Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 6

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Mob No.6: “Anyway I’m not joining the military. More importantly, is it okay to keep your girlfriend waiting? I don’t want to get in the way of your date though.”

Every time we meet, he says this to me – it’s gotten irritating.

This guy, Lior Burnext, is a second son of a Earl family. Due to certain circumstances he came from the imperial capital planet and entered the ordinary high school on my home planet Ytz.

Why someone like Earl Burnext was selected for the mercenary recruitment group – I guess because he was treated as unwanted by his real family.

Otherwise someone of his noble status wouldn’t be attending the same ordinary school as me, and wouldn’t become a victim of that crime.

He became a topic as a victim of a terrible incident while in school, then after graduating his accomplishments from that time got him scouted into the imperial military.

Currently he’s an ace pilot and also the center of propaganda, so he’s like an obvious upstart protagonist-type.

By the way my response to Burnext’s words is decided.

“Like I said before, I don’t like the military because my chance of dying is higher compared to being a mercenary!”

“It’s the same for being a mercenary! Besides, the military has better guarantees and benefits, and most of all it benefits the Empire!”

I’m making a clearly reluctant face yet he keeps pushing his opinion on me without caring at all.

Why is Burnext so insistent on getting me into the military?

From his perspective, he probably genuinely believes mercenary work is a shady business, so if I’m doing similar things, it’s better to be in the military. And the incident with that mercenary corps probably makes him detest mercenaries.

But the reality is terrible.

My home planet was actually the capital of the Galactic Democracy called 70 years ago, until 70 years ago when it was invaded by the Empire and turned into a colony.

As a result, discrimination by place of origin naturally exists in the military, government, business, and so on. At the very least, being used as cannon fodder or a stress relief tool for nobles would be normal in the military.

Beautiful women may be told to offer their bodies.

Any accomplishments would likely be stolen from you, and failures pinned on you.

In some cases you might even be punished on false charges of disrespecting superiors.

This applies not just to colonists, but the Empire’s original citizens as well.

The pay may be more than a normal salaryman, but it’s too cheap when weighing human dignity and life.

He probably doesn’t realize any of that.

And above all, Burnext seriously believes that recruiting me is him being [kind].

Frankly, I don’t want anything to do with him.

If I joined something like the military he’d definitely get involved.

The mercenary guild on the other hand has a very comfortable atmosphere.

It’s almost all personal responsibility, so there are few entanglements.

Who would I join the military!?

“But being a mercenary sufficiently contributes to the Empire through things like security and transport right?”

“That may be true. Then you should do the same in the military. Her Majesty the Emperor would be delighted too.”

And guessing another reason he tries to recruit me – the current 38th Emperor Amelia Frandoll Ovales might be involved.

With her silver-blue hair, jet black eyes, and white skin, she’s become a hot topic on the net as [The Beautiful Emperor].


He might be trying to get close to Her Majesty through recruitment and the like to boost his self-assessment.

That’s my speculation anyway.

It’s vulgar speculation but not unbelievable.

Maybe they were childhood friends or something.

By the way, talking with Burnext this long has put my life in danger.

The reason being, the women accompanying Burnext are glaring at me furiously.

To make matters worse, they have military-issue laser guns at their waists, so it’s no joke.

Of course murder would be a crime, but in the case of nobles they might not be charged, making it highly likely to be carried out.

It’s probably them thinking I’m getting in the way of their date out.

If so, I want them to end this fruitless conversation.

You can tell I don’t want to talk right?

But there’s no way he’d understand that.

So I’ll make use of those women.

“Anyway I’m not joining the military. More importantly, is it okay to keep your girlfriends waiting? I don’t want to get in the way of your date though.”

When I point that out, maybe remembering he had company, he glances back at the women.

“It’s not a date! Sorry ladies. I kept you waiting.”

After denying it was a date, he flashes the women an apologetic smile.

Just Riole Burnext smiling is enough to instantly melt the glares those women were giving me.

“Oh not at all sir. A major who worries for his friends is wonderful♪”

Then one of them wraps her arm around Burnext’s.

“That’s right. I still have time after this so it’s fine.”

And the other one wraps her arm around Burnext’s too.

That triggered a scramble among the women to wrap their arms around Lior Burnext’s, as if to say they were the one who’s really his girlfriend.

“Hey ladies? Stop grabbing my arms!”

Since they’d properly started fighting, I took the chance while their gazes weren’t on me to promptly leave the scene.

“See, you were on a date after all. Welp, this pest will take his leave.”

“Wait! We were still talking…whoa?!”

Leaving the immobilized Burnext, whose arms were grabbed by the women, behind, I hurriedly left the spot.

The anime shop…I’m kinda tired so I’ll go tomorrow….

I returned to my room, just showered, ate the convenience store bento I bought, checked some sites, then went to bed.


Main character side: Lior Burnext

John Uzos, one of the survivors of that incident during our 1st year of high school.

Why won’t he accept my advice?

Rather than continuing as a mercenary, he’d be better off enlisting in the imperial military and building up accomplishments – that’s the best way someone from a colony planet like him can be of use to the Empire!

If he joins the military and gets assigned to my unit, he could attain a decent position, and it would be an accomplishment for me in increasing personnel too!

It would help out Amelia who’s working hard too…

I see!

He’s being considerate of me!

He thinks that someone of colony planet origin being close to a pureblood imperial noble like me would trouble me!

But I don’t care about things like that.

Next time we meet, if I notify him that he’s assigned to my direct unit, he’ll probably happily enlist.

With his ability to make quick situational judgments, he could become a good adjutant!

While my arms were grabbed by the ladies, I was convinced by my own thoughts.

Main character side: End

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