Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 4

With the witnesses gathered, I looked at Lars in front of me again. He was carrying a one-handed sword, a round shield, and steel armor.

Probably all with top-class magical items. I suppose this is the strength of those who have a large trading company behind them.

On the other hand, except for my black katana, I only have the leather armor that I always wear. But it’s a partial armor that only protects my chest. My defensive power was low. If it was judged from the armor’s perspective, it would be my defeat.

Rather, I was at a level where Lars would laugh if he weren’t mature. Of course, no one was laughing here.

It’s natural to give your all in a duel that can involve your life. Lars, with a serious expression, stared at me intently.

“Then… both of you, get ready!”

Lars raised his shield and sword in response to Elgart’s voice.

I held my katana. I won’t use my soul equipment or energy in this duel. This is as a precaution so that neither the guild nor anyone else can covet my power, and as I mentioned before, I won’t use my soul equipment or energy because it’s also to assess my own strength.


Lars started with a strong attack, taking a brutal step forward. If I stood still and silent, he would surely deeply cut into my left shoulder.

Of course, I wasn’t willing to receive the first attack. I jumped back lightly to make the opponent cut through the air, then I would launch a counterattack when his posture collapsed.

The timing was perfect, but as expected from a sixth-class adventurer, Lars moved his shield to avoid my counterattack. Taking precautions to minimize the gaps that occur after an attack was not something the old Lars had.

Thinking about that, Lars’ second attack came quickly. It was faster than the first. It was a movement that didn’t seem like he was wearing heavy metal armor, and apparently, the first attack served as the foundation for the next one.

I realized I couldn’t dodge it, so this time, I used the surface of the katana to intercept Lars’ attack.

A numbing pressure was transmitted through the blade. It was a heavy strike. He put strength in his legs and waist. It was natural, Lars is a completely different person from five years ago.

“What’s wrong, Sora!? You won’t be able to defeat me just by evading!”

Third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike… Lars shouted provocatively as he continued his attacks.

I curled my lips and responded accordingly.

“Thanks for the advice.”

Lars attacked with a thrust, but I dodged it by moving to the side. Then, I evaded the shield attack that came immediately after. He also tried to trip me with a kick, but I evaded that too.

As I did, I persistently watched Lars. I carefully observed the four basic concepts considered important in the Illusory Sword style, namely energy perception. I’m observing closely.

A general from the empire once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles,” but it doesn’t just apply to soldiers. Even if I don’t use my soul equipment or flow energy, technically Lars is superior.

Furthermore, Lars has overwhelming experience acquired as an adventurer. That’s why I was trying to find the key to neutralize that difference in his movements.

From one perspective, it’s dangerous to watch each of Lars’ movements with eyes like a snake.

I don’t know if it’s because he despises my gaze or if he’s annoyed that none of his attacks are connecting, but Lars’ attacks have become a bit more ostentatious. They weren’t careless attacks, but the precision is lower than before.

It hasn’t been that long since we started, so it would be too soon for him to be irritated.

If there were spectators here, some would have that impression.

But, this was predictable. In Lars’ case, he’s fighting against a level “1” opponent. He’s surely thinking that this shouldn’t be happening. A sixth-class adventurer who can’t land a hit on a former tenth-class expelled adventurer would certainly be frustrated.

His comrades and the guild master must also be worried about that aspect.

Moreover, I’m sure Miroslav said something that stuck in his head. Something like “You must show him the true power of an adventurer and a warrior.” And if that turned into actions, it was inevitable for him to become impatient.


—Indeed, I guess it’s also a kind of tactic. Lars has been vulnerable to his temper since before. It seems he’s naive like a simple peasant.

“What’s wrong, Lars? You can’t defeat me just by flailing your sword.”

Returning his earlier words, Lars shouted in frustration.

“Shut up! Stop evading and fight directly!”

“Unfortunately, a katana is not a weapon for straightforward cutting. This is my way of fighting. Nevertheless, the problem is that even though you’re a sixth-class adventurer, you can’t catch me.”


“Your movements are becoming more and more sluggish!”

When Lars slightly lowered his shield, I seized that opening to strike him in the chest. I wounded him through the gaps in his armor.


“Look, your shield has lowered again.”

I continued to cut through the gaps in his armor. Lars distorted his face in pain, but he swung his shield to the side and swung his sword.

However, the attack was showy. It wasn’t an attack using his legs or waist like before. There was no need to dodge.

After that, we continued cutting for a while. Then, after the number of strikes reached fifty, I kept my distance from Lars.

Lars was out of breath and his face was distorted. The blood flowing from the gaps in his armor soaked the training field floor.

…Yes. What can I say, he’s very weak. I can say that Ayaka and Raguna from five years ago are much stronger.

I also understood the reason. Lars’ sword is fundamentally a weapon for fighting against monsters, not humans.

Of course, it’s possible that Lars has fought against other people. There is no shortage of human enemies for adventurers, such as bandits, necromancers, and evil priests.

However, if you look at them all together, there will overwhelmingly be more monsters. Firstly, cutting people won’t teach you swordsmanship skills.

But, in that aspect, even though it’s a blank for me, I have studied the Illusory Sword style since childhood and have a lot of experience in interpersonal fights.

Technique and attitude are also part of that. Furthermore, I have fought against the golden generation of the Mitsurugi family, which is rare even from a historical perspective. The experience of fighting strong individuals is extensive.

That is connected to the reality before my eyes. Taking that into account, there’s no need to prolong the fight. I took a step forward.


It seems he sensed something in my movements, unexpectedly, Iria called out to Lars.

When Lars reacted to that and readied himself again, my katana extended in the air like a snake and entwined with Lars’ sword. In the next moment.


Resonating with a metallic sound, Lars’ sword flew through the air. Then, the sword impaled itself in a spot a little distance away from us.

As I pointed my katana at the stunned Lars’ neck, the calm voice of the guild master resonated.

“That’s enough! The winner is Sora!”

At that moment, as I looked into Lars’ eyes, I pondered. Perhaps, that’s the look I had when I was defeated by Esparto in the trial ceremony.

“W-Wait! Please wait! One more time! Let me fight one more time, please!”

Those were Lars’ words when he came to his senses. He didn’t thank Iria, who was using healing magic on him, he just stared intensely at me.

I shrugged slightly in response to that Lars.

“Are you trying to invalidate the result recognized by the witnesses? They’re the guild master of adventurers and the slave trading association, you know?”

“N-No, you’re wrong! This was my defeat. I accept it. So, let’s fight again, Sora! It’s true! We never said it was just one duel! This time, I’ll win!”

“Hmph. Well, I’m fine with that. But who will you bet on this time?”


“I won the previous duel. In other words, Luna Maria is already mine. If you want to fight again, you’ll have to prepare another slave. And just so you know, I don’t want Miroslav. That means you can only bet on Iria.”

Upon hearing that, Lars unintentionally looked at Iria. She, who was healing Lars’ wounds, shook her head with a stern expression.


“No, Lars. Your wounds have closed, but the lost blood hasn’t returned. You won’t stand a chance if you fight in this state.”

“N-No worries, now I know Sora’s fighting style. This time, I’ll win!”

Iria’s palm struck Lars’ cheek abruptly. A loud sound echoed in the surroundings.

Iria scolded Lars, who was completely taken aback by what had just happened.

“That’s enough! How long do you plan to run away from the result? You lost! If you don’t accept that fact first, there won’t be a rematch or anything!”


Seemingly, that scolding brought him back to reality, and Lars knelt down immediately. I secretly laughed as I watched them.

Iria’s attitude is strict but gentle. This is probably the most correct response.

However, for humans who have been struck at the depths of their hearts, that response can sometimes be uncomfortable.

At that moment, upon hearing sweet words—if there is someone who only says sweet words, any man would be there. Even childhood friends, it’s not an eternal relationship.

I didn’t see Miroslav. There was no need to see her. Everything went according to plan.

I obtained a dream elf slave!

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