Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 1

Chapter 7: The Quest for the Merchant

The following morning, after conferring with my father, the three of us convened in the dining hall for breakfast. Unfortunately, my mother couldn’t join us as she was unwell and confined to her room. According to Galun, my mother was deeply disappointed.

Nonetheless, Mel seemed overjoyed. As we chatted during the meal, I noticed a flicker of concern on my father’s face.

“Meldy, may I call you Mel too?”

My father, who had been observing our interaction, interjected into the conversation while maintaining his stern demeanor. The sudden interruption created an awkward atmosphere in the dining hall.

Galun wore a big smile, but the maids looked wide-eyed in surprise. Unfazed by the tension, Mel spoke up clearly to my father.

“Well, um, Dad is not allowed! Just call me Meldy. Only Mom and Brother can call me Mel!”

“…I see.”

Uh-oh. My father kept his expression intact and closed his eyes, but he seemed incredibly downcast and gloomy. Deep down, I sensed he might be on the verge of tears. Galun subtly shook his shoulders, while the maids seemed to be enduring something by pinching each other’s sides.

“Ahem, Father. Today, I would like to inspect the territory. Is that alright?”

I cleared my throat and directed my gaze towards my disheartened father.

“…Very well. You must be accompanied by at least two escort knights. Also, arrange for a carriage with Galun.”


After hearing our conversation, Mel raised her hand, smiled, and said,

“I want to go too!”

“Mel, you’re still too young. Let’s wait until you’re a little older.”

“Aww! No fair!” Mel protested, launching into a tantrum. However, I couldn’t take her with us today because we had important matters to attend to. I managed to convince Mel by promising to read her a storybook when we returned.

“Now, let’s depart.”

After finishing breakfast and gathering the necessary items, we boarded the carriage and set off for the largest town within the territory. Although I referred to it as a “town,” it was actually quite close to the mansion, so the journey was relatively short.

The Valdia territory was considered a frontier, but that’s mainly because of its distance from the imperial capital. From another perspective, it was located midway between other countries and the imperial capital, making it a strategically advantageous territory. In some cases, the selection of goods and merchandise within the territory surpassed that of the imperial capital. The size of the town within the territory also indicated that it was by no means a “rural backwater.”

Having more land available than in the imperial capital had its advantages, and the production of “olives,” which were imported from other countries, had been successfully established. Olive oil and other products were sold not only in the imperial capital but also in neighboring countries.

The idea to produce olives originated from my father, who believed it would contribute to the prosperity of the territory, strengthen the military, and ultimately serve as a deterrent against neighboring countries.

However, there were those who disapproved of this endeavor. When the olive business first started, it was ridiculed as “an opportunity to experience farming in the frontier.” After its success, jealous individuals started using derogatory terms like “Planting Lord” or “Planting Baron.”

As we passed by the olive groves visible from the carriage, the town came into view. At the entrance checkpoint, there were traveling merchants waiting in line. The carriage paused momentarily, and one of the guards outside the carriage rushed to inform the gatekeeper conducting the inspection.


After a short while, he returned and said, “I’ve informed the gatekeeper at the checkpoint. Let’s go.” Immediately, the carriage resumed its movement. So, if you’re the lord’s son, you get priority access, I see.

Passing by the long queue made me feel somewhat embarrassed and apologetic. In my mind, I quietly said, “I’m sorry, everyone.”

We parked the carriage at the Valdia family’s villa within the town and decided to explore the town on foot. Even though we had a specific purpose, it was my first time visiting a town in this otherworld. Unable to contain my curiosity, I found myself getting distracted by the various stalls and unfamiliar shops.

“Reed-sama, please be careful not to wander off alone.”

“Diana is right. The town is crowded, and we don’t know where danger might lurk.”

With a twinkle in their eyes, I was approached by the two guards, Reubens and Diana, both with brown hair and blue eyes. They appeared to be childhood friends.

“Okay, got it. So, both of you, please call me ‘Reed’ when we’re in town, okay? Adding ‘sama’ to it sounds too aristocratic,” .

Initially, both of them were confused about being addressed informally, but eventually, they agreed, saying, “Understood.”

we changed into more modest attire at a separate residence. As we walked and looked around, we noticed that humans were the majority, but there were also beastmen and elves. It truly felt like a different world. While contemplating this, we arrived at their destination.

“…Are you sure this is the right place?” Diana asked, puzzled. The sign we had arrived at read “Christie Trading Company.” She probably thought we were there for a shopping escort mission.

“Yeah, this is definitely the place,”

When we opened the door, a bell rang, announcing their arrival. From the back, we heard a voice saying, “Welcome!” accompanied by the sound of footsteps.

“Welcome! How can I assist you?” A girl with cute cat ears and tail, black hair, and round black eyes emerged from the back. Although meeting someone with black hair and black eyes felt nostalgic, Reed couldn’t help but be drawn to the cat ears and tail.

“Um… Is something the matter?” the girl asked.

“Um… I apologize for the interruption. I actually sent a letter to Ms. Christie the other day. Is she available today?”

“Oh!? I’m sorry for not realizing you were a guest of our master. I will check right away!” The female staff member quickly returned to the back.

In the meantime, I looked around at the displayed items in the store. The merchandise was neatly arranged, and the store itself was clean, a sign of good store management. While examining the products, a beautiful woman approached from the back and spoke to Reed.

“Apologies for the wait, Lord Reed. I am Christie Saffron, the representative of Christie Trading Company,” she introduced herself.

“I’m Reed Valdia, the one who sent the letter. Nice to meet you,”

Her fair and translucent skin, beautiful golden hair that matched her green eyes, and the long, slender ears coming out of her golden hair caught my attention. She was the only elf in the Valdia territory running a trading company.

I had learned about the Christie Trading Company when i mentioned to father that I wanted to start a business. The day after their conversation, I consulted Galun about reputable trading companies in town. Galun mentioned the Christie Trading Company, which was represented by an elf. Reed immediately sent a letter seeking advice on his future business endeavors.

“Please follow me to the reception room,” Christie cordially invited.

“Yes, thank you,”

Led by Christie, I entered the reception room, which exuded an air of elegance and sophistication that surpassed the shop’s exterior. Following Christie’s instructions, I took a seat on the comfortable sofa, feeling my nerves creeping in as I realized the gravity of the upcoming business negotiation.

“Reubens, Diana, please wait outside the room,” I instructed, trying to maintain a firm yet polite tone.

“Understood,” they acknowledged, casting a quick glance at Christie and bowing before exiting the room. I noticed Christie’s mild surprise at my request, but she maintained her professionalism.

“Well then, it’s nice to meet you again, Ms. Christie,” I greeted, trying to put on a confident demeanor.

“Likewise. However, is it alright to ask the guards to leave the room?” Christie hesitated, her curiosity piqued about my intentions.

“Yes, it is. What I’m about to discuss with you should be kept as confidential as possible until the appropriate time,” I explained, emphasizing the importance of discretion.

“I see… Well, in that case, I don’t mind,” Christie responded, her expression reflecting her curiosity. Little did she know that I had a well-thought-out plan. Recalling the recent events at the mansion, I began explaining the innovative products I had developed.

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