Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

Chapter 1 – Rarely, the box contains important troublesome letters

The Carreralonde Empire, where the bloodline of the first emperor who took the throne about 100 years ago has ruled the country for generations.

Looking back on the history of this country, it can be seen that the number of civil wars and riots is overwhelmingly large compared to surrounding countries. One of the reasons is thought to be that the king from over 100 years ago imposed oppressive policies such as heavy taxes, which greatly provoked resistance from his own citizens. If he had considered the lives of his citizens and practiced politics for the people, riots and coups would not have occurred so easily… Although riots and coups took place repeatedly, with the country’s leadership changing many times, in the end the new leaders also took self-serving policies, provoking rebellion from the dissatisfied citizens… And so they repeated endless civil wars.

Therefore, the first emperor from 100 years ago learned from the mistakes of the previous kings and decided to directly reflect the opinions of not only members of parliament but also the citizens in politics, setting up suggestion boxes throughout the country. The effect was tremendous, and the number of domestic riots dropped to zero after the boxes were installed. Although there are some who complain that minority opinions are not adopted, they are properly presented with compromise proposals. Things like blood and violence flying around as in the past have noticeably disappeared, and the country has become evaluated by foreign nations as peaceful.

The suggestion box system continues even now after 100 years have passed, with citizens’ opinions being dropped in daily.

But in recent years, a rumor has spread about the suggestion boxes.

In the imperial capital Mifras, there is an unusual black suggestion box set up, different from the normal ones. If you write down your worries on a piece of paper and drop it in there, a mysterious beautiful young man in black clothes will come to visit and resolve your worries.

That’s the rumor.


In a study in a mansion on the outskirts of the imperial capital.

“This week there are… 18 letters. 10 more than last week, maybe because the location I set up this time was easy to find.”

I took out the letters of consultation dropped into the black suggestion box and counted the number. I usually place it deep in the back alleys where no one would go, but this time I set it up behind an inn facing the main street, so there were probably more people who found it. Alright, it was easy to find this week, so next week I’ll try placing it in a spot that’s hard to find unless you search for it.

While entertaining such mischievous thoughts and opening the letters, Princess Krell said to me as I held the black suggestion box.

“The suggestion box is for listening to the people’s opinions, so I think it’s questionable to place it where it’s hard to find. If someone who really wants to consult can’t find it, isn’t that contradictory?”

“Certainly, that opinion makes sense.”



As I continued opening the letters one after another, I told the princess my argument.

“Those who really want their worries heard and want help will desperately search for this black suggestion box. Giving up halfway means it’s just that degree of worry.”

For example, if the black suggestion box was placed in a visible location on a main street, trivial questions and worries would likely be dropped in in large quantities. That would render the black suggestion box useless.

After explaining politely and clearly, the princess seemed somewhat convinced.

“I see.”

“Yes. There’s also the reason that I’m looking forward to hiding the black suggestion box myself.”

“That’s completely your personal motivation!”

“Not personal, just catering to the market. Men feel romantic about treasure hunts.”

“Geez… Since it’s officially public business, please do it seriously.”

“I’ll handle it appropriately.”

I lightly bowed my head.

The excitement and surprise when discovering something you were looking for has irreplaceable value. This must be a common feeling among both men and women. The pleasant sensation when you lose documents that have to be submitted tomorrow, frantically search for them, and then find them is abnormal.

By the time our conversation finished, I had opened all the letters, so I handed them to Princess Krell.

“Now, please read whichever you like.”

“You already opened them? It hasn’t even been 2 minutes…”

“As a butler, it’s natural skill. I’m extremely competent.”

“Don’t praise yourself. Alright, I’ll read them.”

“Yes, please do.”

With a quill pen in one hand, I listened to the princess’s voice. Now then, what’s the first worry?

“‘I discovered the rumored black suggestion box, so I dropped this in. I don’t have any particularly big worries, but if forced to name one, it would be that my wife’s seasoning is bland. However, the atmosphere at the dinner table becomes hellish if I say so directly, so I can’t bring myself to tell her. Is there a way to convey it without hurting my wife’s feelings?’ …But-“

“Tsk, way off. Starting with such a silly question…”

At the silly question that would be foolish to seriously consider, I inadvertently clicked my tongue. Looks like it was bad to set it up in an attention-grabbing spot after all. Next time I should bury it in the ground of some back alley where nobody would go…

“Don’t let your mind wander, Roth.”

“! My apologies. To think of other things…”

“There’s no need to go that far!”

“I’m joking.”


I lightly bowed my head and took the letter Princess Krell had just read aloud.

“The consultation contents are extremely silly, not even worth dropping in the black suggestion box.”

“I feel like that’s too harsh, but for this one Roth doesn’t need to go directly, right?”

“Yes. Advice at this level can be adequately handled by returning the letter. I feel there’s no need to even return the letter, but…that would affect the reputation of the black suggestion box.”

Narrowing my eyes, I slid my gaze over the letter’s contents.

For the consultations sent to the black suggestion box, I take two kinds of responses.

One is me directly visiting the consultant and providing assistance to resolve their worries. The other is sending a letter detailing my and the princess’s opinions on the consultation. I judge which are important cases for the former, but this one is obviously the latter.

The princess immediately began seriously thinking up an answer.

“For this… the only thing I can say is, can’t they make the food themselves? Or add seasoning after their wife makes it, and such?”

The princess’s proposal was proper and innocuous as expected. If they don’t like the taste, try saying so directly. And if that doesn’t work, make it themselves, add seasoning. Nine out of ten people would come up with a similar answer.

But this was a worry dropped in the black suggestion box. There’s no fun at all in writing commonly obvious answers anyone could think of.

So I decided to add a little accent to the response.

\—Why can’t you understand that the bland seasoning is evidence your wife is concerned for your health? First, be grateful that a warm meal is prepared when you return home. There are many lonely excellent warriors in the world who have to make their own meals after coming home. Realize, understand, and be grateful for your blessed circumstances, and proudly get trampled. If you complain about your wife, your hair will thin as the seasoning becomes thicker, so be wary. Keep eating blandly seasoned food for life while feeling grateful.

“This resolves it, right?”

“I feel like… no, there are very noticeable thorns.”

“Words that stick in your heart generally have thorns. Unpleasant things stick in your memory more easily right? It’s because they pierce you that they remain.”

“It’s troublesome that you’re unnecessarily persuasive.”

With a wry smile, Princess Krell reached for the next letter to read aloud. Since the first was a miserable(?) one, I hope the next is at least a little better…

“‘Lately, due either to my carriage aging or other reasons, it makes creaking sounds whenever I use it, and the horse pulling it can’t get up to speed. What should I do?’ …This one too-“

“Is way off, yes.”

Somehow, even though I expected it, when an off-base question actually comes I feel let down. It makes me want to just quit this whole black suggestion box thing.

Princess Krell also heaved a fed up sigh.

“Are they all weird questions this time?”

“That’s the current situation, yes. Were last week’s life consultations about a man left with only emptiness and self-loathing after focusing too much time and energy on criticizing others more to your liking?”

“I’m not asking for consultations that make me struggle to respond, but… These don’t seem like contents worth dropping in the black suggestion box in the first place, do they?”

Indeed, that’s what I think too.

The black suggestion box is, in brief, supposed to resolve worries that you can’t tell anyone about, or worries that just the people involved are unable to grasp the clue to resolving.

It’s not really meant for casually dropping in letters on a whim.


“Our motto is to sincerely face and derive responses for any kind of content. So let’s answer these consultations seriously this time too. Though reluctantly.”

“You’re reluctant, aren’t you?”

“Yes. To be honest I don’t want to answer these kinds of questions at all. Now then-“

After candidly stating my true feelings, I took the letter from Princess Krell and read the contents.

“This worry doesn’t specifically state what they want to do with the carriage.”

“? Don’t they want to repair the carriage?”

“Certainly, that’s one way to interpret it. However, if they wanted to repair the carriage, they could just take it to a repair shop. The fact they went so far as to drop it as a worry in the black suggestion box means they’re asking if there’s a better way to use the broken carriage, right?”

“Isn’t that overthinking it?”

“That level is just right.”

Better to add a twist than give a halfhearted answer.

With that in mind, I set my pen running across the paper.

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