Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 3

“….Alright. I’ll persuade Luna, and we’ll proceed with the procedure at the guild as soon as possible. In return, Sora, until that day comes–“

“Don’t worry, I won’t lay a finger on Seal. If you think I’m lying, you can ask the innkeeper’s daughter who always listens outside the room.”

Finishing my words, I picked up the glove that was on the ground. At this moment, the duel between Lars and me was decided.

Putting aside the opinions of Seal and Luna Maria.

“You’re amazing, Lars. You really put that obscene man in his place!”

Facing Luna Maria, Miroslav cheerfully praised Lars. In response, Lars blushed slightly.

“I’m sorry, Miro. In the middle of the conversation, your words completely slipped my mind… Rather than putting him in his place, I was just angry at him.”

“Hehe, he probably thought that way because you’re that type of person. Now that girl named Seal will be freed from Sora’s grasp.”

Saying that, Miroslav firmly held Lars’ hand with both hands and gave a big smile. Lars chuckled a bit, feeling embarrassed.

Watching the two of them, Luna Maria felt somewhat bewildered. Miroslav, noticing that gaze, spoke while averting her eyes slightly.

“But, to think that I would choose Luna as a slave instead of me. That was my miscalculation. I’m sorry, Luna.”


“But don’t worry!”

Miroslav raised her voice to interrupt what Luna Maria wanted to say.

“There’s no way Lars can lose against that pervert. Lars is level ’16,’ and he’s level ‘1.’ Lars’ victory is already assured. You may have concerns about becoming a slave, but please believe in Lars. I also ask you to do so.”

Saying that, Miroslav lowered her head deeply. Then, Lars nodded firmly to ease Luna Maria’s anxiety.

“It’s just as Miro said. I’ll never lose to an abuser and pervert. I understand that you may not be willing to accept this kind of bet, but I want you to understand. It’s also to save that girl named Seal… Please!”

Lars said, “Please,” but he didn’t seem to think that Luna Maria would refuse.

He was very confident in his victory, and he seemed to think that his companion was too. Lars believed that she wouldn’t refuse.

But Luna Maria didn’t nod. She couldn’t. Because she felt Sora’s hidden power more than anyone else.

Earlier, when she saw Sora after a long time, she noticed that what she had seen in him before had become even greater.

She had expected it, so she shouldn’t be as rigid as before, but still, when she saw Sora, she felt a pressing sensation in her heart as if it were being bitten.

When asked if Lars could win against that Sora, Luna Maria just shook her head.

Lars, noticing that expression on Luna Maria’s face, tried to say something to her immediately.

But Iria, who had been silent until then, interrupted him before he could.

“Lars, that’s enough. I see that you don’t understand. You can’t bet others for your duels. It’s natural for Luna to be skeptical.”

“Yes, I suppose that’s true. I’m sorry, I guess I got carried away.”

“Besides, isn’t something strange?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re level ’16,’ and Sora is level ‘1,’ obviously you would win. But he should know that more than we do. Why would he accept such a disadvantageous duel?”

“Well… probably because he thinks he can win, right?”

“That’s why I wonder why he thinks that way. He accepted the duel because he believes he can win. Moreover, we don’t know the reason. Sora hasn’t appeared in Ishka for nearly two months since what happened with the Lord of Flies. It seems he was in the empire, and he may have gained some strange power there. We shouldn’t let our guard down.”

Listening to Iria’s words, Lars furrowed his brow and started thinking.

At that moment, Luna Maria thought that this was a good opportunity to express her thoughts to her companions.

“Lars, this is something related to what Iria said…”

“What is it, Luna?”

“This is a feeling as a spiritual bearer, and it’s hard to obtain clear evidence… but the current Sora-san is different from before.”

“Different from before?”

“Yes. It’s likely that the current Sora-san is not level ‘1.’ I sense a power that can’t be compared to before. I think something may have happened in the Lord of Flies’ nest.”

If she used the word “dragon,” her credibility would decrease. That’s why Luna Maria explained Sora’s anomaly in easy-to-understand terms.

Upon hearing that, Iria muttered as if she had remembered something.

“…At that time, among the missing were C-rank groups.”

“Yes. There should have been many people with magical equipment. That man who escaped from the Lord of Flies’ nest must have sold those items. Otherwise, there’s no way that man who was kicked out of the inn and couldn’t even tip suddenly has gold coins.”

“I see. There was a mysterious sword at his waist that I didn’t see before. So, that’s it.”

“Yes, that must be something he obtained by selling the remains of the dead. There’s no doubt about it. The reason he went to the empire was to sell the things he couldn’t sell in Ishka. And with that money, he bought a weapon and a slave that don’t suit him at all. That’s why he now has that arrogant attitude towards others. He took the trouble to stay at the inn that kicked him out before, just with that, you can see the unpleasant malice he possesses.”

“In that case, the chances of victory that Iria mentioned…”

“It must be that katana. Hehe, he’s a child who had only touched a toy knife, but now that he has the sword of an adult, he surely feels powerful just by swinging it. I truly feel sorry for him.”

Miroslav, who cut off all the concerns of Iria and Luna Maria, looked at Lars again. Then, she reached out her hand to his cheek.

It was unknown if it was Luna Maria’s imagination, but in both of Miroslav’s eyes, it seemed that an indescribable light flickered for a moment.

“Lars. It’s the duty of adults to educate mischievous children. It’s the duty of an expert to teach a newcomer who misunderstands his sudden level increase a lesson. You must show Sora the true power of an adventurer and a warrior. It’s also to save that poor beast girl. That is your duty…”


In the city of Ishka, dueling methods were not uncommon. Many adventurers wanted to resolve their problems with swords or fists. That was common.

However, they weren’t allowed to do it in public. For a duel to be officially recognized, the presence of witnesses was necessary.

A place for the duel was chosen, preparations were made, and the results were guaranteed. Rejecting the outcome of a duel was the same as insulting the witnesses.

Because of that, witnesses with high status and proper responsibility were required.

In other words, if there weren’t enough witnesses, the duel would be considered a private battle and would be eliminated according to the city’s safety law.

As I suggested, the guild master, Elgart, would be the witness of the duel between Lars and me.

The place was a training field in the guild. There were no spectators or crowds, and considering myself, Lars, and Elgart in that space, there were only “Falcon’s Sword,” Seal, and the receptionist named Liddell.

To be honest, I was expecting a situation where adventurers and staff would be here to cheer and boo, but my expectations were shattered.

Well, it’s a duel between those who were originally involved. Perhaps it was decided to avoid trouble in the middle of the duel, so they didn’t inform other adventurers.

But there’s the fear that the results may be undermined if Lars loses. It wouldn’t be surprising if the guild master who absolved Miroslav’s sins now does the same with Lars’ defeat.

While thinking about that, the door of the training field opened, and a middle-aged man entered.

“…Haa… Haa… goodness, I apologize for the delay. There was a problem when I left, and it took me time to resolve it.”

That robust figure in a silk suit reminiscent of a merchant. That person greeted the people gathered in this place with gleaming eyes.

“My name is Fiodor from the Slave Trade Association. Mr. Elgart and I will serve as witnesses for today’s duel. It’s a pleasure.”

After the greeting, Fiodor happily looked at Elgart.

“I already found it strange that Mr. Elgart contacted me, but it seems things have gotten very interesting.”

“The details are as I wrote. It’s almost time. If it’s alright with Mr. Fiodor, I would like to start right away. Are you in agreement?”

“Yes, of course, more than in agreement. Will a new slave be born or will a slave be freed? Whatever the outcome, there will be a slave involved.”

Although Fiodor said remarkable words, the Slave Trade Association is a large organization that stretches across the continent. It has deep ties with other nations, and its influence surpasses more than a hundred countries.

If it’s someone sent from that organization, Fiodor is not incompetent or irresponsible. He would be sufficient as a witness.

But if I don’t accept Fiodor as a witness, I’ll end up in conflict with the Slave Trade Association. That would be very problematic.

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