I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 6

Perplexed by the incomprehensible statement, I unintentionally let out a silly voice, forgetting to use honorific language.

“I mean… I’m saying that I want to marry you. …Hehe, are you so thrilled that you can’t even speak?”

“No, it’s not that… I just don’t understand.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. You’re actually happy, right?”

Elena confidently and proudly states this, but in truth, I am not happy at all.

“Anyway, can I get the prize money and the magical tools already? I’m tired and I just want to go home.”

“Please wait. Let’s finish signing the contract first. Come over here.”

Elena pulls out a piece of paper with “Engagement Vow” written on it from somewhere and leans in closer.

“Hehe, you can be honest, you know? No need for formal language.”

“Well… then it’s impossible. Absolutely.”

Saying that, Elena stiffens.

“W-Why? I may say it myself, but I’m an extremely beautiful girl, right?”

She really does say it herself.

“Well, I admit you’re good-looking, but that’s not compelling reason to get married. Besides, we just met.”

“Th-That doesn’t matter! After we get married, we can get to know each other! And it doesn’t matter that we just met! My heart skipped a beat… Oh, I forgot… um…”

“Love at first sight, milady.”

“Yes, that’s right! It was love at first sight!”

“You’re lying! You just thought of that!”

Elena cries desperately, “It’s true! This is serious!” It sounds incredibly fake.

“And besides, I don’t see any advantage for me. I don’t know why you say such things, but please try asking someone else.”

“There is a benefit! Once we’re married, you’ll be able to enjoy my… my ample body! You won’t complain, will you?”

Elena shouts, crossing her arms to emphasize her breastplate.

“Ample body…?”

According to Elena, I’m supposed to blatantly stare at her “ample body”. For some reason, Elena feels embarrassed and blushes, but I continue to stare without hesitation.

She does indeed seem to have a large chest.

But as someone who loves magical tools, I can tell. This is… a fake.

“《Imperial Appraisal》”

■Magic Device Name: Replica Armor

■Magic Device Grade: Ancient Relic Grade


A magic device that creates armor when worn.

It can reproduce anything related to body parts.

It can freely change color, shape, and strength, and can even create armor that closely resembles existing armor in functionality and appearance.

It can also reproduce naked body parts such as arms, hands, and legs, but since it is still armor, it cannot be moved.

It is equipped with advanced magical camouflage and cannot be recognized as a magical device at first glance.

■Wearer: Elena Timid Noblest

■Worn Area: Chest (AAA→G)

“AAA… a mistake of flatness?”

“Huh?! W-Why would you say that, you pervert!”

“Rest assured, it’s not X-ray magic. Well, now you know there are only disadvantages to it, right? So hurry up and give me the magic device and the reward.”

“Wait here for a moment. Stica, come over here.”

“Huh? No, we should talk about the reward.”

“Just wait here, please.”

“I don’t want to talk anymore.”

“You, wait here.”


With an attitude that brooks no refusal, Elena left the room with Stica, , the maid who had been waiting nearby. Unwittingly, I agreed to wait.

I heard the sound of the door next door closing.

“Wh-Who is that guy?! He talks about my small chest as a disadvantage…! And he has dirty thoughts too! So dirty!”

“Please calm down, my lady. Although it is true that your chest is flat without even the slightest curve, you still live with dignity. By the way, I am an H-cup.”

“That’s not comforting at all! It’s making it worse!”

Elena shouted loudly, and Stica reprimanded her.

“Actually, it’s not hopeless at all! If Stica has the same charm as the ‘Angel Princess’ of the Uniwelsia Kingdom, then it should work. Go for it with confidence! I did it because you said so confidently! But you seemed completely uninterested!”

“What are you talking about, my lady? Even though you are renowned as the ideal princess and have received multiple marriage proposals from other countries, you have rejected them all because you have ‘someone you have decided on.’ It is impossible for that mediocre princess to rival you. Please save your sleep talking for later.”

“Huh? Is this person really my lady-in-waiting?”

“Well then, my lady. Let’s try to elicit sympathy. If we ask politely, it should work… probably.”


“What do you mean by ‘probably’?”

“I didn’t say that.”

And so, Elena and Stica discussed the plan for a while, arguing or making a fuss, and then they returned.

“Sorry for the wait… I… sniffle… couldn’t help it.”

When Elena returned, her face was slightly red as if she had been crying, and she occasionally sniffled. She should blow her nose before coming back.

“I understand that you don’t want to marry me. But… if you hear this, you might change your mind.”

“No, I have heard everything, all of it. It won’t change.”

I had heard it all. There’s no way it would change.

“Huh? Wait, Stica? Didn’t you mute the sound-“

“I forgot. Teehee.”

With a face that didn’t move like a machine, Stica said, “Teehee.”

“Well, actually, there is a succession battle going on among the royal family members at the Magikosmaia Palace.”

After hearing Stica’s words, Elena froze and trembled, but then she said as if nothing had happened. It seems she wants me to pretend I didn’t hear it.

“Here in Magikosmaia, although other forms of skills and swordsmanship are now valued… the idea of magical supremacy still prevails in the palace.”


It seems that there are a lot of people with rigid beliefs. Well, it’s natural that not everyone will change right away.

“Among them, my father, Darius Timid Noblest, who advocates the supremacy of magic, declared that he will make the person who brings more magic power, excels in various magic arts, and is strong the king.”

“…… What the hell is this? Why is it ‘the one who brought me’? Can’t they just compare us as members of the royal family?”

“When it comes to comparing siblings, it inevitably becomes intense and unfair, and loses its fairness. That’s why Father brought a ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ and decided to evaluate that person. Well, there was also the calculation of wanting the offspring to inherit strong magical powers, but…”

“In other words, they noticed that I used magic in a flashy manner during the tournament, and that’s why they approached me like this. What a nuisance.”

“Besides, with you, I am sure you can even deal with that despicable ”Demon Who Takes Out Hearts’–“

“Miss, it’s still an unreliable story, so please don’t talk too much.”

“Well… that’s true, but…”

“The culprit is being sought by the knights. We shouldn’t worry the commoners unnecessarily.”


The two of them spoke with downcast faces. Did something happen?

Elena looked up at me.

“That’s why… please! There’s no one else for me but you!”

“Well… but marriage and all that…”

Unlike their joking demeanor just moments ago, their desperate faces suggested that the inheritance matter was true. They didn’t seem capable of acting.

Perhaps they were being targeted by their siblings and had no choice, or there may be some other circumstances. Well, it’s none of my business.

But I absolutely hate marriage, yet if I had to listen a little more–

“Yes, there’s no one else for the young lady. She has been skipping her lessons all this time and still can’t even use ‘beginner-level magic.’ She becomes suspicious and fails miserably when asked to dance at a ball. The introverted young lady has no other choice but you. In the first place, the young lady participated in the inheritance battle because she was planning to live alone in the royal palace for the rest of her life, but she was scolded by the king and almost forced to marry another noble. For such a helpless young lady, there is no one else but you.”

“I refuse. I absolutely refuse.”

Correction. This guy isn’t even worth listening to.

“So, please reconsider! Think about it!”

“Absolutely not, it’s impossible.”

“Then just a little! Just a tiny bit!”

“What do you mean by ‘just a little’? You’re planning to drag me in!”

I desperately suppress their urge to hit them. Their bloodshot eyes and heavy breathing are frightening.

They continue arguing like this for just under thirty minutes.

“G-gu-gu-gu… Understood. I’ll give up.”

“… Finally giving up, huh? Well then, I’m leaving. Quickly give me the prize magical tool–“

“I’ll give up, but… please don’t think you can get it for free?”

… Ah, I’ve been curious about it since earlier. So that’s what it is.

“Are you talking about those people lurking around since earlier?”

I focus my attention on the faint flow of magical power.

–! As expected of you. They should be using advanced “interference magic” and “illusion magic”… I suppose it’s meaningless to you.

In the first place, I’ve been suspicious since I was guided to this room.

I didn’t sense any hostility or murderous intent, so I ignored it… but it seems that this person is behind it.

There are seven people lurking. They have completely concealed their presence, indicating that they are quite skilled.

“I see. That’s enough, so give me the magical tool–“

“How about this? Even if you’re a skilled magician, it would be difficult to use magic in this small room, right? Furthermore, the ones lurking here are elite anti-magicians… If you take back what you said earlier now, I’ll help you–“

“That’s enough, Miss. It would be a crime to do that, and I have no intention of actually doing it, it’s a mere threat. It’s quite a good act for a wooden actress like you.”

“Sticaaa! Why are you saying that?! Why are you saying that?!”

… It seems like it’s just a mere threat. What the hell is this?

“Can I just go home now…”

Elena is tearfully pleading with Stica, saying something like “Stica always makes fun of me…” while Stica stands there with a calm expression. There’s no sign of them giving me the prize magical tool, and it’s getting annoying. Maybe I should just go home.

However… the entrance is completely sealed off by those lurking around. I can forcibly break through, but if possible, I’d rather escape without being found.

In that case, there’s only one option left.

“I didn’t want to use it if possible…”

I create a pale blue magic circle at my feet.

“– ‘Spatial Transfer'”

After murmuring those words, I disappear from the spot without a trace.

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