Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 4

She seemed about to really start crying… Ah, there are teardrops in her eyes.

…No helping it. I don’t want to lose any more time, and most of all, being cried at is annoying.

After telling Princess Krell to wait, I left the wheelchair and approached the woman with a hopeless expression, plastering a lie-filled smile on and touching her cheek.

“It’s fine not to have excessive anxiety. Many people are afraid, but Princess Krell is a very kind person. She absolutely won’t cause any danger. And if by some chance you happen to incur her wrath, I’m by her side.”


“Could you guide us to the director? I’d appreciate you taking on the task.”

I wiped the teardrops floating on the woman’s eyes with a handkerchief, casually taking her hand.

Then, flushing red, the woman nodded, seemingly forgetting to speak.

Perfect. Humans are so easy to handle, I love it!

After handing the handkerchief to the woman, I returned to Princess Krell. And my master’s cheeks were puffed out, glaring at me with sharp eyes. If I had to compare, like a squirrel who stuffed a large quantity of acorns in its cheek pouches, threatening an intruder on its territory.

“…Why am I being treated like the villain?”

Princess Krell sullenly said to me. Was that what bothered her?

“Give up. Even if just nominally, you’re royalty and an existence feared by the people.”

“It’s clearly for a different reason I’m feared…”

“It’s better than being tormented and mistreated. Let’s go.”

“Yes… haa.”

I pushed the wheelchair and headed to the woman who’d guide us.

“Then please. Um…”

“Oh, apologies for the late introduction. I’m Erne Oriudel.”

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m Roth Grantle, personal butler to Her Highness Princess Krell Carreralonde of the Third.”

After the brief self-introductions, we followed behind Erne and entered the museum.

With it being operated by the empire and displaying many national treasure-class valuables, the security inside was strict as expected at all times. Two or more security guards were stationed on each floor, all of whom were magicians with a certain level of ability. Though rank doesn’t determine everything in magician ability, they were without a doubt Third Heaven’s Key or higher.

As we just passed through floors, I murmured while looking at the floor exhibits. Or rather, the glass cases protecting them.

“Are the cases protecting the exhibits… specially strengthened anti-magical glass?”

Erne nodded at my murmur.

“That’s right. We use custom ordered ones that block all magic from Fourth Heaven’s Keys and below, and are also resistant to physical impacts. With the magician security guards too, it’s close to impossible for the exhibits to be stolen.”

“I see. With that level of security, our assistance may be unnecessary.”

“That might be the case.”

I spoke in a soft voice so as not to make her vigilant. As expected, Erne relaxed her initial tension and was at ease with me. With this much, her fear towards Princess Krell has probably already faded.


“Roth… You seem to be enjoying yourself quite a bit.”

“Are you jealous? Pouting? Sulking? Whichever it is, I quite liked that way of speaking just now, so would you mind repeating it once more?”

“Tha-t’s no-t i-t!”

Waving her arms around in irritation, Princess Krell turned her face away with a huff and mumbled sullenly.

“It’s just… why are you kind to others yet harsh to me…?”


So it’s jealousy. Marvelous.

A jealous Princess Krell is very cute, but leaving her pouting could turn to displeasure eventually. If I’ve made her jealous, I have to properly care for her too. This is common sense worldwide.

I brought my mouth near the princess’s ear where Erne couldn’t hear.

“Don’t worry. Not just her… but all smiles I show anyone besides you are fakes.”

“But even if they’re fake, a smile is still a smile, right?”

“It’s better to smile than be curt with a third party, a stranger at that. It puts them at ease, improves their impression, and various advantages are born. This is what’s called interpersonal skills. And the 100% pure, deceit-free smiles are only for you, Princess.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a smile.”

“Think back on my normal conduct. I don’t smile at a blunderer like you. I only give you affectionate words and love.”

“I think those should come as a set with smiles.”

“You’ll definitely have the chance to see them someday, so look forward to it.”

Though who knows when someday will be.

I muttered inwardly as I pulled my face away from Princess Krell and called out to Erne, who kept glancing this way as she walked ahead.

“Miss Erne. As I said earlier, Princess Krell isn’t someone to be feared.”

“Oh, um, it’s just… she’s such an exalted person living in a different world from me, so of course I…”

For an instant, Erne looked at Princess Krell but immediately averted her gaze awkwardly.

So she can’t be intimate and loved like other royalty, after all?

Princess Krell has never participated in public duties, and most citizens only know the name Krell Carreralonde the Third Princess. With the mystique of being royalty and bad rumors taking root, it’s said she’s a fearsome person who won’t tolerate the slightest rudeness.

Especially the imperial palace staff are very afraid of her. They seem to have done various things to the princess in the past, so they probably fear retaliation… Though of course, my presence factors largely as well.

“It’s as Roth says.”

There, Princess Krell smiled at Erne and said,

“I’m not someone to be feared. My body is frail, and without someone’s support I can’t even live properly. On top of that, I don’t have the disposition to stand above others despite being royalty.”

“Yes. She’s an incompetent, good-for-nothing princess who can only spin her wheels uselessly at everything she does. Pitiful.”

“Isn’t that too harsh?”

I silently tilted my head since it was the truth. Perhaps realizing it was factual, Princess Krell didn’t say anything back and just glared at me.

“Jealousy is an ugly thing.”

Watching our interaction, Erne brought her hand to her mouth as she laughed and stopped in front of a huge iron door. Above it was written ‘Magical Keys Room’ in small letters.

In other words, the etoile magical key is exhibited here, and the client director is inside.

Erne knocked on the door three times firmly and slowly pushed it open.

“Director, I’ve brought Her Highness Princess Krell and her attendant.”

Following Erne into the room first, Princess Krell and I also went inside.

Frankly put, it was impressive in one word.

A square room. Displayed in the glass cases lining the walls were dozens of magical keys, even including some classified as Fifth Heaven’s Keys. As a magician proud to be first-rate, I can’t help but be interested in the many valuable keys.

“Were there any magical keys that caught your interest?”

“I may be Princess Krell’s butler, but first I’m a top-class magician. All magical keys have appeal regardless of rank.”

At my reply, Princess Krell said in surprise,

“Oh my, I think there’s only one key in this room that outranks Roth’s though?”

“You mean… that one?”

I shifted my gaze to the single glass case in the center of the room.

Frankly put, it was anomalous. Even through the glass case I could feel the dense mana the key contained, and it had some kind of allure making me reluctant to look away.

Right next to that magical key, about a meter from the glass case, a man was standing upright looking at us. His hair was burnt umber mixed with white, slicked back, and he wore black-rimmed glasses. Behind the lenses kind eyes could be seen, the very image of a gentleman the word suits.

Meeting our eyes, he brought his hand to his chest and politely bowed once.

Since he’s in this room, that man must be…

Guessing the man’s identity, I moved my stopped feet and the wheelchair and walked over to him. As I did, the man pasted a gentle smile on his face and introduced himself.

“A pleasure to meet you for the first time, Princess Krell Carreralonde. And Mr. Roth Grantle, her attendant. Thank you for taking the time to visit us today. I’m the museum director, Strom Clayverna.”

“Likewise, a pleasu- huh?”

After receiving the director’s greeting, Princess Krell tilted her head in puzzlement.

“Director, you’re male? From the handwriting I thought the letter was from a woman…”

“Ah, she’s the one who wrote the letter.”

Understanding the princess’s reaction, the director gestured at the nearby Erne.

“When the notice arrived, my hands happened to be dirty… so I had Erne write it in my stead.”

“I see, so that’s what happened…”

“Princess Krell was worried needlessly.”

“Well… Since there are many women at the museum, I think it was the right call coming along. Roth might unnecessarily plant extra feelings otherwise.”

“Princess, your mouth is foul.”

“Please don’t say that to me alone.”

After our normal back-and-forth, I turned to the director.

Since he seems to already know about us, self-introductions are unnecessary. I want to get to discussing the theft notice written in the letter right away, but… There’s one thing I absolutely have to say first.

“Director. While you may have your circumstances, isn’t it a bit discourteous for the highest person in charge of this museum to not come out and greet Princess Krell, royalty as she is?”


“Princess, this is important.”

Kind-hearted Princess Krell might forgive small matters, but if she lets this slide once, it will mean the same treatment will be permitted for other royalty. There must not be a precedent of tolerating some disrespect.

When I glared slightly, the director apologized remorsefully and bowed his head.

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