Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

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Since it’s a day off, there aren’t many people. Various large dishes are placed out, warmed in hot water, so that you can eat as much as you want at any time.

Vim enters the cafeteria with a slight nod, quickly assesses the dishes he can eat, and discreetly serves them onto his plate. He chooses only smoked pork, sausage, and steamed potatoes. Very Vim-like.

Then he carefully selects a table with as few people as possible and sits at the corner that would normally be too embarrassing for anyone to sit at. I wonder if he’s aware of how conspicuously he stands out or if he isn’t.

As I watch him eat, my own stomach starts to growl. I hurriedly left, so I haven’t had breakfast yet.

–Should I join them?

There are empty seats across and next to each other. If I were to say, “What a coincidence,” I could naturally take a seat.

…No, let’s not do that. I don’t have any prepared topics to talk about.

“Oh! Vim-san!”

Just as I was thinking that, Marc-san couldn’t stand it anymore and approached to strike up a conversation.

Since I can’t participate while watching from outside the cafeteria, I decide to activate the eavesdropping stone again to listen in on their conversation.

“Hey, just meat and potatoes? You’re young! But you should eat some vegetables too!”

“Hahaha… I suppose.”

Vim is quite picky. Or rather, his taste buds are immature, and he doesn’t find things with multiple flavors particularly delicious.

“I heard you were dragged into the chief’s training. Must have been tough, huh?”

“Well, um, actually… I found it quite enlightening… hehehe.”

“You must be doing something special. The chief seems unusually cheerful too!”

“Well, I’m glad.”

He manages to keep the conversation going with a complex expression.

…He seems a little happy. Good, good. If his wishes are being fulfilled, there’s nothing better than that.

“By the way, we’re going out for a meal tonight with everyone. Will you come too, Vim-san?”


Marc-san brings it up as if it were just an invitation. To Vim, it probably seems like he was just invited. However, this is an intentional invitation.

Camilla-san has started to incorporate Vim into the group as the collective will of the Night Dragonflies. It’s important not only in terms of salary and treatment but also to maintain connections in interpersonal relationships.

He received recognition faster than I thought, but it’s only natural given his capabilities.

Vim hesitates, showing a couple of winding movements, then bows his head slightly.

“Well, then… thank you.”


I feel relieved, or something.

I exhale.

I forgot, but joining a large party and being valued means that your circle of friends expands automatically. Even though I invited him to the Night Dragonflies, I may end up with more worries.

There’s also a hint of loneliness. It’s quite selfish of me, after all.

Until evening, it was peaceful. Vim refrained from excessive training in preparation for delving into the labyrinth and seemed to be resting in his room, perhaps reading.

I’m not constantly trailing Vim around. I have enough common sense to respect personal matters.

After all, I’m a genuine adventurer. When I think about the labyrinth, my heart races, and on the eve of delving into the labyrinth, I’m so excited that I can’t sleep at night.

Even the magical research I conduct as a sage keeps me busy.

To ensure complete preparation, I repeat training and research, and then indulge in contemplation. I don’t have time to involve myself with others.

So what’s necessary is efficiency. If I properly link the signal crest and the bell, there won’t be any problem receiving the necessary and sufficient information.

Now, the important part begins.

It seems that tonight’s gathering is for the men only, and the members who brought Vim along are mainly tough men centered around the Shield Squad. When it comes to where such guys go, there’s a predetermined market price.

The downtown area.


The place they brought me to was a pub with a slightly flashy atmosphere, though not quite as glamorous as a nightclub. There were many waitstaff dressed in a slightly flashy manner. Since I hadn’t been to a shop in the downtown area before, I’m both at a loss for where to look and captivated by the surroundings.

But the members of the Night Dragonflies seem accustomed to this and start ordering dishes one after another, and the alcohol is quickly brought to the table.

“Well then, as a welcome to Vim Strauss-kun, cheers!”

The most respected Hans-san takes the lead, and everyone clinks their mugs together.




I also raise my mug a little late.

“Kan, kanpai…”

Damn it, I’m late again. Everyone has already taken a sip.

“Vim-san, cheers!”

Abel-kun, who was sitting diagonally across from me, extends a helping hand, and I manage to clink my mug with a thud.

I agreed to attend because I had a vague admiration, but I’ve rarely attended such gatherings, so I don’t know what to talk about.

I decide to enjoy the dishes for a while and listen to the conversations around me.

But the problem is, there’s hardly anything that looks edible. The fried food and meat dishes that are brought out are all covered in multiple types of sauce, even spilling onto the side dishes of potatoes.

I’m not really a fan of this kind of thing. I prefer dishes that simply grill the ingredients without any extras.

“Vim-kun, you don’t have to hold back.”

When I’m told that, I can’t keep struggling with the food any longer.

What I’ve been served is stuffed intestines with a semi-solid egg and vegetable dressing poured generously over it. Just imagining the complexity of flavors and acidity makes me hesitate.

But no, I can’t resist here. I know that resisting would change the atmosphere.

I braced myself and took a bite.


Surprisingly, it was edible. It wasn’t delicious, but there was no sense of aversion either.

“It’s good.”

“I thought so.”

Once I broke through the barrier of this dish, I found myself having a bit more capacity to listen to the conversations around me.

It seemed like talk about lovers and family came up a lot. There were also nostalgic stories and well-known jokes that livened up the atmosphere.

“Vim-kun! I heard you’re from the same place as Heidemarie-chan,” Hans-san initiated a conversation with me.

“Oh, yes. I’m from Ryorifeld.”

“That’s quite far from Fiellbron, isn’t it? You came all the way here on your own?”

“Well, um, yeah, that… It’s more like… an admiration, you know.”

“Because you’re a boy! Everyone wants to become a hero and a brave warrior! Even I started my journey with heroic tales I read when I was little!”

“Oh… um, I also enjoy reading books.”

“Is it hero tales if you like reading?”

“Oh, yes. I also read those.”

“To become a hero with just a sword in hand! By the way, I noticed you had a long object at your waist. I haven’t seen you use it.”

“…Um, that’s a mountain sword. It’s a convenient single-edged blade.”

“Hahaha! So it’s a sword after all! But isn’t it strange? If you use a sword, why not become a swordsman instead of an enchanter?”

“Well, there are various reasons for that. In terms of compatibility with enchantments, the sword is suitable for close combat…”

Oh, oh. Is the conversation going well?

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

I wish I could say something clever.

“Monica told me that you originally aspired to be a magician, right?” Marc-san joined the conversation.

“Oh, yes.”

“Well, you don’t seem like the type who admires heroes and brave warriors. Weren’t you more into magicians who are companions of heroes or fairy tale wizards?”

That hit the mark.

“…That’s kind of how it is. Um, do you understand?”

“Well, many magic users are like that. In the end, it’s the longing we had as children.”

Translator note: Looks like I make a big mistake about the title of this novel,

The Chore word should be : Gofer/Scrub/Peon/Grunt/Menial Men/Lackey/Shoelace Tier or other similar word.

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