Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 3

“Calm down. You don’t need to get your hands dirty directly and sully them. Princess Krell wouldn’t want you killing people.”

I clapped my hands to bring the three back to their senses, and glanced at my wristwatch. 6:30 AM. It’s still early for everyone to start work, but we can finish that much earlier today.

After instructing everyone to get to their work, I ended the meeting.

Incidentally, it seems imperial officials call us, Princess Krell’s servants, her imperial guards. For the most part, that’s not an incorrect perception.

9 AM.

After finishing breakfast and putting away all the tableware, a pleasant tea time.

“Princess Krell, how will you be spending today?”

With a small notebook in one hand, I asked Princess Krell elegantly sipping straight tea from a teacup. She has no particular plans today, so she should be able to spend it as she likes.

There, Princess Krell placed the teacup on its saucer.

“I think there was a meeting at 1 PM today, right? The Minister of Magical Technology wants to hear my opinion and such-“

“I refused it.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Because he puts the milk in the cup before the tea.”

“What kind of reason is that!”

Unable to endure, Princess Krell shouted.

I averted my gaze from her and looked at the flowers swaying outside the window.

It’s a topic that’s remained unsettled among tea enthusiasts for many years. When making tea with milk, add milk first or after? Which timing makes milk tea more delicious comes down to individual preference, to be frank. However, there’s no compromise in this debate, and the members of the opposing factions will never see eye-to-eye. I’m in the after camp, by the way. I like watching the amber tea gradually harmonize and mix with the milk slowly poured in. I even wonder if the before camp has something slightly wrong with their sensibilities.

Well, I had another reason for refusing the Minister of Magical Technology’s meeting. He’s scum who agreed Princess Krell should be driven from the imperial palace. I’ve decided to give him a solid punch next time I see his face.

“People from irreconcilable factions shouldn’t occupy the same space.”

“Did the other party understand?”

“Of course. He yelled, ‘I don’t even want to breathe the same air as those after pouring freaks!'”

“In the end it doesn’t change anything about pouring though…”

“Princess Krell. Sometimes fastidiousness can become war.”

“I don’t understand that.”

“You don’t need to think too hard about it. Anyway, since you have no notable business today either, please rest your body leisurely at the mansion. Going to the unpleasant imperial capital yesterday must have been tiring.”

The imperial capital holds more bad memories than good for her, so it must have been mentally fatiguing. Even riding in a carriage, it was overflowing with people incomparable to around here.

When I suggested it, Princess Krell nodded saying, “I suppose so.”

“Then, Roth, one request.”

“For the ceremony, when would you like it?”

“It’s not marriage!! Um, could you join me in studying?”


I wondered what exactly for a moment, but couldn’t think of it immediately.

Royalty has countless things to learn, more than you can count. Naturally etiquette, and massive amounts of knowledge necessary as the country’s leader is driven into their heads. However, Princess Krell was treated poorly even among royalty, so she lacks that knowledge overwhelmingly compared to other royals.

If just living a normal life, she doesn’t need that knowledge at all, but I wonder what she wants to study. If it’s something practical… Aha!

“My apologies, but I don’t specialize in studies for fixing incompetence.”

“What studies are those? I just want you to teach me the fundamentals of magic.”

“Love magic?”

“I don’t need love.”

“I’m joking.”

As I returned her quip, I pondered.

To be honest, I don’t think Princess Krell needs to study magic anymore. She’s already leapt into a realm unattainable by ordinary people – I forcibly threw her in – and most of all, her magical key isn’t suited for the magic ordinary magicians use.

But since my master requested it, I won’t refuse.

Bringing a hand to my chest, I bowed once and picked up the wheelchair placed nearby.

“Understood. Then let us go to the study.”

“Please treat me well.”

After asking Ligre waiting nearby to take care of the teacup, I pushed Princess Krell in the wheelchair and left the dining room, heading to the study. Checking the window frames and flooring as I went through the hallway, everything was flawless. The cleaning was perfect without a speck of dust or dirt. Those who love Princess Krell really are outstanding. On the flip side, those who treat her spitefully are consistently incompetent. Well, those who don’t understand Princess Krell’s magnificence, beauty, and cuteness have holes in their eyes to start with. May holes open in their bodies too.

Entering the study, Princess Krell got off the wheelchair and sat in the chair set before the desk under her own power, preparing a notebook and fountain pen for studying, and putting on glasses without lenses.

“I think it every time, but do you need to wear glasses?”

“It puts me in study mode, so I need them!”

“I see.”

“Do they not suit me?”

“No, they suit you very well. I feel intellect and almost forget you’re incompetent.”

“That’s one too many words!”

I smiled back at the displeased Princess Krell, placed the wheelchair in the corner of the room, and stood beside my master.


“Now then, shall we promptly start studying? There are various fields when generally talking about magic. Princess Krell, which field would you like to study?”

Like me, first-rate magicians can teach most things. Furthermore, in the field of magic they specialize in, they can dig surprisingly deep.

I expected something difficult that would perplex even adults, but the field Princess Krell mentioned was unexpected.

“I want you to teach me the magical key basics.”


“Yes. Seeing the etoile magical key, I thought I don’t know the reasons we can use magic by using magical keys, and other magical key knowledge. It’s a little strange that I can somehow use it without knowledge.”




Skillfully spinning the fountain pen with her fingers, Princess Krell said that.

Come to think, the reason she ended up contracting with a magical key without adequate knowledge is because of me. Passing that power called a magical key to her knowing nothing, that was undoubtedly me.

Feeling somewhat responsible, I nodded saying ‘understood’ and summoned a magical key with one raised hand.

“-Guardian Shield Key.”

Taking the deep blue shining magical key that appeared from empty space in hand, I gently placed it on the desk.

I can’t summon Princess Krell’s key here, so I’ll use my beloved key.

“Magical keys are crystallizations of super technology that can’t be reproduced by modern technology, and are often unearthed from the lower levels of ruins said to be from an ancient super civilization.”


As I began talking, Princess Krell earnestly ran her fountain pen across the notebook. Matching her note taking speed, I slowly continued.

“In the past, magical key specialists split open a certain magical key to check the cross section but didn’t discover any particularly mystifying mechanisms. However, it was found that the materials making up the magical key were all unknown minerals, and the materials were consistent based on rank.”

All the minerals used in magical keys holding the First Heaven’s Key rank are the same. Based on the minerals being standardized by rank like this, the current accepted theory is that the minerals also influence the magical key’s strength.

“Unknown minerals means ones that haven’t been discovered anywhere in the world, right?”

“Yes. The world is wide, of course, so it can’t be denied that mineral deposits that are the raw materials for magical keys could exist in places modern people haven’t investigated. If the people who made the magical keys could extract minerals from the seafloor, under lava, or even beyond the stars, that could also be why it can’t be elucidated by modern means. I called them unknown, but it means minerals outside our current knowledge.”

“So many mysteries…”

Princess Krell pressed the fountain pen to her temple and made a perplexed expression.

“Using such mysterious things, I’m starting to worry if it’s really alright.”

“It’s true many people feel that way, but you can’t use magic without them. Between unease and convenient power, people would of course choose the convenient power. And it’s not all mysterious. I’ll explain what’s understood from here on.”

I held up the Guardian Shield Key.

“The reason magicians can handle magic is… Magical keys have the power to connect the contractor and the astral world filled with mana. More precisely, they open the door between people and the astral world that is normally closed.”

While explaining, before me I turned the Guardian Shield Key halfway counterclockwise. Then, as if unlocking something from somewhere, a click resounded through the surroundings. This puts me in a state able to use magic – the key to the door separating me and the astral world has opened.

“A minute amount of mana also exists in the world we live in, but not at high enough concentrations to activate magic. That’s why we can’t use magic without magical keys.”

“A different world from this one… How was that investigated?”

“It’s said to have been elucidated by magicians with Seventh Heaven’s Keys in the past. Seventh Heaven’s Key magical keys hold power incomparable to Sixth Heaven’s Keys and lower, so they probably investigated using that power.”

“Then I wish they could have uncovered the other mysteries too…”

“It shows that while convenient, magical keys aren’t omnipotent.”

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