Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 13

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Mob No.13: “Won’t you come join my team as a staff member?”

After contacting the management colony, I went back to work right away so I don’t know what kind of discussion took place, but it seems they decided to stay at the management colony.

It seems the detour route will take time.

Eventually my work finished and I returned to the colony as well.

Of course the colony was quite excited.

After all, one of the most popular racing teams in the empire was there, so it’s only natural.

The reason being that in addition to Skoona Noswile, the team’s pilots are made up of handsome men and beautiful women.

Of course not just their looks, their skills are also fully equipped.

There’s no way they wouldn’t be popular.

Well I have no interest and don’t want to get involved, so I decided to quickly take a bath and eat.

After finishing my bath and meal, when I was about to return to my room I heard yelling from the management office.

“Why the hell do we have to provide lodging, food and drink, and fuel free of charge, and even refund their return tickets?!”

“You abandoned your post by leaving the colony during standby rest, and didn’t carry out the escort duty for the second shift. In other words, you abandoned your work, so this is only natural. Be grateful we didn’t get a fine in consideration of the girl you left behind!”

It seems that arrogant guy came back and got an earful right away.

Well, he doesn’t look repentant at all though.

“That Fino chick was there wasn’t she! She could’ve done the security!”

Fino is probably the name of the girl who got left behind.

“Because you took the ship, she couldn’t do the security work. She tried to borrow a ship from people on break to try and somehow carry out the job, but it seems she couldn’t get one lent to her.”

“Then it’s the fault of the guys who didn’t lend her one right?!”

Hey hey… That arrogant guy is spouting some crazy logic.

“And there wasn’t any emergency situation so there wasn’t a problem right?!”

[The importance of security is being there even if nothing happens!]

The arrogant guy doesn’t seem convinced, but it looks like he’s being relentlessly blamed by the staff here and the mercenary guild staff on the monitor.

After all, the other side is just speaking plain truth.

The arrogant guy has only himself to blame.

But then, an unexpected statement came up.

“Damn it! I’m the son of a Viscount!”

It seems the arrogant guy was imperial nobility, and thought to use that as a shield.

Could that Fino girl be his servant?

[Unfortunately that won’t work here. When you signed the contract as a mercenary, you severed ties with your family.]

But the mercenary guild staff coldly cut down that shield.

“Even though I’m the son of a Viscount…”

The arrogant guy doesn’t seem convinced and muttered resentfully.

Then another voice could be heard.

“Nobles are just like that… Absolutely no intention of taking responsibility for the mess they caused…”

It was the other survivor from that incident I’d rather not meet – the ace pilot of the planet race team [Crystal Weed], Ms. Skoona Noswile.

“It’s been a while. Uzos.”

“Yes, it has been a while, Ms. Noswile.”

Short blue hair and tall at 180cm.

She has a feminine body line but gives off a handsome aura with her well-ordered facial features.

80% of her fan club members are female, and her popularity exceeds that of some minor idols.

She’s clearly an inhabitant of a different dimension than me.

When she said to me,

“Do you have some time?”


I seriously wondered if it was some kind of prank or harassment.

After that, Ms. Noswile and I headed to the garden outside the building.

Part of the area outside the building was made into a relaxation space with trees, lawns, and fountains.

There were also some female staff taking naps or chatting.

When we got to a bench in the corner, she stopped so I involuntarily called out to her.

“So, what business do you have with me?”

In response to that question,

“Why are you using honorifics?”

she shot back with a question, but there’s only one answer to that question.

For my personal safety!

If I spoke to you with casual language I might get killed by your fans!

“Please don’t mind it, it’s a habit. So what business did you have?”

She seemed a little unconvinced but started telling me her business.

“Your father quit his job and became a farmer when you were in 12th grade, and because of that you couldn’t go to college, so you had no choice but to become a mercenary, right?”

“Yes, that’s true, but?”

“Your dad didn’t really drop out voluntarily right? He got blamed for a mistake by his noble boss. And saddled with debt too. Am I wrong?”

I lightly sighed.

Well it’s easy to find out if you look into it a little, or you could figure it out just by reasoning without investigating.

But the problem is why she looked into it.

“Even if that’s true, it was a good thing for my dad. He had a really tired face before he quit. Now he’s living healthily in his hometown.”

In fact, my dad had a totally haggard expression before quitting his job, but after getting fired, returning to the town he was born in, it was like a possessing spirit had left him and he had a peaceful expression.

“Doesn’t it make you resentful?”

“I can’t say it doesn’t make me resentful at all, that would be a lie. But it’s too late now. The debt including interest is almost fully paid off. And the financial institution is legitimate so there’s no issue. Most of all, my parents seem much more cheerful compared to when they were salarymen.”

“What about you yourself? Having to become a mercenary who gambles with his life instead of going to college?”

She asked unusually probing, provocative questions.

So I tried a little counterattack.

“I think it’s my calling now. I don’t have to think about annoying human relationships, my achievements are evaluated fairly. How about you?”

“Racing is fun. But I hate receptions and parties. Stupid seeming noble sons flock to me.”

“Obstruction of races too I suppose?”

“Yeah. Things like that.”

But she answered the question looking unchanged, just a little annoyed.

So I decided to cut in and probe.

“So? What’s the main issue?”

Then she looked straight at me and said clearly,

“Won’t you come join my team as a staff member?”

She said it decisively. I was confused but the answer was decided.

If I joined her team because of her recruitment, I’d get glared at by the whole team – all the fans, not to mention harassment, and depending on the circumstances, even killed.

There are probably fans among the mercenaries too, so it’s more realistic.

Or it could be to appeal “Our team has only handsome men gathered, but we don’t discriminate based on looks!”

Rather than her, the management people may have told her to recruit someone like me for that kind of image strategy.

Well whatever the reason, soliciting me is eccentric and I’ll absolutely turn it down.

But I guess asking why she solicited me is fine.

“Don’t you have plenty of excellent staff on your team? So why invite me to join?”

I can do basic maintenance and inspection of my own ship, and simple modifications, but of course I can’t do the delicate maintenance and inspection of the precise machines that race through harsh environments at high speeds for planet races.

But her response was unexpected.

“What I want is your quick and accurate situational judgement. With that ability, you’d be able to make proper judgements in various situations, right?”

As far as I’m concerned I just take safety margins, so it’s not like I have confidence in that kind of thing.

I don’t feel bad being evaluated, but her world isn’t somewhere I belong, even if it’s backstage.

“I appreciate the offer but I must decline. As I’m not suited for such a glamorous world, even if it’s supporting.”

“I see… Too bad.”

At my reply she sadly smiled and

“But if possible, keep it in mind,”

she said as she walked back towards the building.

She’s not making a fuss like that Burnnext bastard so I feel a little bad but I have the right to turn it down too.

Alright! Time to hurry back to my room and take a nap!

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