Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

There are various ways to express love. Some say it every day, while others prepare gifts for special occasions. Different methods, frequencies, and intensities, but they are all expressions of love.

“The love that’s timidly and bashfully conveyed with courage is indeed beautiful. Like a young rose, freshly bloomed. However, such expressions may not be possible every day.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“There’s also a possibility that the person you love suddenly becomes someone who won’t return. If you hesitate out of embarrassment and end up unable to express your feelings, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. I… I don’t want to fail again.”

I recalled past memories and lightly bit my lower lip.

It’s a very bitter memory. The deepest wound in my heart that I can never forget. Just remembering it brings self-loathing and regret.

Before she could notice the pain that struck my chest, I told Princess Krell:

“That’s why I express my love to you every day, so I won’t regret it. The fifty-eight thousand, seven hundred, and sixty-nine times I’ve said ‘I love you’ were all heartfelt and sincere.”

Unfortunately, I’ve resolved not to speak false words of love.

Now, has that been conveyed sufficiently? I looked at Princess Krell…


As usual, she covered her face with both hands, blushing intensely, even up to her ears.

Perhaps because she had lived an unfortunate life until now, Princess Krell isn’t accustomed to being loved by someone. Even after several years since we met and I express my love every day, she still gets embarrassed like this… She’s turning eighteen this year, so I wish she’d develop some immunity. It’s an age where it wouldn’t be strange for people to be married in the world, you know?

“If you find it bothersome, Princess Krell, then I absolutely won’t express my love to you anymore.”


After a pause of a few seconds, Princess Krell looked at me through her fingers and shook her head sideways.

“…Love me.”

“That phrasing invites misunderstanding.”

It’s a secret just between here that my heart jumped for an instant.



As Princess Krell’s personal butler and head steward of the mansion, I work live-in so I can rush to my master’s side at any time. The same goes for the other servants working at the mansion, so Princess Krell is never alone in the mansion.

Despite being royalty, Princess Krell doesn’t live in the imperial palace and quietly resides in a place on the outskirts of the imperial capital with few people, increasing the danger of being assaulted. You could say the status of royalty constantly puts you at risk. She has actually been attacked before, and those attackers now can’t even walk. As long as I’m here, I won’t let anyone come near Princess Krell.

“Now then,”

The early morning of 6 AM the day after visiting the Magical Museum.

After getting ready, I confirmed my appearance before the full length mirror and noiselessly left the room.

Normally I wake up at 5:30 AM sharp, get ready, and can start work by 6 AM. Servants must start work at least an hour before their master wakes from sleep and opens their eyes.

Additionally, as head servant I have to wake up earlier than anyone to set an example for my subordinates.

Heading outside to first water the flowers in the garden beds, I turned at the hallway dead end- and there stopped, inadvertently parting my lips.

“It’s still too early for you guys to start work.”

In front of the door leading to the main entrance were three maids lined up.

On the right was a girl with long, glossy black hair reaching her shoulder blades and matching circular eyes, wearing a white headband – Louisa.

In the center was a scowling young woman with a large scar on her forehead and red hair gathered in the back – Fallara.

And on the left was a dignified lady with curly blond hair reaching her chest and deep blue eyes, wearing a black choker – Ligre.

They’re servants working at this mansion, and at the same time are all the servants residing in this mansion. It may feel like few, but this mansion is small, and moreover everyone here is extremely skilled except in certain areas, so we’ve never been understaffed until now. No, in the first place there’s no chance we’d be understaffed just because I alone am here.

When I stood before the three, they bowed simultaneously. Representing them, the eldest Ligre voiced the morning greeting.

“Good morning, Lord Roth.”

“Ah, morning. More importantly, why are you awake so early? You normally get up at seven.”

“We heard the head steward is the only one working starting six,”

said Fallara, a hand on her waist. Beside her, Louisa nodded.

In other words, they woke early in the morning to help me, it seems. Damn, I didn’t intend to make them go out of their way but… they’re diligent girls.

I laughed with folded arms, looked around at everyone’s faces, and approached Louisa, the youngest.

“While I appreciate the thought, fix your bedhead if you plan on starting work.”



Louisa jumped in embarrassment and smoothed down her sticking up hair. She must have neglected her appearance from waking at the unusual time. It’s the result of her efforts and not work hours yet, so I won’t say anything, but still.

After brushing Louisa’s hair with the small comb I keep on hand, I continued talking.

“Since you’ve all gathered at this time anyway, let’s get through the morning meeting for now. There’s no particularly noticeable schedule but… Louisa and Fallara, I want you to go shopping in the imperial capital.”

“Shopping? We should still have plenty of ingredients in storage though,”


said Fallara tilting her head while Louisa took out a notebook and fountain pen. Their personalities really come out here. Fallara just has an abnormally great memory so she doesn’t need to take notes.

“It’s not ingredients I want you to buy. It’s a vase.”

“A vase? Are you going to put flowers in it?”

“No, our clumsy young lady went and broke a vase yesterday.”


The three nodded in understanding.

Living together, they’re well aware of just how incompetent Princess Krell is. Which is also part of her charm.

Understanding the circumstances, Fallara nodded.

“Got it for now. A vase to decorate the room with. What’s the budget?”

“I’ll give it to you later. Just don’t buy anything too expensive, Princess Krell doesn’t like that. And she might break it again, so be careful.”


Then Louisa raised her hand and showed me her notebook. Unable to speak, she communicates through writing on paper like this. Her writing speed is surprisingly fast, and the handwriting is beautiful.

‘Isn’t it better not to put out a vase she might break?’

“No, it’s better to put out a vase. It gives me more material to tease her when she breaks them.”

“Lord Roth, your reasons are far too personal.”

“Rather than buying a vase expecting her to break it, just don’t buy one.”

‘It is tax money, you know?’

“The imperial family allowance is provided for the royals’ living expenses, and how they use it is up to them. I won’t hear complaints.”

There’s no lawbreaking or anything, so no one has grounds for complaints. In the first place, among the current officials there isn’t a single person who can complain about Princess Krell. If there is, I’ll crush them.

“That’s it for Fallara and Louisa. Ligre, as usual help out with the cleaning and dressing Princess Krell.”


“That’s it from me. Anyone else have a report?”

When I asked, Fallara raised her hand.

“Last night, a meeting request came from the head of the Fragaha Jewelry Corporation for Princess Krell. Looks like he wants to meet this afternoon at three. What should we do?”

“A jeweler huh. He probably contacted us because he wants the prestige of a connection with royalty.”

Just having transactions with royalty becomes huge credibility. For merchants who value credibility and track record above all, that prestige is something they want badly enough to desperately grab at. We’ve gotten meeting requests from merchants many times until now too.

But remembering the name of the company Fallara mentioned, I shook my head sideways.

“Send word refusing the meeting. And if he still comes, meet him with the will to destroy all the corporation’s credibility.”

“? Why refuse the meeting?

‘Wouldn’t connecting with Fragaha Jewelry Corporation with its influence have big merits?’

“Is there some awful reason?”

The three asked me curiously.

If you say Fragaha Jewelry Corporation, they must have transaction results with dignitaries of every country and tremendous influence and sway. Their assets are said to rival small nations, with that much economic power.

But I had a reason I absolutely couldn’t forgive – didn’t want their head near Princess Krell.

“Two years ago, the corporate head, Ujiel Fragaha, visited the imperial palace of the Carreralonde Empire and thoroughly spouted abusive language about Princess Krell to curry favor with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister scorned Princess Krell, so that was probably why.”

“Let’s kill him.”

“I’m good at cutting out tongues.”

‘Fish food.’

The moment I explained the reason, everyone’s eyes darkened as they exuded dense killing intent around them.

I forgot to mention, one condition to become a servant here is genuinely loving Princess Krell from the bottom of your heart. Therefore, everyone here loves and fanatically reveres her like family. So much that they turn thick killing intent at anyone who speaks ill of her, regardless of who they are.

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