Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 4

She had seen mention of formal attire for parties, so she had just assumed that meant uniform since they were students. Raze realized she had completely misunderstood. As her adjutant supporting Raze, Cross was a huge help to her.

“That was dangerous. Thank you. Can I open it now?”


After tidying up her desk, Raze opened the box.

“Wow, nice! Really gets me.”

“The sizing used your uniform measurements, so it should fit just right.”

Lifting it up, it was a calm blue A-line dress. Simple yet elegant with fluttering lace. Very much to her taste.

She was relieved it wasn’t pink–she had no idea what she would have done then. The blue of a clear sky was Raze’s favorite color. The silver heels matched it nicely as well. She looked forward to trying it on.

“And this is just from me.”

Cross held out a small box.

“From you, Captain? You shouldn’t have gone to the trouble…”

“No, I’m always relying on you.”

Though Raze was his superior officer, to Cross she occupied a special place.

He too had been swept up in the war, losing his younger sister. Though they looked nothing alike, when he saw Raze he couldn’t help but be reminded of his sister. That feeling made him dote on Raze.

Having first put away the dress, Raze opened the box from Cross with pounding heart.

She had never received so many gifts before and was overjoyed. Taking care not to damage the cute box, she gently removed the wrapping.

“This is…a hair ornament?”

“Yes. Please use it if you like.”

There, a sparkling silver hairpin was placed. It seemed small enough to be used to hold back her long bangs.

“I’m happy. Thank you very much. I’ll definitely return the favor next time.”

“That’s alright. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories from the academy.”

Moved by Cross’s gentle smile, Raze also relaxed her expression.

“Understood. I’ll surely bring back an interesting story.”



After gazing at the gift for a while, she packed her belongings and prepared to leave.

“It’s a shame that I can’t directly thank everyone. Can you let others know that their leader was really happy?”

“Yes. I’ll make sure to relay the message.”

“Yeah… Well, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Got it. May the guidance of the heavens be with you.”

“May the guidance of the heavens be with you.”

A magic circle appeared at Raze’s feet. It was time to part ways for a while. She saluted crisply and teleported.


“Wow, I’m actually a student.”

On the day of the entrance ceremony, Raze put on her brand-new uniform and stared at herself in the mirror with eyes as if she were looking at an unfamiliar creature. She carefully combed her hair, which she usually tied up carelessly, and braided her bangs, neatly securing them with the hairpin she received from Cross. From any angle, she looked like an ordinary student. No one would know she was a soldier unless she mentioned it.

“Oh, it’s almost time to send my luggage.”

Noticing the clock reflected in the mirror, Raze hurriedly checked the belongings she had placed on the floor.

The Imperial Magic Academy is a school where those who have passed the rigorous exams gather.

It is also a state secret of the Cyan Empire, a place where the latest education is concentrated. By placing their belongings on a magic circle about the size of a sheet of fake paper that was sent with their acceptance letter, their belongings would be teleported to the dormitory at the designated time.

There should be 150 students in a year, but if all of their belongings were teleported, it would mean that the teleportation device was using magic stones obtained from A-rank or higher monsters. The teleportation device cannot be made or used without the permission of the country. It is an important device even in the military, so Raze finds it strange that the academy has one. Truly a school where VIPs gather.

“Everything seems to be fine.”

After the checks were finished, a few minutes later, the magic activated and the magic circle emitted a faint light. The luggage enveloped in the light disappeared from the spot. Next, standing on the remaining magic circle, she would be teleported to the Academy at the appointed time.

“It’s finally happening.”

Raze noticed that she was unexpectedly nervous. Although what she was about to do was a mission, it wasn’t like her usual bloody and gruesome missions. She could experience and think for herself and live a school life the way she wanted to. It was an incredibly free mission.

“As a commoner, I must be aware of my status. Live a full life without causing trouble. That’s the best. I have to make sure not to attract the attention of high-ranking individuals and avoid being bullied in the future…”

Since it was already determined that she would return to the military after three years, she wanted to interact with her superiors without being taken advantage of when they became her bosses. It would be a matter of life and death if she wasn’t careful. She didn’t want any more people wanting to call her “Grim Reaper” than she already had.

“Oh? Come to think of it, my name and appearance are still the same, so I’m worried about what will happen after graduation…”

She would have little interaction with noble individuals who seemed likely to surpass her. For now, there was no need to worry about being called and not responding when her name was called, so that was a relief. Raze thought to herself.

However, she didn’t realize that this was what they called a “flag” from her past life.

Raze made sure her house was securely locked and stepped onto the magic circle.

The feeling was still weak, but a new life began today. Resolving to live a fulfilling school life that she could brag about to her subordinates, she lightly touched the black magic stone earring she cherished like a talisman.

“Here I go.”

The faint light gradually made Raze disappear.

The small room was incredibly quiet after her master left.

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