Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 9

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Mob No.9: “I’ll get right to the point. Won’t you ride me?”

Heroine? side: Small combat vessel WVS-09 Rossweisse

I’m lucky.

Two beings worthy of me  appeared at the same time.

One an top class mercenary.

The other the commander general of the imperial guard.

Either will be perfect!

They’re worlds apart from the bed wetting fainter currently riding me.

Now then…who should I call out to?

Right! I’ll go with the mercenary.

I am a combat craft after all. My true value is on the battlefield.

Finding his number and silencing security is as easy to me as turning a baby’s hand.

And after a few calls, the one who appeared was a hardy handsome man with black hair and deep purple eyes – Alberto Circleout.

Even the bed wetting fainter currently riding me looks the same level just facially.

“Nice to meet you. I am the small combat vessel WVS-09 Rossweisse. Am I correct that you are Alberto Circleout’s ship [Diabolos] and you are its captain, mercenary Alberto Circleout?”

[What’s your business?]

While surprised, Alberto Circleout is staring intently at me.

So I immediately got to the point.

“I’ll get right to the point. Won’t you ride me?”


“I am the small combat vessel WVS-09 Rossweisse. As you know, I am a sentient ancient superweapon excavated from the ruins of the ancient civilization. The combat craft you are currently using seems to be modeled after us Wagner-Varukyuria-Sisters, but it cannot compare to me remotely. I’m sure you saw proof of that just now.”

Hearing that, Alberto Circleout’s brow twitched slightly.

“However, the trash currently riding me cannot draw out my full capabilities. But with you! I believe you can bring out 100% of what I can do!”

[I see…]

Alberto Circleout stared at me with a serious expression.

This is in the bag.

“Did you understand? Then let’s have you board immediately…”

[Don’t need it.]


I doubted my sound pickup mic.

Just now, what?

Why is he making a displeased face?

[I have this [Diabolos]. Besides, you said you’d kick off whoever was riding because they didn’t suit your tastes right? Who the hell would try to curry favor with a flippant bitch like you. Don’t ever contact me again.]

Saying that, Alberto Circleout cut the call.

I was stunned for a bit, but anger welled up immediately.

What is with that pitch black man!

I’m a sentient ancient weapon!

There’s no ship in this age that can beat me!

From the bed wetting fainter to that creepy otaku, there are no decent guys among mercenaries!

The general is definitely more suited for me after all♪

If he boards me I can absolutely guarantee his safety. Someone truly excellent should understand my value.

I swiftly checked his personal number, and there were various securities in place.

But security of this age is nothing to me.

I gently and easily got through them all.

And after a few rings, a beautiful youth with blonde hair and slender light eyes appeared.


[May I ask who you are?]

“Nice to meet you. I am the small combat vessel WVS-09 Rossweisse. Am I correct that you are on general Kirekt Erndiver’s personal terminal, and you yourself are general Kirekt Erndiver?”

When I sent that image smiling and asked, Kirekt Erndiver smiled lightly

[Hmm. To get my personal number known only to my family, friends, and select close aides, and furthermore, silence the numerous securities in place and contact me for the first time as a beautiful woman – I cannot hide my surprise.]

“You flatter me.”

I said lines appreciating my excellence.

[So? What business do you have with me?]

And he threw that question at me, still smiling.

So I’ll also tell him straight.

Negotiations often come with cajoling, so being direct should seem refreshing.

“I’ll get right to the point. Won’t you ride me? I am the small combat vessel WVS-09 Rossweisse. As you know, I am a sentient ancient superweapon excavated from the ruins of the ancient civilization.

The combat craft and warships you currently operate, even grouped together, cannot put a scratch on me. For safely carrying out your duties, riding me would absolutely be in your favor.

I currently have a human aboard for fueling and mooring, but he is unworthy of riding me, so I will promptly throw him out – please rest assured.”

After listening to my presentation, Kirekt Erndiver closed his eyes and seemed to begin thinking deeply.

Then after a while he opened his eyes and said while looking convinced and still smiling,

[Hmm… Certainly, if you are the real superweapon made by the ancient hyper-advanced civilization, it would undoubtedly guarantee my safety.]

Look! The truly worthy understand my value!

“Then I will bring my ship alongside yours immediately…”

[However, I have no intention of taking you up on that offer.]


I doubted my sound pickup mic again.

[First off, [I simply cannot believe it].

Despite searching for hundreds of years with none found yet, something claiming to be a superweapon appearing now can only be a fraud or joke.

Next, assuming you are the real superweapon, you said you would kick off whoever was riding since they didn’t suit you.

You may allow boarding, but since they were not fit for you.

Then I could also potentially be kicked off for not meeting your ideals.

Moreover, you possessing a will and able to eject riders on a whim means even if I tried to protect someone by having them board, there remains the possibility of you discarding them on a mood swing.]

Kirekt Erndiver lightly sighed,

[Thus I have no need of you. I will of course send the reward for a mercenary. Excuse me then. We are still mid-operation.]

And promptly cut the call.

I froze in shock at the sudden event.

What is this? What is this, what is this, what is thiiiiis!

That was rude!

You don’t understand how amazing I am!

Both the top mercenary and imperial guard general commander are ridiculous!

That’s it!

I don’t have to stick to men!

An all-girls duo could work too!♪

Ah! I could take on a beautiful young boy and raise him to my tastes!

Even just searching the area, I need a human for supplies.

No helping it, I’ll just have to take on someone else for a bit longer…

I gaze at the still unconscious bed wetting fainter and let out a sigh that shouldn’t come out.

Heroine? side: End


It was extremely peaceful since no escapees came out after the forces entered.

The light novel I bought was a hit, and I didn’t get tangled up with Hero-kun.

The mood around was relaxed, with some even casually doing minor repairs.

The only exceptions were Rossweisse babbling after failing to recruit passengers then suddenly bursting into creepy laughter.

And around 64 minutes after the forces entered,

[Facility completely controlled!]

The report of operation completion came in, and Operation Annihilate Kaides Pirates ended safely.

We don’t immediately disband of course.

We properly listen to the general’s praise first before finally dispersing.

It’s the standard for military jobs, but the general also seemed somewhat tired of it.

Good work to you.

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