Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 2

I will assume you are using a wooden carriage, based on it making creaking sounds. The wooden carriages circulating in the imperial capital use high quality timber, so try coating it with honey and leaving it in the forest overnight. Come early morning, many rhinoceros beetles will gather, awakening your boyish spirit. Also, if stag beetles gather and start gnawing the carriage, you can expect it to lighten, and when pulled by the horse it should reach the same speed as when a boy notices his mother’s footsteps and hurriedly throws his dirty books under the bed. I personally want to see a carriage all sticky with honey dashing through the town, so I would be delighted if you adopt my proposal. It will definitely be amazing, so let’s do it by all means.

After reading my response, Princess Krell said with a straight face.

“I don’t feel like it resolves anything at all.”

“Is that so? Well, regardless of whether the recipient takes this advice, properly facing and responding to the worry maintains the integrity of the black suggestion box, I believe. Besides, if I went directly, that would be another story, but for letters I’m just presenting ideas without ever stating I’ll resolve it.”

“You’re a bad person.”

“It teaches that things won’t always go your convenient way.”

For small worries, you should do your best to resolve them with your own power as much as possible. Life isn’t so sweet that someone will always lend a hand when you’re troubled.

While putting the second letter in its envelope, Princess Krell spoke in a way that was hard to tell if she was amazed or exasperated.

“But you sure can come up with all those words in just 10-something seconds, can’t you?”

“When people think about foolish things, their mind speeds up a hundredfold compared to normal.”

“I’ve never heard such a thing!”

“Of course not. I just made it up now.”

Laughing, Princess Krell brought the milk tea-filled cup to her mouth.

As ever, she drinks with a sense of dignity.

Unintentionally captivated, I watched her, but it seems the princess didn’t notice my gaze as she smiled and praised the taste of the milk tea.

“As always, it’s perfectly delicious. Just the right sweetness I like, flawless.”

“You honor me.”

Bowing my head, Princess Krell placed the tea cup on its saucer and made a regretful expression.

“Really… It would have been even better if you were just a little kinder.”

“? I think I’m plenty kind.”

“Are you seriously saying that?”

She looked at me as if to say, you’re kidding, right?

“Certainly, Roth is close to perfect as a butler. Your work is flawless, physical ability far above normal people, quick thinking and abundant knowledge. Your skill with magic is exceptionally high, and you’re peerless as a guard too.”

“As the princess’s butler, that level of competence is only natural.”


Princess Krell forcefully pointed her index finger at me.

“Your mouth is devastatingly foul! You spout relentless demeaning words like an open faucet… I’m quite hurt, you know!?”

“Abusive language? Me?”

“You weren’t aware!?”

I laughed, covering my mouth, at the princess’s wide-eyed astonishment.

“I’m joking. I’m aware my mouth is bad and I have no intention of correcting it, of course.”

“I think you should make efforts to fix that.”

“I cannot lie to you, Princess. The only things my mouth will utter to you are words brimming with affection.”

As I continued staring fixedly into her eyes without averting my gaze, the princess shyly looked away.

Seeing her so adorably like this is very soothing on the eyes. But at the same time, I worry if her lack of resistance to kindness means she’ll get deceived by some weird guy at a social event. Though I won’t let her attend such events.

“You’re too naive, Princess.”

“I-I can’t help it! I was never loved by anyone until I met Roth!!”

“I’m well aware. Therefore, I will gift you with more affection than you missed out on until now.”

“Stoooop!! Show at least some embarrassment!”

“Impossible. Affection monopolizes the space in my heart, leaving no room for shame.”

At my matter-of-fact way of spouting endless affectionate words like breathing, the princess made a very resentful expression. I want to tease her and enjoy this more, but unfortunately consultation letters still remain. I should stop for now. Of course I’ll resume later.

“Princess, there are still consultation letters left. Let’s continue. See, your hands have stopped.”

“Whose fault is that…”

Flapping her heated red face with one hand, the princess took the next letter. I wonder what kind of silly consultation will come next.

And while making various predictions, I noticed something.

“Hm? Did something happen?”

For some reason, the princess had frozen up looking at one letter.

It doesn’t seem she’s puzzling over the contents. Narrowed eyes, the smile gone from her mouth – not at all the expression when reading a consultation letter.

Perhaps something that agitated her heart was written there.

Sensing from long association that the princess was displeased about something, she silently handed the letter to me with an empty expression.

“Here. This letter is addressed to Roth.”

“? Addressed to me by name?”

Taking the letter with a question mark in my mind and lowering my eyes to the paper- I immediately understood why the princess had gotten in a bad mood.

In short, it was a love letter.


In the past, a consultation seeker I had gone to directly and resolved their worries had sent a letter expressing thanks and romantic feelings to me. Of course, they didn’t reveal their identity, so it was addressed ‘To the gentleman in black’. Although I’ve been handling consultation requests through the black suggestion box for about 2 years now…this was a first.

“A love letter in the black suggestion box… Some people are quite strange.”

I folded the finished letter and placed it on my desk with a wry smile. And Princess Krell, who until now had been openly projecting her displeasure while staring hard at me, opened her mouth.

“You look happy…Roth.”

“Of course, I don’t have any ill intentions. Having someone harbor affection for you isn’t something I dislike.”


Hearing my words, Princess Krell pursed her lips sullenly.

That very cute expression makes me want to admire it for a good hour and then write an impression piece. However, it’s against my wishes to leave my beloved master unhappy. If possible, I want her smiling face always.

“But I’m not happy about it.”


“As you know, the only affection that makes me happy is from none other than you, Princess, whom I love from the bottom of my heart. And in my heart, there’s only enough space to receive your affection.”


Gradually, a flush spread across the princess’s cheeks. If it were evening I could claim it was the sunset’s doing, but unfortunately it’s still morning and the sunlight isn’t hitting her. There are absolutely no excuses for her blushing red face.

…Let’s tease her a little.

I made an uncharacteristically sad expression that I don’t normally show.

“Well, the important you… don’t seem to think much of me.”


The princess reflexively opened her eyes and mouth wide.

Before she could string words together, I continued speaking.

“Come to think of it, you’ve never given me an answer at all to my confession, have you? I’m sorry, Princess. An unwanted confession from a man you don’t even like must have been nothing but unpleasant. From now on, I absolutely won’t ever-“

Pretending to be a young man hiding his wounded heart while forcing a smile, as I started to bow my head,

“That’s not true at all!”

Princess Krell placed both hands on the desk and stood up, yelling in a loud voice she normally doesn’t use.

Next, she placed her right hand on her chest, looked straight into my eyes, and spoke.

“There’s no way I could ever hate Roth! You gave me hope to live, you’re my benefactor! You reached out to me when I was scorned by many and lost the will and meaning to live. Someone so important, so special… Hate you… As if…!”

As she spoke, she gradually grew more embarrassed. By the end her voice was so small I could barely make out the words.

I probably overdid it on the mischief.

With slight regret, I brought my hand to my mouth and apologized to Princess Krell, laughing.

“My apologies, Princess Krell. That was too mean of me.”

“! It was an act!?”

I nodded to the princess, her face bright red and with tiny teardrops in her eyes.

“Of course. There’s no way you would hate me, and most of all, I’m not the kind of man who would give up after one failed confession. If it doesn’t work the first time I’ll confess ten times, if ten times doesn’t work then a hundred times, if a hundred times doesn’t work then a thousand times – I’m the kind of man who will keep confessing until I get an answer.”

“I really thought I’d hurt Roth and… felt guilty!”

“Hehe, that you felt guilty means you consider me that much, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ll keep waiting forever. However,”

I stared into the princess’s eyes and murmured faintly.

“Occasionally, not having words hurts.”


The princess closed her mouth and glanced around the room, then finally looking up at one point on the ceiling, said with her face still red,

“Re…reservation, then.”

“Understood. Tch.”

“Did you click your tongue!?”

“? Isn’t that your imagination? There’s no way I would do something so crude in front of you.”

“It’s amazing you can lie so boldly… I’d doubt you, you know?”

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