Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 8

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Mob No.8: [Captain Uzos. I have sad news for you… I have found…my destined partner…]

Alberto Circleout, one of the only 12 king rank mercenaries even among the entire Mercenary Guild.

I never imagined such a celebrity would appear.

Of course he’s tall and handsome, and skilled enough to earn nicknames like [One Man Fried] and [Jet Black Devil].

Rumor says the ship he rides is a monster craft experimentally produced at a certain shipyard that no one but him can pilot.

With him here, the chances of success for this job of securing a bridgehead to raid the Kaides pirate group’s base are probably high.

Maybe Captain Heiliat secured his cooperation before devising this operation.

Right after that, the explanation of the operation began.

First, gather at the designated space by the designated time for each planet.

After that, annihilate the interception forces once the mercenary troops have them surrounded.

Then the imperial guard will charge in and take control inside the base.

The strategy itself is extremely orthodox and overused.

Reprisals from the base’s artillery and resistance from interception forces are of course expected.

As well as expenditure of the mercenaries of course.

That’s fine.

Mercenaries take jobs knowing things like that.

But the problem is the imperial forces who will be charging in to take control inside the base.

Originally the central fleet’s subjugation forces or planetary defense fleets are best suited, so why is the imperial guard taking the central role?

The imperial guard is a force for the Empire’s head, the Emperor.

They shouldn’t be deployed to subjugate pirates.

Yet taking the central role means it’s probably some kind of military show of force.

Of course I’d think skilled forces will be sent, but if this turns out to be an opportunity for useless big shots to show off, not only will it take twice the effort, the slightest mistake could take 8 times the effort, and they’d readily shift the blame for failure onto us.

How can we interfere when we haven’t even entered the base!

Frankly it’s nonsense to deal with.

Well this time there’s a celebrity so they probably can’t push us around easily.

There’s also Rossweisse and Hero-kun’s forces.

[With such powerful reinforcements gathered, let us be sure to succeed in this operation for the Empire’s peace!]

Captain Heiliat ended the briefing in an exaggerated tone,

[Now assemble in the designated space by Galactic Standard Time 20:00!]

and the operation preparations began with those words from the sturdy military person.


Fuel and ammo are already fully loaded so combat spacecraft one after another departed the berths.

I’m departing near the end of course.

About an hour after departing I arrived at the designated space, and we mercenaries surrounded the Kaides pirate group hideout.

The surrounding space was crammed with all kinds of combat craft, looking like a trade show for them.

Standing out among them were,

Alberto Circleout’s craft with a completely black hull and a small cartoon devil illustrated on the fuselage,

and Ikiri-kun aka Lambert Riagraze’s craft with Rossweisse, silver with greenish-yellow and a crest of feathers, riding it.

Just looking, those 2 ships seem like the top aces.

Then the imperial guard fleet arrived behind that group, and a directive was immediately sent to all ships.

[All officers and men! I am Kirekt Erndiver, commander of the Galactic Empire military imperial guard! I hold the rank of general and title of duke!]

An absolute princely handsome man appeared on screen.

He’s supposedly the current emperor’s cousin, and there are rumors of trying to make him emperor somewhere apparently.

[The success of this operation to annihilate the vicious Kaides pirate group depends on all of your shoulders! We will be sure to crush the existence threatening not just the Empire’s but the world’s peace!]

Everyone got excited at the general’s words, but some men must be howling in anguish [Explode handsomely!].

Anyway, Operation Annihilate Kaides Pirates began.

The Kaides pirate group hideout was a fortress made by modifying a huge asteroid.

In other words, an amazing version of those uncles’ asteroid residence I caught several days ago.

With this many ships approaching, beam firing ports of course revealed themselves from the other side for interception.

[Beam firing ports confirmed!]

Hearing that report, I immediately shifted my craft away from the ports.

I wanted to minimize expenditure even with barriers.

Other experienced mercenaries easily evaded too.

Circleout and Rossweisse were destroying the firing ports one after another while evading beams and moving in trajectories impossible for humans.

The [Jet Black Devil] apparently couldn’t match Rossweisse – his actions were the same but his pace was about 1/3 of Rossweisse’s, and trajectory still humanly possible.

I wonder if Ikiri-kun aka Lambert Riagraze riding Rossweisse is okay?

But this has undoubtedly made Ikiri-kun even more of a star.

He’s probably fainted though.

Or rather, he’d definitely faint in that situation!

Thanks to them, our damage was minimized.

Minimized, not nonexistent.

Before long the enemy combat craft outside were all shot down and the ports fell silent.

[Good work mercenaries! Leave the rest to us!]

At General Kirekt Erndiver’s order, the subjugation forces infiltrated the hideout.

Now we just have to capture or shoot down any guys escaping the hideout if there are any.

If there aren’t, we can just relax until it ends.

I took out the coffee in premix packets I put in a box and the light novel I just bought.

Just then, I got a transmission from Rossweisse.

I figured it was nonsense but decided to hear her out anyway.

“Hello? What’s up?”

Rossweisse appeared on screen with a grave expression.

[Captain Uzos. I have sad news for you… I have found…my destined partner…]

It was nonsense as expected.

But since I predicted this,

“It’s Alberto Circleout right? Or General Kirekt Erndiver?”

I replied, and got back,

[That’s right! I can’t believe there are 2 even more wonderful, charming people than you! Riding me can only be one of those two! You should have switched over to me sooner. What a shame♪]

She spat out lines like a flippant girl while beaming.

Even if I had switched, you’d have said the same thing right?

Refusing was absolutely the right call.

[Which do you think? Mr. Alberto as my combat craft partner, and Mr. Kirekt as someone I should absolutely protect – it feels like that right~? Ah but—]

As Rossweisse babbled excitedly, I just left her as is and started reading my light novel.

That’s probably the right response since she’ll likely go on.

Now I just have to wait for the subjugation forces to finish their operation.

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