Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 5

Mob #5: “The other party is a marquis family. They won’t listen.”

Right after that, the police came and took away the 3 pirate uncles.

The uncles had all been bullied, then thoroughly despised and divorced by their wives and children.

It seems that the 3 of them got together, took out loans to buy the Asteroid Residence and the fighters, and started being pirates to get back at their former families.

It’s kind of sad, or I don’t know what to call it….

I guess it wasn’t good that they were successful the first time they tried it….

And after that, they must have gotten a taste for it.

Well, at least it’s good that they didn’t do something evil like massacre everyone.

The amount they stole was also small, so it probably won’t turn into anything too bad.

When I talked about this with Uncle Roans at the Mercenary Guild reception while collecting my reward,

“The world is really cruel…”

he murmured with a deep sense of sympathy and sorrow.

And also what had been bothering me even before talking about this job,

“What happened to that?”

The scene of dozens of mercenaries surrounding and harassing someone important.

“There was a request for a 50-man unit, right? The client only paid for one of those people. And it seems that she paid that one person the full amount for all of them. Supposedly, the client, the daughter of a marquis, told those who didn’t get paid, [You didn’t get paid because you didn’t do any work worthy of trust!]

I was shocked to hear that.

Not paying so many people is definitely bad!

The Marquis’ daughter was probably picking on them as an excuse to play favorites with whomever she liked among the assembled group.

“This is a big deal! Didn’t the guild protest?”

“The other party is a marquis family. They won’t listen.”

I’m glad I refused.

[Aside from combat, it’s better not to take jobs that involve nobles]

Words taught to me by a senior mercenary.

“And the important guild member who accepted the job is being blamed, huh?”

“Yes, something like that.”

That important person being shouted at by various mercenaries was the person in charge of accepting requests, I believe.

“So did that favored Hero-kun quit being a mercenary and become the exclusive that marquis daughter?”

I was sure that the favored one was that Hero-kun.

“No. He apparently refused saying [I’m a mercenary. There are other people who need to be saved].”

“Wasn’t she angry?”

“It seems that the young lady is head over heels for this Hero-kun. Far from being angry, she seems impressed.”

As expected from someone with protagonist traits.

Normally, going against a noble’s demands could easily get you charged with the unreasonable crime of disrespect.

But he is forgiven because the beloved daughter fell in love with him or liked his personality and appearance.

If it had been the Mafia, I might have been sentenced to death on the spot.


Well I’m safe since there’s no chance of being liked in the first place.

If you’re saying that much, tell them to properly pay everyone!

Didn’t you think the compensation amount was weird?

“Speaking of which, I don’t see that Hero-kun who got the reward anywhere?”

“Maybe he went home before getting surrounded?”

As expected of someone with protagonist attributes, even time and people’s movements are on his side.

But still, that Hero-kun is just…

I can understand why the marquis’ daughter would take a liking to him.

After all, he’s a pretty boy who seems to embody all the ideals of girls.

It’s rare for someone to exude that level of rightousness.

There’s not a single thing mob me should get involved in when it comes to those select few perfect Hero-kuns.

Best to not associate at all.

“It’s done.”

While we were talking, the payment procedure finished.

Even after deductions for the trouble of purchasing those uncles’ asteroid residence and combat vessels, a decent sum came in.

“Yeah, certainly. I’ll come back to take a job after resting a bit.”

“Oh, see you.”

And so I left the mercenary guild with the reward in hand.

When a job is finished, I usually wander anime shops before going home, but there’s something I have to do before that.

Send money to my parents.

You could say I chose the job of mercenary in order to do this.

The reason I chose mercenary as an option goes back to when I was deceived by a teacher at school in 10th grade and forcibly enlisted in a mercenary corps.

At that time, not just me but problem children with issues like bad grades, problematic personalities, and lifestyles were gathered under the guise of a special training camp so we wouldn’t fail, and enlisted into the mercenary corps.

Although I say that, in reality we were just brought along to pad the numbers and increase the reward from clients, and be used as shields for the regular members, with all of that pay going straight into the teacher’s pocket – an absurd situation.

In the sortie right after being turned into mercenaries, the guys who went in lightheartedly about being made into mercenaries, or were used as shields and decoys for the regular members, all 37 besides me and 2 others died.

After that my high school life passed uneventfully, but right before exam season in 12th grade, my dad quit his job and started farming, so I became unable to go to college.

I say he quit, but he was actually unfairly dismissed, which I realized, so I didn’t complain in particular.

Since taking the exams suddenly became impossible, I chose to become a mercenary after thinking about what to do.

My grades weren’t outstanding, and with my looks, normal part-time jobs seemed difficult, plus there was the fact that one of the nice senior mercenaries from a different faction than the shit teacher’s connections, who treated me kindly, told me [Surviving is what makes a good mercenary, no matter the battle results. You’ll become a good mercenary.]

That may have been one reason.

By the way, currently my parents are on my dad’s home planet Tabl, happily farming together as a couple.

I hear it’s hard in various ways but they’re doing well.

Anyway, I’ll go to the nearest bank and send money to my parents’ account at the ATM.

I made it my rule to send 1/3 of each reward.

This job’s reward was 400,000 credits, but the uncles’ ships went for 5.6 million.

So this time I sent 2 million credits, 1/3 of the total.

Last job, with unrecoverable wreckage and supplied ammunition and fuel, was around 3 million so I sent 1 million then.

I considered half but it’s best to keep funds for unforeseen circumstances.

After the remittance, I’ll go to anime shops to buy novels to read during transit and waiting, and data software of new anime releases.

However, on the way there I saw someone I didn’t want to meet.

One of the others deceived along with me into joining the mercenary corps, who unlike me survived through protagonist-like feats – Lior Burnext.

A considerable pretty boy, kind to everyone, serious, strong sense of justice, excellent grades – good at all sports, a guy without faults.

And he has that stubbornness and kindness typical of such guys.

That’s why I don’t like him and he’s hard for me to deal with.

So I tried to promptly leave before being found, but unluckily I was spotted.

“Yo, John Uzos. How long are you planning to keep doing this mercenary thing?”

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