Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 4

If magical keys were omnipotent tools that could do anything, all the world’s problems would have been resolved. Powers that convenient don’t exist.

“Among the things elucidated by that Seventh Heaven’s Key magician, there’s also information about the magical keys’ ranks. It seems seven heavens exist in the astral world, and magical keys connect to one of those seven heavens. The rank is determined by which heaven it’s connected to.”

“For example… a magical key connected to the fifth heaven becomes Fifth Heaven’s Key rank?”

“A superb interpretation. Precisely so.”

While praising Princess Krell, I twisted the Guardian Shield Key clockwise and locked the opened astral world door. Like when unlocking, a click echoed through the surroundings, and when I released my hand the Guardian Shield Key turned to particles and diffused into the air.

“Rather than magical key basics… is this about the extent of what Princess Krell wanted to know?”

“Yes, it was very educational.”

“Nothing could be better.”

Taking my eyes off Princess Krell stretching after closing her notebook, I glanced at my wristwatch. I thought not much time had passed yet, but already over an hour had gone by. As expected, when you concentrate, time feels like it passes quickly. On top of that, being with my beloved Princess Krell has a synergistic effect. It seems that while teaching her magic, magic was cast on me.

While thinking that, Princess Krell lightly pulled my clothes.

“You didn’t have any plans today, right?”

“Yes, I canceled the appointment with that shitty hubb- with his highness.”

“I thought I heard an unsavory way of calling him, but I’ll pretend I didn’t hear… Then, shall we go for a little walk outside?”

“Understood. Then I’ll prepare the wheelchair-“

When I went to get the wheelchair placed at the edge of the room, Princess Krell shook her head sideways.

“I’ll walk myself. I have to move properly once in a while.”

“Will you be alright?”

“Yes. I use the wheelchair normally, but I can run you know? You worry too much.”

“Well, I can easily imagine you tripping over thirty times just from walking a bit.”

“That’s too harsh!”

After apologizing “sorry, it slipped out” to Princess Krell puffing her cheeks sullenly, I held my hand out to her.

“Then, let us go. Princess Krell.”




The imperial capital outskirts where Princess Krell’s residence, the small mansion, is located is a natural, verdant place with little human influence, only having the minimum roads constructed.

In the distance, birds’ singing echoes, and from the nearby brook, the sound of gushing water can be heard. Overhead isn’t the blue sky and white clouds, but a green ceiling made up of broad deep green leaves soaking up the sunlight. The wind caressing my skin is cooler than in the imperial capital, pleasantly cooling my skin heated by the day’s warm sunshine.

It’s the natural healing untouched by human hands that can’t be felt in the imperial capital where stony buildings stand out.

“Nice wind. And the temperature is just right too.”

Walking beside me, Princess Krell wore a cool light blue dress and summer sandals, looking cheerful as she clicked along. Her outfit is completely summery, but the current season is spring. With the temperature drastically dropping when the sun sets in the evening, if she stays like that she’ll undoubtedly end up shaking from the cold. Of course we’ll return before then.

With the sun parasol hooked on my left forearm, I nodded back to Princess Krell smiling my way.

“Indeed. Though unfortunately, it’ll rain this evening.”

“? Why do you think it’ll rain in the evening?”

Of course, since the advanced technology to accurately predict the weather doesn’t exist, there’s no way to know for certain if it will really rain.

So in that case, this is-

“My intuition.”


“Yes. But I didn’t just guess randomly. There are dark clouds in the low western sky, and it’s said that cold wind blowing through is a sign of rain coming.”

“Well, whatever the reason, your intuition is often right.”

“Let’s end our walk before it rains.”

“You don’t plan to have me walk for that long a time, right? No, rather, since I’m frail you shouldn’t let me exercise for long periods.”

I handed the water canteen I had put in my black shoulder bag to Princess Krell. It held cold, icy water.

“Be sure to properly hydrate. Even one mouthful.”

“Always the worrywart.”

“It’s only natural to worry.”

Despite her complaint, Princess Krell accepted the canteen and brought it to her lips.

Even if it feels cool, don’t let your guard down. The body is constantly losing moisture, so when going out on hot days, it’s important to hydrate before you get thirsty.

“Fuu… Oh, in that case Roth needs to replenish moisture too. Want a drink? “

“I’m fine, I’ve been drinking since earlier.”

“…Then that means-“

Seeming to realize something, Princess Krell stared fixedly at the mouthpiece and blushed. She’s probably embarrassed thinking we indirectly kissed. But no matter how much I love Princess Krell, I properly separate the master and servant’s canteens.

“Don’t worry, I have a separate canteen.”

“Th-that’s right! I was sure that we… “


“Not disappointing!”

Saying that, she threw the canteen back at me. Skillfully catching it, I stowed it back in my bag. That throw just now had considerable speed. If it had hit anyone but me, a metal canteen would’ve smashed into their face, possibly. I should warn her not to do it to anyone but me. Only I get to see her flustered concealment.



When Princess Krell seemed to spot something in the break in the trees ahead and hurriedly rushed over, I lengthened my strides so as not to be left behind. There is… Oh, come to think of it I hadn’t shown her.

I stopped and stood next to Princess Krell enraptured by the scene before her eyes, opening the black parasol overhead.

“I didn’t know there was a flower field like this nearby.”

In the middle of the forest with many closely growing trees, there was a hollow place devoid of trees, as if scooped out. Vibrantly colored flowers were crammed blooming there. Overhead was a hole in the green ceiling, nothing blocking the sunlight pouring down on the glittering petals.

Kneeling by the spot, Princess Krell gently touched the petals of the flowers within reach. Seeing her figure, I inadvertently parted my lips.

“Nothing could be better than you enjoying it.”

“Did you make this, Roth?”

“Yes. Though I just tilled this spot where trees happened not to grow by chance and planted bulbs. With the creek flowing nearby, there’s no need to water either.”

To be honest I didn’t expect it to grow this beautifully. A plant’s vitality is on a different level from humans, I strongly feel.


Shifting her gaze from the flowers to me, Princess Krell laughed as if seeing something funny.

“You’ve really changed dramatically compared to when we first met.”

“You think so?”

“I do. In the past… though it was only four years ago. Back then, Roth didn’t have a shred of compassion and was a dangerous person constantly directing killing intent at his surroundings.”

While reminiscing about the past with a snicker, I also smiled wryly remembering back when I first met Princess Krell.

“At that time… everything in the world looked like enemies. I hated everything in the world… I especially considered the country’s leaders like royalty my enemies.”

“Considering Roth’s past, it’s understandable you became that way, but… I still think calling our first meeting ‘Royal Leg-Gnawing Garbage Girl’ was too harsh.”

“I was also quite prickly at the time.”

I behave normally in expression and words. But internally I painfully feel contrite.

Certainly those weren’t words to throw at a dejected girl when first meeting her, especially. I should have tried harder to grasp Princess Krell’s feelings then. If the current me was there, I probably would’ve beaten that me half to death.

“To me, Princess Krell seems to have changed considerably too.”

“Ohh? How so?”

“You’ve grown stronger.”

When I said that, Princess Krell made a dry smile.

“I suppose so… Thanks to you, I’ve become feared enough to terrify many people…”

“While it’s true you’ve gained strength and influence, what I mean is mental.”

When we first met, Princess Krell had closed off her heart. She couldn’t assert her own views, only impassively enduring attacks from her surroundings. She continually attacked herself, thinking everything was her fault, she was no good. Never smiling, she was practically an unsmiling doll.

“Now your self-esteem has risen, you smile frequently, and trouble us by taking action yourself, polishing your incompetence.”

“Aren’t you praising me only to insult?”


Waving off Princess Krell’s question.

I’m not trivializing that on top of being busy with practically no personal time, she causes me more useless trouble. Though I do wish she’d give me a break. Really. Because she’s cute I’ll forgive her.

“Well, at any rate… people change over a span of years.”

“You’re right. We’ve both gro- no.”

As if recalling something, Princess Krell lifted her face and broke off her words, narrowing her eyes at me.

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