Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

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Chapter 4: The Chasing Girl

Vim’s temporary stay at the “Night Dragonfly” guesthouse brought me a sense of relief.

The power wielded by the sage known as Heidemarie was immense, granting considerable influence in this town. With magic at your disposal, almost anything could be achieved, enabling you to obtain your desires.

However, despite one’s wisdom, the physical limitations of distance prevented the use of teleportation or similar abilities. No matter how knowledgeable you were, you remained powerless if hindered by geographical boundaries.

The signaling crest provided only limited information. While residing at the “Dragon’s Wing” party house, I had placed eavesdropping stones to catch glimpses of life, but the insights were minimal. Once I ventured out into the city, I would be largely uninformed.

But now? It only took a few minutes to walk from my room to Vim’s, and with a quick run, I could reach it in less than a minute.

I had been assigned a laboratory within the “Night Dragonfly” mansion, where my sleeping quarters were also located. Fortunately, I had a window that overlooked the guesthouse entrance, ensuring constant surveillance.

As it was a communal living arrangement for the entire party, facilities such as the dining hall, bath, and even the toilets were shared. With both Vim and me being members, there were limited secrets we could keep. The advantage of this lifestyle was that I could instantly confirm the movement of the signaling crest, simplifying daily life.

Moreover, the setup provided a sense of security. When I infiltrated the “Dragon’s Wing” party house, the risk of discovery was a matter of life and death, but now it posed no problem. Even if I were to sneak into the guesthouse and be discovered, I could confidently argue my way out in a loud voice.

The proximity of our living spaces concealed any unexpected encounters.

It was an ideal arrangement that left no room for doubt.

A few days after Vim’s arrival, early in the morning, the doorbell near my bed rang, startling me awake.

I swiftly unfurled a map of the mansion and checked the signaling crest’s response. The projected response had moved beyond the circle I had marked, heading toward the courtyard. Vim had left the guesthouse.

This immediately struck me as peculiar.

Vim’s morning routine primarily involved running, not only to build stamina but also to loosen his body after sleep.

The usual route took him from the “Dragon’s Wing” party house, passing by the Adventurers’ Guild, through the main square, and back. At the main square, he would spend a few minutes engaging in thorough stretching exercises, followed by light and short-distance agility training.

Given that I was now at the “Night Dragonfly” mansion, it made sense for Vim to maintain his daily routine as much as possible.

What could he possibly be doing in the courtyard so early in the morning? Perhaps training, possibly engaging in weapon sparring. Considering his personality, if it were practice swings, he would likely choose the back of the guesthouse, away from prying eyes.

Most likely, someone had called him there.

I activated the eavesdropping stone and brought one half of it close to my ear. This magical device took the form of a pair of decorated small stones, transmitting vibrations from one side to the other.

I had discreetly planted the eavesdropping stone in Vim’s jacket.

Through the stone, I could hear the rustling of clothes and the sound of the wind. It was clear that he was wearing his jacket.

Now, who could have summoned Vim?

Damn it, I couldn’t narrow down the suspects. I couldn’t fathom anyone other than myself luring Vim somewhere. Could it be that Abel had managed to influence him somehow?

Amidst the static noise, a different voice joined in—a human voice, a female voice.

“No way…”

My arm twitched slightly. Oops, I shouldn’t show any signs of agitation. I took a deep breath and listened intently.

“–Sorry, Vim, my boy.”


The voice I heard belonged to Camilla.

Yet, the roaring sound of slashing winds conveyed a terrifying difference in mass and the weight of a swinging metal. It was a scene where the sense of distance became distorted.

Considering her physique, few humans possessed Camilla’s agility. And yet, she swung the sword so effortlessly, demonstrating her distinction from ordinary adventurers.

“Vim, release it!”

Following the instruction, I sliced through the pathway and released the enhancement.

“It’s released!”

Camilla nodded, replicating the same sequence of movements as before.

One could say that the movements remained refined, unaltered from earlier. However, I could discern a slight, no, a quarter-step lag.

The same sequence repeated once more. And when it concluded, it began again, wordlessly.

“This is…”

Camilla paused for a moment, her eyes widening.

“Apply the same enhancement again!”


Silently, I observed as Camilla swung her sword, repeatedly applying and releasing the enhancement.

I had anticipated becoming bored, but…

As I watched, Camilla displayed remarkable improvement.

She swiftly recognized certain preliminary movements as unnecessary, sharpening her already refined actions. In this short hour, I could perceive that she had closed the gap by approximately half a step.

“This is amazing.”

As a practitioner myself, I was astonished.

The effects were significant. Camilla, who possessed godlike strength, had become even more formidable, which was slightly unnerving.

“…It seems like my swings are a bit too wide. What should I do?”

Furthermore, she had already identified areas for improvement. She extracted partial movements from the sequence and repeatedly practiced them. It appeared that when lifting the downward-swinging sword in a cross shape, she swung too wide, making a smooth transition difficult.

Watching her, a small idea crossed my mind.

“Um… Camilla.”

“What is it?”

“Well, if we adjust the joint friction slightly, it might make executing the ideal movements easier. In this case, it would be more of a reverse enhancement rather than an enhancement.”

“Can you do something like that?”

“Yes. Essentially, it restricts and guides the movements. By deactivating the sensory enhancement and highlighting the contrast in sensations, it could simplify the process.”

“…Alright, let’s try it. I approve the application of Magician Vim’s enchantment.”

Since I had observed the movements and completed the analysis, the code to collaborate was quite straightforward.

“Enchantment applied.”

Camilla swung her sword downward, repeating the motion two or three times.

“Alright, make a cut,” she instructed.

She sliced through the pathway, and without delay, the sword swung.

The difference became immediately apparent. The seams between each slash disappeared, and Camilla finally began applying it to horizontal cuts as well.

This is what talent is all about.

With just one key point grasped, she quickly ascended to the next stage.

“Vim, boy!” Camilla exclaimed, closing the distance in big strides and grabbing my hand.

I almost pulled back but endured it.

“From now on, let’s train together every morning! Sparring… yes! Shall we invite Abel too?”

“Hahaha…” I chuckled, content that she seemed pleased.

But when I heard a woman’s voice, I was surprised. However, if it’s training at Camilla’s request, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Honestly, I worried unnecessarily.

After training, Vim headed to the cafeteria.

I decided to go ahead and head to the cafeteria as well.

My designated spot is by the back window. I bring a foldable stand and set it up, then climb on top of it.

“Alright, heave-ho!”

If I grab onto the window frame and stretch, I can just barely peek inside.

…I could use a slightly taller stand.

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