Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 3

While swordsmen might not think much about it, enchanters are objects of admiration within the profession, which has a heavy focus on magic.

If swordsmen are the epitome of adventurers, then enchanters are the epitome of magic. It still retains the remnants of calling all skills that use magical power “magic.”

Historically, only offensive magic used by enchanters was referred to as “magic.” During that era, the skills of swordsmen, which are now considered a subclass of warriors, were called “swordsmanship,” and healing performed by priests was called “miracles,” and so on. As analysis progressed, it became clear that they were all of the same nature, and the term “magic” came to encompass the effects of magical power brought about by different professions.

“I actually liked wizards. Not just fighters, but those who can transform princesses and such. What was it called again? Um…”


“Yes, that’s it.”

It’s embarrassing to say it out loud.

Well, it’s a normal story that introverted people like me have such tendencies. I didn’t know about tendencies since I didn’t have any friends.

“It’s an embarrassing story, but, um, when I was little, I thought there was a profession called ‘wizard.’ They could fly in the sky and such.”

“Hahaha! That’s adorable!”

“Along those lines, I aspired to become an enchanter. I studied various things as a child…”

I didn’t have much confidence in making interesting stories.

But Marc-san and the others listened to me and actively included me in the conversation, and I could sense that. With that, I felt like I had some knowledge and experiences to talk about, so I tried to express myself.

I didn’t know how they actually perceived it, and I might have bored them, but still, I was happy to be able to have a conversation like this.

scene transition

Using binoculars from the rooftop of the building opposite, I peered into the izakaya.


Oh well, it turned out to be a dubious establishment. It’s troublesome when men gather like this and get carried away.

Is it still within the acceptable range?

No, it’s probably nothing but a den of loose women.

Should I intervene?

No, no, the job itself is perfectly legitimate, just providing meals.

It’s worth noting the exchange of tips and such if it leads to interactions with the waitstaff. At most, they might grope their buttocks or breasts during the meal.

It’s sufficient for the unsophisticated seniors to keep an eye out so they don’t tempt Vim.

I strained my eyes. In places where people gather, it’s difficult to pick up voices through the eavesdropping stone due to the background noise.

I needed to gather as much information as possible from their gestures and actions.

Ah! That Vim guy keeps sneaking glances at the waitstaff! That sullen look!

“Calm down, me. Remember, have the composure of an adult.”

I took slow, shallow breaths.

I looked at Vim with innocent eyes.

Yeah, he’s pushing himself quite hard, but he looks happy.

I know that the other members will adjust to him well, so I speak as if borrowing their chest.

Unlike during “Dragon’s Wing,” our interests align properly this time, and all the members are fundamentally good-hearted.

Even if there are some failures, it’s not a problem.

“Hang in there, Vim.”

As I uttered my encouragement, I keenly felt that there was nothing else I could do.

I was nothing special to Vim.

I wasn’t a lover or a family member, just a friend.

I wasn’t even in a position to interfere.

The wind in the city was cold. My body felt chilled.

scene transition

After finishing the meal, Hans-san offered a final toast, and we disbanded relatively early.

I felt relieved that we managed to get through it safely.

Rather than saying it was fun, it made me happy. I got to experience what it’s like to eat while talking among many people.

If only I had a little more composure, there would be room for enjoyment.

But for now, I was a bit tired. We still had the labyrinth dive ahead, so I wanted to return to my room and rest.


“Vim-san, Vim-san!”

When I thought that, Marc-san beckoned me at the exit of the restaurant.

“Single folks, this way!”

“Hey, Marc, aren’t you married?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

I wondered what was going on.

“Come on! Abel, join us too!”

“I’m fine with that… Excuse me. Vim-san, if you don’t want to, you can decline!”

Abel-kun, who was called out together with me, quickly left the restaurant.

“Che, what a serious guy.”

What’s going on? Are we going somewhere?

“Um… Marc-san, are we going somewhere?”

“Of course! Otherwise, there’s no point in coming all the way to the downtown area!”


He grabbed my shoulder and forcefully turned me towards the bustling street.

“Now, let’s go all out!”

Marc-san’s cheerful smile relaxed even further, bordering on something vulgar.

Then, a tall man named Eckehard-san patted Marc-san on the shoulder from behind.

“Ah, Marc, it might be better to stop inviting Vim-kun.”


“Well, you know, the boss lady…”

“Huh? Oh, but Vim-san also said he’s not in a romantic relationship, right?”

“No, no, it’s not like that, Marc. Don’t you know anything about the boss lady?”

“…? What are you trying to say?”

I couldn’t understand the situation for a while now. What exactly were they all planning to do?

“Hey, Vim! And Marc-san too!”

I heard a familiar voice from behind.

“Ah, Heidemarie.”

There she was, the usual her. Was it the first time we were meeting today?

Although she was a familiar face, it felt fresh in a different location. Her height, which hadn’t changed much since childhood, felt somewhat out of place in this bustling area at this time.

But it didn’t matter to the surrounding atmosphere. She stood there with her inherent arrogance, as imposing as ever, and strangely dignified.

“What a coincidence! The womenfolk were also having a meal around here!”

“…Ah, uh, Boss, thank you very much.”

For some reason, Marc-san was bowing excessively to Heidemarie.

“Oh, it looks like the meal is over. Huh? So, where were we planning to go now?”

They were acting all grandiose. Marc-san and the others were taken aback.

They seemed to understand each other in a context unknown to me, but I had no idea what was going on.

After intimidating everyone for a moment, Heidemarie took my hand.

“Let’s go home, Vim. Come on, escort me.”

scene transition

With the bustling streets behind us, we began our journey back to the mansion.

Vim seemed to be in high spirits. Perhaps it was a sense of accomplishment.

No, he had finally joined the circle of people he wanted to be with. It might be a natural reaction.

“Hey, Vim.”


“Are you having fun right now?”

I asked sincerely.


The response I received was equally sincere.

Well, it hadn’t been that long since he was expelled from Dragon’s Wing. Even though the situation had improved, he wasn’t the type to rejoice without reservation.

“That’s good to hear.”

I was still uncertain if inviting Vim to Night Dragonfly was a good thing.

I thought it was necessary. To some extent, we needed to correct the overly distorted perception before it went too far in the wrong direction. But I didn’t know if things would truly turn out well for Vim by taking that route.

I could take responsibility as much as needed, but that didn’t mean it was always good to take responsibility.

Well, if I could see this smile or rather smirk, the overall result at this point was in the black.

“Listen, Heidemarie, today—”

“Oh, oh, tell me everything. But remember, I already know everything, okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve said it multiple times, I know everything about Vim, so spill it.”

Translator note: Looks like I make a big mistake about the title of this novel,

The Chore word should be : Gofer/Scrub/Peon/Grunt/Menial Men/Lackey/Shoelace Tier or other similar word.

While Granting should be translated as : Buffer/Supporter/Enhancer/ etc

Again my mistake not reading the novel ahead and trusting existing mangaupdates entry instead.

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