Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 3

At the princess’s doubtful gaze, I feigned ignorance. Lies are also one of a butler’s weapons. If I can’t keep a straight face I can’t call myself capable and first-class.

Perhaps sensing that pushing wouldn’t change my answer from experience, the princess heaved a big sigh and then changed the subject.

“We, well, got quite off track but… Is it alright to just suddenly visit like this? I think it’s very rude to show up without notice.”

“Don’t worry. I contacted them beforehand before leaving the mansion, and they’re closing the museum this afternoon. There are no visitors.”

“Going so far as to close up?”

“A natural decision, I’d say.”

The notice of intent this time is top secret that must not be heard by unrelated parties. Even discussing it in a room off limits to outsiders, it’s unclear who could be listening from right outside in such a state. We should avoid hushed talks in that situation.

Plus, since the targeted item is a national treasure this time, we can’t be too lax.

“A high class magical key that the empire prides itself on – the etoile magical key – is being targeted, so if we’re negligent it may be stolen.”

“The etoile magical key?”

Repeating it, Princess Krell brought her hand to her chin.

“If I remember right, it’s a magical key designated as the empire’s most important national treasure, said to hold power far beyond other magical keys.”

“Since no one has formed a contract with it, the powers it hides are a mystery.”

I glanced out the window at the imperial capital coming into view.

The power called magic, which uses mana – an energy that shouldn’t exist in this world – is employed by magicians, all of whom possess special tools collectively called magical keys.

Simply put, magical keys are tools indispensable for magicians to use magic, like partners bound in a magical contract.

There are still many mysteries surrounding magical keys, which continue to be treated as mysterious, unknown tools. The discovered magical keys are classified into seven ranks, with higher ranks holding greater, absolute power.

Mob of the Earth – First Heaven’s Key

Knight of the Garden – Second Heaven’s Key

Arbiter of Death – Third Heaven’s Key

Golden Paradise – Fourth Heaven’s Key

Evil’s Despair – Fifth Heaven’s Key

Wisdom of the Sky – Sixth Heaven’s Key

Holy Sanctum of God – Seventh Heaven’s Key

It’s said these ranks were recorded on a stone tablet unearthed from some ancient ruins several hundred years ago. The most numerous are the Second Heaven’s Keys. Conversely, the fewest are the highest rank, the Seventh Heaven’s Keys. Only five Seventh Heaven’s Keys have been discovered in the world, and since the last one appeared, no new key discoveries have been reported.

“While many magical keys exist around the world, the number becomes extremely low for the top two ranks, the Sixth and Seventh Heaven’s Keys. Combined there are probably less than fifty.”

“There are that few?”

“You may not grasp it using yourself or me as the standard, but they really are that precious. The etoile magical key being targeted this time is counted among the Sixth Heaven’s Keys.”

“In other words, an extremely limited high class magical key.”

“That’s right. There are many who want to obtain high rank magical keys, so it’s no wonder it’s being targeted.”

“I see. Though even if they get it, there’s no guarantee they can form a contract, right?”

High rank magical keys with advanced ranks can’t be contracted by just anyone. Unless the person is judged suitable by the key itself, it won’t become their partner. It’s said the Seventh Heaven’s Keys even draw in those they deem appropriate masters themselves.

“Well, I understand magicians wanting to form contracts with higher rank magical keys. A magician’s contract with their key is also a contract of life. If the magician dies the key remains unharmed, but if the key is destroyed, the magician will also die. To protect their life, they want strong keys as well.”

“Ah, so that’s why magical keys are called a magician’s life.”

“I explained it to you right after you formed a contract with your key, didn’t I? And said it’s important so don’t forget, right? Didn’t I?”

“Oh, um~ did you~? I don’t really remember~”

Princess Krell conspicuously avoided my gaze and pretended to panic.

Even though I told her repeatedly to engrave it in her mind… When we get back, I’ll punish her with ankle whipping. Of course, restrained for a long session. I can picture her cute pained screams.

While imagining Princess Krell crying and screaming from the pain, the horse neighed and stopped. Looking out the window, a white dome-shaped building towered there.

It seems we’ve arrived.

“Shall we get off then? Wheelchair or princess carry, which do you prefer?”


Normally she’d yell ‘wheelchair!’ instantly, but surprisingly, after a brief hesitation,

“Princess carry is appealing but for today please bring the wheelchair,”

is what she said.

It’s rare for her to respond like that. As I looked at her, she had a smug ‘take that!’ kind of expression.

Certainly, how to respond to that is difficult. However, her later conduct and behavior are half-baked.

Please expect a counterattack in response to your reply, Princess.

“Understood. Then tomorrow we’ll have you move around all day by princess carry instead of wheelchair.”

“Have mercy!”


At my words, Princess Krell stuck out her lips sulkily.

That extremely cute expression makes me want to admire it for a good hour and then write an impression piece. However, it’s against my wishes to leave my beloved master unhappy. If possible, I want her smiling face always.

After getting off the carriage, we went around to the staff entrance at the back of the building rather than the main visitor entrance at the front.

When I called the mansion to notify them of our visit, I was instructed to enter through the staff entrance at the back as the main entrance would be locked. Even though they were the ones seeking our help, I feel bad for suddenly closing the museum in the afternoon, so without any particular complaints I agreed… However, for some reason the staff member I spoke to was unusually flustered, repeatedly apologizing remorsefully over and over. For a moment, I wondered if he found pleasure in apologizing, but on second thought it’s not unreasonable for him to be afraid.

Pushing Princess Krell’s wheelchair, it took a few minutes to get to the back of the museum.

“Um… Roth.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“What are they doing?”

“I think it’s exactly as it appears, no?”

She spoke as if asking ‘are you stupid? an idiot?’ Replying in a tone implying as much, Princess Krell hung her head and slumped her shoulders.

“What exactly… do you take me for!?”

“What do you mean, of course you’re…”

I turned my face forward and saw the adults lined up, bowing deeply with shaking shoulders in front of the staff entrance we were headed to. Of course it’s probably not all the staff. Even though they closed, there’s still a lot of work to be done. But based on their age, it seems all the museum higher-ups are gathered.

Their shaking shoulders are probably from feeling awe and fear.

After the excellent bows, I returned my gaze to Princess Krell and told her.

“Let me say it again. It’s exactly as it appears.”

“Ohh… After meeting Roth, I’ve changed in various ways… Even though I used to be a weak, bullied existence, now just walking down the street makes me an evil overlord feared with awe and terror…”

“It’s extremely different from before.”

“It really is. But I didn’t want this kind of over-the-top awe…”

Speaking feebly, Princess Krell heaved a big sigh.

Unlike attention-seekers, being the center of attention is difficult for the princess. Naturally she dislikes being stared at by crowds, and doesn’t like going to crowded places either.

For someone with her inwardly-oriented personality, though not quite introverted, being regarded with awe and fear like this is by no means pleasant.

In other words – they are ruining the princess’s mood.

I brought my mouth near the princess’s ear and asked.

“If their attitude bothers you, should I blow all their minds away?”

“Don’t resort to violence… there’s no need to go that far.”

“Then let’s bear with it. I’ll comfort you plenty when we get back.”


At that, Princess Krell faced forward and tightened her expression.

Her dependence is steadily increasing.

I mentally took note, and pushed the wheelchair to approach the staff below.

“Um, first of all, thank you for suddenly closing the museum for us. The director… Mr. Strom Clayverna is…”

As Princess Krell looked around for the director, the youngest female staff member closest to us raised her hand. Her characteristic long, beautiful brown hair reaching her shoulders and matching colored eyes, she was around my shoulder height and tall for a woman. Pretty courageous.

She explained to us in a slightly shaking voice, leaving the silver ring on her left ring finger as-is.

“Th-the director is currently… in the exhibit room on the museum’s third floor… for the etoile magical key…”

“The third floor? Um, I don’t know the way, so could you show us? It’d help…”

“Ah, show you…?”

The woman – Erne – made an overtly reluctant face… no, she was on the verge of tears. She desperately looked to the other staff as if seeking help. But she only received encouragement to ‘do your best!’, and was effectively abandoned.

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