Before the tutorial begins chapter 10 part 2

It wasn’t that she didn’t understand the situation;

just by looking at its appearance, she could roughly determine the kind of creature the monster in front of her was.

“It’s a mutant, right? I don’t know much about it, but it’s a dangerous one. It doesn’t seem like it’s in the mood to listen,” Haruka speculated.

“It’s not just dangerous. It’s a monster that devours adventurers indiscriminately. It’s even stronger than the guardians of poorly-designed dungeons. There’s no way we can handle it on our own,” explained Nikaido, confirming Haruka’s intuition.

He was aware of Haruka’s abilities, having witnessed her innate talent during the trials he had set for himself. Based on that fact, he asserted that they wouldn’t be able to defeat the creature.

However, because of that…

“That’s why, Examiner…”

Haruka smiled lightly, considering the tension of the fourteen-year-old girl trying to ease Nikaido’s worries.

“If we were to challenge such a strong opponent, we would be wiped out. But if the two of us run away, it will chase after us, right?”

Nikaido’s face twisted in disbelief, anticipating the words that came out of Haruka’s mouth.

“In that case, it would be more efficient for one person to hold it back while the other goes to call for reinforcements. And besides…”

She looked at the monstrous figure in front of her—a towering giant corpse, at least three meters tall, fixated on Haruka.

…If that’s the case.

“At the very least, one of us will definitely survive.”

As she cut off her words, Haruka drew her own weapon, a Japanese sword.

In response, the Reaper-like creature opened an interdimensional rift, synchronizing with Haruka’s movements, and pulled out a scythe suitable for its own form.

(Haha, so it’s a scythe with that appearance. It’s almost deliberately over-the-top.)

Haruka kept this impression in her heart as she watched the Reaper’s weapon.

A black cloak, the body of a corpse and a big scythe as a weapon – Haruka felt something artificial in the monstrous appearance that could only be called a Reaper. She pushed the thought aside and took a fighting stance.

“Well then, Examiner. I’m counting on you for the rest.”

“Ah! I will definitely, definitely come to your aid. So please hold on until then!”

“Yes, yes. I’ll do my best.”

Haruka dismissed the apologetic Examiner Nikaido with a light-hearted gesture, waving her hand as she watched him leave.

As lightly as possible, with a tone that made it seem as if nothing important had happened.

She waved her hand as she watched the departing adult.

“Now then, Mr Reaper. I don’t know why you’re waiting, but thank you for waiting.”


Haruka’s attempt to address the silent and sinister Reaper was met with the expected silence.

Whether it couldn’t talk, didn’t want to talk or both,

Haruka concluded that communication with the monster was impossible and said to herself, “Well, whatever”.

“Then let’s get started!”

With incredible speed, she took off, a swift attack unleashed by her increased agility from the spell “Leg Strengthening”.

Using five feints along the way to close the distance, Haruka’s high-speed attack blinded the mutant.


The girl’s fast-moving sword closed in on the Death God’s throat, as if he could not follow its trajectory.

Seeing the girl’s prodigious swordsmanship, the Death God instinctively swung his scythe down.

The Death God’s scythe caused physical damage and inflicted damage to the soul.

But the counterattack, filled with the ferocity befitting a mutant, suddenly lost its effect, as if grasping at smoke.

The figure of Haruka, who had been aiming for the Death God’s throat, had vanished without a trace.


“Here… I am!”

A voice echoed from behind.

At the same time as the Death God felt the presence of the girl who had just been in his guard, he felt a sharp pain in his back.

— It had been slashed.

The girl who had jumped into his guard had circled around and delivered a powerful blow to the Death God’s back.

The truth revealed by this encounter was that…

“Hmm, I see. Judging by how it felt just now, it seems like I’m faster,” the girl said.

The girl’s speed even exceeded that of the mutant.

As she emitted a pale blue light from her slashed back, the Death God slowly turned towards the girl.

Haruka scanned her surroundings carefully and readied her sword once more.

Facing the mutant alone and overwhelming her with her speed, it was hard to believe that the girl was anything less than an experienced warrior.

Had anyone familiar with dungeons been present, they would have doubted their own eyes.

Sadly, There was no audience to admire or fear her presence.

Just the silent remains of a monster and Haruka herself.

Therefore, the fight between the two continued without any applause or dramatic effect.



Both got to their feet, refusing to give an inch, and swung their weapons at each other.

One with a scythe, the other with a Japanese sword.

The God of Death had the advantage in range and strength, while Haruka excelled in technique and speed.

At first glance, the battle between the two seemed to favour the girl.

Using her speed, Haruka ran in all directions, unleashing a storm of swords.

The furious storm of swords continued to cut into the Death God without a break, while the Death God’s scythe couldn’t even graze the girl.

Fast, sharp and dancing with grace.

The sword of Aono, wielded by the future head of the clan, undoubtedly overpowered the mutant.


(There’s some resistance, but it doesn’t seem to hurt. Hmm, that’s annoying.)

In fact, the monster continued to fight as if nothing was wrong, even though Haruka had slashed and cut it quite a lot.

Not that the attacks didn’t affect it.

Haruka’s sword did cut into the Death God’s body, but it never reached the point of severing it, and to make matters worse, the cut itself disappeared after a short moment.

(Blocking the pain… doesn’t seem to be working, as it’s reacting. If it’s not an illusion that’s too realistic, then it’s more likely…)

Haruka performed a backflip followed by a feint double strike to shift the enemy’s balance, carefully observing the Death God’s body.

The cut on the part of the body that would be the jugular vein in a human was emitting a pale blue, flame-like light.

It seemed as if the bloodless corpse was gushing blood, but the characteristics of the phenomenon before her eyes were completely opposite.

“Regeneration ability, huh? That’s tough.”

She unintentionally let out a wry smile.

The conclusion Haruka had made based on the two elements – the body that kept moving despite being slashed and the pale blue flame that burned the wounds – was indeed correct.

One of the Death God’s special skills: “Soul-Body Regeneration”.

It was a constantly active skill that used the flames of spiritual power to cleanse and restore the damaged physical body.

No matter how much it was cut or pierced, the Death God would continue to heal, making it an immortal being.

It was truly the embodiment of injustice, a fitting ability for a mutant.

“Well, if that’s the case, perhaps I should change my approach a little.”

But even in the face of such a nightmarish ability, Haruka never gave up.

On the contrary, her eyes were filled with joy, as if she had found a treasure she had been searching for.

(The enemy is formidable, and there’s no sign of reinforcements. Fighting alone seems like a lost cause. But why am I feeling so excited?)

Haruka, brimming with excitement, confronted an opponent she had never encountered before, one of a level she had never faced.

An immortal monster, impervious to her attacks.

On the flip side, it meant she could unleash her full strength without holding back, without worrying about going too far.

She didn’t need to concern herself with anyone else; she could fight with all her might. For Haruka, it was a moment that filled her heart with overwhelming joy.

In that case…

“Let’s go, Futsumitama!”

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