Third Imperial Princess’s Butler Volume 1 Prologue


“Princess, your mind remains quite small, it seems,” I said plainly, without changing my expression at all.

“I thought you were clumsy in movement, thinking, and personality, but lack of dexterity has been added to your distinctive traits.”


The young girl with long, pale hair sitting in the wheelchair before me clenched her fists on her lap and avoided my gaze, seeming filled with regret. It appears she feels bad about something.

I looked away from the girl and glanced around the room.

Overall, it gives a dark impression.

The curtains and carpet are black, and a large clock face decorates the wall. At the end of the room is a display case with various liquor bottles. The brown desk and chairs have carved sculptures, and the desk holds stationery said to be easy to use, along with furnishings that look like a proper study. Because the servants including myself clean every day, it has an immaculate cleanliness without a speck of dust. The window frames have been licked clean.

However, one thing that could be called a flaw has now been created in this beautiful room.

Still kneeling with a broom and dustpan in hand, I turned a questioning gaze toward the girl in the wheelchair.

“How exactly did you, sitting in a wheelchair, manage to knock over and break that vase?”

As I asked while cleaning up the scattered fragments of the shattered vase on the floor, the girl – the third princess Krell Carreralonde, with her characteristic long pale hair – fidgeted with her fingers and said awkwardly,

“Um… I was trying to throw away the trash.”

“Princess, your actions are not throwing away trash, but producing it. If you have intentions to increase my work as your butler, I’m afraid your thinking itself is trash. Despicable.”

“That’s not it! It’s just…”

Firmly denying my words, the princess paused briefly before continuing.

“I was trying to throw away a paper ball in the distant trash can…but I hit the vase by accident.”

She glanced at the crumpled paper with oozing black ink rolling on the floor.

I see, it doesn’t seem she’s lying, but that’s still no excuse. If this keeps happening and my work keeps getting wasted, I’ve had enough. I should admonish her a little more strictly so this doesn’t continue.

“Princess, are you aware that your athletic ability is on par with a titmouse hit by a carriage?”

“I don’t know how much athletic ability a titmouse hit by a carriage would have, but…”

“In short, really incompetent.”

“Yes…I’m uncoordinated.”

“If you’re aware, that’s good.”

As I spoke, I carefully wrapped the vase fragments collected with the dustpan in newspaper.

“If you run, you trip on flat ground. If you throw something, it flies in the wrong direction. If you stretch, you get a leg cramp. On top of that, you can barely use beginner magic. Please don’t throw things in the room with your incompetent coordination, Princess. Your control is horrendous.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Reflect on this. Really, although you’re sickly, your mind is musclebound, so I worry what you might do.”


It must feel like this to let a child play alone.

Thinking such things, I placed the wrapped newspaper by the door, as far from the princess as possible. If it was close to her, she might scatter it on the floor again. No, she definitely would. I have to prevent that future from happening.

Anyway, the room is clean again now.

When I turned around, the princess was glaring at me with an upward glance.

“Even though I’m technically your master…isn’t that a bit harsh?”

It’s obvious what she’s complaining about. Certainly, from a general perspective, my words and actions are not those of a servant. If the princess wasn’t my master, I’d be fired on the spot. Decapitated, of course.


“It’s because you’re my master,” I said.

I can’t have my master being the kind of person who causes a fuss elsewhere. No matter how superior I am to other servants, there’s a limit to how much I can cover for alone. I’m strict with the princess daily so she doesn’t embarrass herself.

“As royalty, you need a certain dignity. Frankly speaking, your actions significantly lack class.”

“Ohhh…does Roth hate me?”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

I sighed and shook my head sideways.

My feelings toward Princess Krell were decided when I became her servant. She’s troublesome, uncoordinated, easily fooled by bad men, a burden in many ways, so the only thing in my heart as her servant is one thing.

“More than the smiles of the people and world peace, I love you.”


The princess covered her face with both hands in silence, but I continued undeterred.

“It’s as unlikely as the heavens and earth turning upside down and conflict disappearing from the world, but…if I hated you, I would have left here long ago to serve another. You’re someone I judged suitable as my master. Your appearance reading books quietly, your expressions playing with small animals, your panic and desperation when you broke eight plates trying to reach something high – I find it all dear. I love you dearly. I love you.”

“Enough…that’s enough!”

“Is that so? I could speak for over six hours if ordered, so command me if you ever want me to.”

“I won’t order something like that!”

“What a pity. Oh, also-“

Mischievously, I brought my mouth close to the princess’s ear and whispered.

“The point is, I don’t entrust keys to people I hate.”


With a red face and spiraling eyes – the ultimate combo of cuteness – the princess reacted as adorably as ever. Of course, everything I said earlier is true. If not for her position as royalty, I’d want to marry her immediately and build a happy home, but I can’t distort reality. Though it feels like I could if I tried.

Longing to remain by her side but unable to, I approached the black box I had placed on the desk when entering the room.

Seeing that, Princess Krell wheeled her chair over to the desk. She recovered quickly today.

“Is that this week’s?”

“Yes. It’s about…twenty eight grams heavier than last week.”

“How can you even tell that kind of thing…”

“Because I’m a butler. Now then-“

I poured the chilled milk tea into a cup and lined it up on the desk, then took out pen and paper and sat across from the princess.

“Let’s begin the counseling session.”

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