Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 6

With a sighing nod, I faced the director.

“My magical key is- the Guardian Shield Key. Its rank is Sixth Heaven’s Key. None stand above me in protection.”

There. This time we finally left the exhibit room.

The director still seemed to have more to say, but suppressed his desires well, and together with Erne beside him, continued bowing until our figures disappeared day too.”

“Will that be alright?”

“Yes. With an imperial treasure being targeted, I as royalty and a magician feel obligated to lend my assistance as well. That’s fine, right Roth?”

“As you command, my lord.”

If Princess Krell says she’ll go, I don’t have the option not to accompany her. If alone, she might meet with danger from the other guards.

Besides, Princess Krell probably can’t even make it to the museum alone in the first place. I can picture her getting lost on the way and crying in the carriage. I want to hold and comfort her all night- I tore the memo paper.

“I’ve written down what the director should do, so please refer to it as a reference.”

“Ah, yes this is- huh!?”

When I handed the memo to the director- Thud!, some sound for adding drama resounded, shaking my eardrums. When I looked around going ‘huh?’, barriers rose from the floor, blocking our escape as if to trap us. Forming a circle with the etoile magical key at the center, exactly.

“Director, what’s this?”

“Could it be… Erne?”

Moving her neck stiffly like a clockwork doll, the director looked to Erne, who had one hand touching the glass case containing the etoile magical key. I thought she hadn’t participated in the conversation at all, so what is she doing?

She had rounded eyes in shock herself, dripping what seemed to be cold sweat profusely.

“Director… Why haven’t you deactivated it?”

“Erne, why are you touching the glass case…?”

After a beat,

“”…By accident.””

Right after both answered the other’s question with that- I sensed dense mana being generated overhead and looked up at the ceiling.

I understood the instant I saw, but the barriers probably appeared to prevent escape. And with Erne touching the glass case, it’s likely an escape prevention trap to contain those trying to steal the etoile magical key.

I get that much, and it shows they have solid security, so good.

However… this is overdoing it.

“A high voltage lightning cannon… would turn the culprit to charcoal…”

“That’s some intense security.”

“Is this the time to speak so lightly? We’ll be entirely roasted at this rate, thanks to some foolhardy pair.”

I say that maliciously, but the culprits have already stopped listening. Lying face down, holding their heads and trembling. Morons. At least try to protect Princess Krell.

In contrast, Princess Krell laughed merrily and grasped my hand.

“That’s scary but… My butler will definitely protect me, right?”

“Of course. No matter the magic, I will block all of it – Guardian Key.”

I thrust out my right hand and muttered my beloved key’s name.

In that moment, a large key giving off a deep blue radiance appeared before me, around 50 centimeters long.

It had an artistic spiral tip, was clad in blue mana, and shone reflecting light. Grasping it powerfully as it appeared made an indescribable feeling of omnipotence well up inside me. With this partner I can overcome any hardship. At the same time, I feel something like a bond.


I twisted the magical key thrust into empty space counter-clockwise.

Then, a click I shouldn’t have been able to hear in the surroundings rang out- immediately following, spears of violent violet lightning roared as they rained down from the ceiling. A direct hit would undoubtedly reduce our bodies to blackened crisps.

But that future will not come to pass.

“-Twin Royal Shield.”


The instant I raised the magical key in my right hand overhead, a diamond-shaped dual barrier instantly appeared covering us. Glittering as it chaotically reflected the exhibit room’s lighting and the lightning inside, it perfectly blocked the lightning’s might. All impacts, force, and roaring were rendered meaningless.

Though it would have been no joke taking that lightning head on… Is this all?

Spitting in my chest, I spoke to Princess Krell next to me looking up overhead.

“Please wait a moment, Princess Krell. It will stop soon.”

“Yes. As always, a beautifully enchanting barrier. I feel I could watch it forever.”

“You honor me immensely. I also think I could watch your beautiful face for any number of hours, days, or years.”

“That would be troubling.”

As we had that exchange, after waiting one minute-

The light and mana reaction from the raining lightning completely disappeared, so I confirmed and dispelled the barrier. I thought the exhibit room might have become a dreadful scene, but looking around, it was the same as before. I see, it seems to be calculated to prevent any damage to the exhibits. Though that doesn’t change it being excessive.

“Princess Krell, are you hurt?”

“Of course not.”

“I’m aware.”

“Then why’d you ask!?”

“Obligatory safety confirmation. Now then.”

After soothing Princess Krell by stroking her hair, I approached the two breathing sighs of relief and knelt down.

“You two, any last words? I’ll graciously allow three letters for now.”

“Don’t jump ahead, Roth!”

Princess Krell rushed over from the wheelchair and grasped my shoulder. Still unsatisfied, I turned to face her and spoke while looking closely at her beautiful face.

“If you had exposed my most precious Princess Krell to mortal danger, proper etiquette would be displaying your head before the masses. In my book, that is.”

“Think in terms of common social norms, not Roth’s! And most things aren’t dangerous with you by my side anyway!”

“Oh my, we’re both still teenagers so… please keep that kind of thing to the bed.”

“Just what are you talking about!”

After yelling extensively, I put Princess Krell back in the wheelchair. She seems to be in a good mood today for some reason.

“I’m joking.”

“That’s why Roth’s jokes don’t sound like jokes…”

“I’m skilled at making lies seem not to be lies. However, I’ll at least hear your excuses.”

A slip-up won’t get them off lightly. If it had just been Princess Krell here without me… the possibility exists this museum could have sunk to the bottom of the earth. Of course, Princess Krell would have been the only survivor. I have to admonish them properly here, or they might repeat the mistake.

Waiting for the two to speak, the director was the first to open his mouth.

“…I find it strange to be alive now.”

“I suppose so. You would have died if I hadn’t been here.”

Before adding ‘certainly’- the director deeply bowed his head.

“Sincerest apologies. I put you two, who came to help, in danger. I take full responsibility, so impose any punishment on me.”

“Th-that’s not it, Director! I’m also at fault for carelessly touching the glass case!”

“Erne, be silent!”


Princess Krell and I exchanged looks.

This is that situation. Where the victim feels like the offender. And just silently watching, we don’t know how to react, only feeling awkward. It starts to feel foolish to deal with them. Even though we’re the injured party.

“Haah. Princess Krell.”

At my weary call, she nodded and spoke to the two.

“Since there’s no particular harm done, it’s fine if you reflect on it. Just don’t let this happen again.”

“…We humbly thank you for your generous spirit.”

We just didn’t feel like watching their fruitless fight over blame.

Haaah, seriously. I only intended to listen a little and give advice, but it tired me out more than expected. I want to hurry home and get foot massages from Princess Krell and heal.

As I thought that and tried to leave pushing the wheelchair, the director called out to me.

“By the way, about Roth’s magical key earlier…”

“Director. Prying into a magician’s magical key or magic is a breach of manners.”

I say that, but as expected the director persisted.

“I’m aware. However, I can’t help but ask as a fledgling researcher.”


I asked Princess Krell what to do, and she told me, ‘It’s probably fine to tell him a little?’ As ever, it seems she has a generous spirit.

With a sighing nod, I faced the director.

“My magical key is- the Guardian Shield Key. Its rank is Sixth Heaven’s Key. None stand above me in protection.”

There. This time we finally left the exhibit room.

The director still seemed to have more to say, but suppressed his desires well, and together with Erne beside him, continued bowing until our figures disappeared.

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