your time. …… See? “

Being invited for tea by such a beautiful girl seemed like a situation that would make others envious.

My heart swelled with a mix of excitement and apprehension, primarily leaning towards the latter.

Apologizing, I said, “I’m sorry, but I’m in quite a hurry.” The girl’s expression turned disappointed, and she released the hold she had on my clothing.

“Well, before you go, may I ask you something? You see, I’ve been searching for someone… If, by any chance, you come across an individual matching this description, please inform me.”

“…I don’t know. I haven’t seen or heard of anyone like that.”

The girl handed me a meticulously drawn sketch of a young man with black hair, black eyes, and a melancholic expression. I glanced at it briefly and immediately averted my gaze.

I had no knowledge of who this person was or where they could be found, but their resemblance was uncanny. I had no information whatsoever.

“That’s unfortunate… But if you happen to encounter them, could you please let me know? I would be most grateful and willing to offer a reward…”

“Understood. Well then—”

As I prepared to depart…

“And also, if you do happen to meet that person, please relay this message to them.”

The girl’s words halted me in my tracks. What did she wish for me to convey?

“I believe… Lord Jirei must have had his reasons as well. Otherwise, our dear Lord Jirei wouldn’t simply disappear without a word. At that time, I let my excitement get the best of me… I failed to consider Lord Jirei’s feelings. I deeply… deeply regret it.”

With her hands clasped tightly against her chest, she continued speaking.

“At that moment, nine years’ worth of emotions overwhelmed me… I made selfish and forceful remarks, expressing my desire to be the only one you love. Of course, I do wish to be the sole recipient of your affection, Lord Jirei. But you are such a captivating gentleman, and it’s only natural for others to be drawn to you… But, I won’t yield my position as your lawful wife. It’s understandable that other women may be attracted to you, but…”

She went on.

“–It’s improper for an unmarried woman to reside under the same roof. It would be better to exercise restraint. Even if Lord Jirei doesn’t harbor any such feelings, we cannot assume the same for that woman… Can you please convey this to them?”

Trembling with intensity, I silently nodded in response to the girl’s impassioned plea.

“If you happen to encounter that person, please pass on my regards. Oh, and there’s one more thing I’d like you to convey.”

The girl’s face lit up with an angelic smile.

“Congratulations on your victory in the tournament. You were incredibly impressive. It reaffirmed my belief that there is no one else I would rather marry… It was truly magnificent.”

Blushing, the girl’s countenance expressed sheer bliss.

“Well then, farewell… ‘Lord Jirei.'”With a graceful and elegant bow, the silver-haired girl, Rafine Odium Refinard, bid me goodbye before departing.


–Several tens of minutes later–

Gradually, the stiffness in my body subsided, and my mind, which had initially resisted, began to accept the reality of the situation.

Three seconds later… Instinctively, I bolted from that spot like a startled rabbit, as if fleeing from an unseen danger.

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