Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 7

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Mob No.7: [The briefing will now begin! Listen up, mercenaries!]

I must have been stressed out yesterday after my encounter with that unpleasant guy.

I just wanted to check some sites, but I ended up watching video streams and before I knew it, it was 2am. Then I slept and when I woke up it was noon.

“I have to go there today because I missed it yesterday…”

Today, I’m going to buy new volumes and doujinshi at Anime Member’s Anime Shop, where I was supposed to go yesterday, to at least continue.

I’ll also look for anime data cards and new books to start reading.

Oh, right, I also want to dig up some old works, so I’ll go to Seizaban as well.

“I’ll go out for lunch.”

I started thinking about lunch places while I was washing my face.

If I had woken up a little earlier, I could have made lunch, but since I have plans to go out at this time, it’s better to clean up first and eat lunch later.

Thinking about this, I start cleaning the room.

My minimum goal is not to have a dirty room, so I make sure to clean no matter what.

The apartment I’m staying in specializes in renting to mercenaries, and they’re flexible about things like payment dates and room adaptations.

However, the contract states that if 6 months pass with no contact or unpaid rent, the resident is presumed dead and everything in the room is sold or disposed of.

It seems they consult the family when contacted.

My ship is parked at the mercenary guild, so no problem there.

I’m renting the 1LDK layout with bathroom and toilet.

There are also 2LDK and 3LDK units available.

Since I won’t have visitors in my room, I’ll put a bed in the living room.

The only room is the book/PC room with manga, novels, doujinshi and anime data neatly stored on shelves.

Questionable games make me feel meaningless after playing, so I only have the one I bought first, and I don’t buy figurines because it’s creepy to have them lined up.

So other than the PC room, it’s a surprisingly normal room.

I’m a single guy, so it’s a bit messy, but I definitely don’t let it get dirty.

Or rather, I’m not supposed to.

There was a guy before who kept living in a dirty room no matter how many times he was warned, so while he was working they sold everything in his room.

It was clearly written in the contract, so he couldn’t complain.


After I finished cleaning up and changed into nice clothes, I went to the Anime Member anime shop.

Anime Member, located in the Machitomo building downtown, is crammed with all kinds of other anime, hobby, card game, and game shops, and Seizaban is also located in this building.

Since it was around noon, there weren’t many customers in Anime Member.

By the way, the staff is half android, half human, and some of them do cosplay service.

The androids change body parts to fit the characters perfectly.

Little Nezuko and Butterfly Mansion from Demon Slayer are popular right now.

I looked for and bought new volumes of my favorite light novels, manga, and doujinshi, enjoyed digging up old works at Seizaban, lightly walked around each floor, then left Machitomo Building.

After having a late lunch when the crowds had thinned out a bit at a fast food place, I went straight home then headed to the mercenary guild.

The reason being, during my meal I got an emergency summons – aka a [red slip].

The mercenary guild can issue these to all mercenaries who are guild members, and unless you have reasons like currently undertaking another job, injury, illness, pregnancy – childbirth for women, long-term spacecraft repairs or loss, you must respond.

It seems this time they were issued to all the mercenary guilds in the Pout stellar region.

There are penalties for ignoring or refusing them.

So I promptly prepared to depart and went to the guild.


“Hey. You’re late.”

“I was eating so it surprised me. So what’s the reason for the red slip?”

“We’ll hear the details from the military in a briefing 30 minutes from now, but it seems they want us to clear the way for subjugating some bigshot pirates.”

When I asked Uncle Roans about the reason for this summons, I got a really unpleasant reply.

30 minutes later, the summoned mercenaries were moved to a hall normally used for ceremonies and such.

Among them were Hero-kun and Ikiri-kun.

Which means…

[It’s been a while, Captain Uzos♪]

“Here she comes…”

I got a transmission from WVS-09 Rossweisse, the ancient sentient superweapon – small combat spacecraft excavated from ancient ruins, owned by Ikiri-kun.

I don’t want to think about why she connected when she should be blacklisted.

[Have you reconsidered talking about switching over to me?]

On the small projection display on my bracelet terminal, Miss Rossweisse beams an obvious smile.

“Didn’t I already refuse before? And the fact that you’re here means you’re still with that Ikiri-kun right?”

When I conveyed my intent and pointed out her circumstances,

[I’m with him because he cried and begged, but I can dump him anytime]

she sent back quite the vicious reply.

As expected, this Rossweisse can’t be trusted.

Saying she’ll switch to me because I have higher ability than Ikiri-kun means she’ll switch to whoever has higher ability than me.

[Now commencing the briefing! Listen up you mercenaries!]

While we were talking, a military person with a sturdy build appeared on the huge projection display up front and yelled at us mercenaries.

If he were actually right in front of us, some might have picked a fight.

I thought he would explain the strategy, but that expectation was betrayed.

[I will explain.]

Instead of the sturdy military person, the one who stepped onto the platform and started explaining was the famous person who, like Lior Burnext, handles propaganda – Captain Priscilla Heiliat.

She’s the daughter of Field Marshal Laskoes Heiliat, known as one of the Empire’s top 1-2 capable generals, and serves as vice commander of the imperial guard.

With black hair, purple eyes, and white skin, plus she’s a beauty with nice proportions – most men would be enchanted upon seeing her.

Furthermore, there are rumors her command and logistics abilities surpass even her father’s.

She’s perfectly suited for propaganda.

[This time, mercenaries, your request is to secure a bridgehead for raiding the Kaides pirate group’s base. Securing this operation is essential to annihilating the vicious and powerful Kaides pirate group.]

Captain Heiliat is explaining with a serious expression.

[I hate that woman.]

Rossweisse snorts at Captain Heiliat.

In fact, there are certainly people like Rossweisse who react that way to Captain Heiliat.

How to put it – Captain Heiliat conducts herself as a soldier but somehow gives off an aura that draws out protectiveness, is good at making requests, and skilled at manipulating people.

And it feels like she has that naturally inborn rather than as a technique.

Bluntly put, she was born a sly woman.

Since she seems to be working diligently, it’s rather pitiable despite that.

Well she has no connection or relation to me so I have no interest.

[In addition, for executing this operation, we have received powerful reinforcements.]

Captain Heiliat glanced at a man dressed in what looked like a custom black pilot suit.

[Mercenaries should know him. One of the only 12 king rank mercenaries in the Mercenary Guild, an organization spanning the entire universe – Mr. Alberto Circleout!]

The man introduced in the black pilot suit lightly raised a hand.

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