Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 6

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Vice Captain Hans inadvertently stood up and led the toast. Everyone raised their cups and joined in the cheers.

It was a resounding success. Just by looking at this banquet, anyone who didn’t know anything would understand most of what had happened.

We managed to explore a map that was originally planned to be one to seven times larger, and we even found a vein of gold ore.

The Labyrinth dive has two main objectives. One is to mine resources used in various locations, such as magic stones, and the other is gold ore. The amount of gold directly represents wealth, and as it is mined, the country’s currency increases.

This country has one of the highest gold production rates in the world. For the upper echelons of the country, the significance of the Labyrinth is nothing more than an infinite gold mine.

“Vim-san, wow, that was amazing! I was thrilled!”

A woman named Monica sat next to me. She is a magician from Heidemarie’s rear guard unit. She’s older than us but probably one of the younger members in the whole squad.

“It must be difficult to improve magic like that without extensive knowledge, isn’t it?”

“Well, um, yeah, it could be… I suppose…”

“You’re a studious person, aren’t you?”

“No, well, back then I wanted to be a mage… so I had knowledge in that area first, and then expanded into other magical professions.”

“Oh, I have a complicated feeling about that!”

“Oh, well, haha… It would be better not to touch that subject.”

Monica is a beautiful woman with a very soft aura.

It’s hard to describe that feeling. She’s completely different from Dragon’s Wing. Is she popular? Well, that’s certainly true.

It’s not just Monica. It’s the whole atmosphere of the party known as ‘Night Dragonfly’.

I look around and think. For example, their table manners are very refined. Even though they seem to be drinking and making a racket, no one is talking with food in their mouths, and the use of knives and forks follows a certain pattern.

Ah, there’s an elegance about them. This “Night Dragonfly”.

“Hey, Vim, you seem to be enjoying yourself.”

Heidemarie somehow appeared beside me, munching on something.

“Ah… you too, tired?”

“You too, Vim. You must be tired.”

“Where is Heidemarie sitting?”

“Nowhere. She just came for the meat.”


I admire how they do as they please. It’s the privilege of the wise, I suppose. Being alone is truly a luxury.

“Well, it was beyond my expectations. Even those who didn’t know you, Vim, couldn’t help but notice your performance.”

“Oh, come on.”

“Especially Camilla’s intense gaze. You’re quite the charmer.”

“Stop it. By the way, is Camilla in the office?”

“Yes. She’s probably doing the post-processing for this mission…”


Marc and the members of the Shield Corps came up behind Heidemarie, cups in hand. I rose from my seat and bowed deeply.

“Wow, that was a big improvement! We weren’t expecting the reflection effect. Did you do it on purpose?”

“N-No, not really… Ah, it was just my assistance. It’s proof of Marc-san’s skills. Well, um, all five of them.”

“Hahaha! You’re quite the talker, kid! You’re going places!”

He patted me on the shoulder. Oh, he feels like a nice old man.

“So, would you consider joining us?”

“Oh, well, um, if I fit the bill… hehehe.”

Come to think of it, was there such a conversation? Huh? This is turning into a strange conversation, isn’t it?


Abel stood in front of me. His mouth formed a slight smile and he seemed slightly nervous.

“It was an amazing technique. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t recognise you as Vim-san at first sight. I apologise.”

“Oh, no, no. I’m a bit suspicious, as you can see… It can’t be helped, can it?”

What’s going on? He’s complimenting me so much. Even though I know it’s just flattery, it makes me happy.

Whether it’s the atmosphere of the party or the effect of the alcohol, I’m beginning to feel a sense of pleasure.

When I step back, it’s as if I’m in the centre of a circle of people, and that’s rather unsettling.

It’s nice, this party.

If I had come here instead of “Dragon’s Wing”…

No, it wouldn’t have worked out so well. I’m only doing customer service here temporarily through Heidemarie’s connections. If I had actually joined, I wouldn’t have been recognised as a valuable asset and would have ended up with my head down, doing menial tasks and eventually being fired…


Before I realised, Abel took a step back.


“I’m sorry, I’m going to die.”

“Oh no, no! It’s all right. As I learn more about you from Heidemarie, I realise that you have your own world.”

“Thank you.”


While the members are enjoying the party, I still have some work to do from the labyrinth dive. As the leader, it’s my duty, so I can’t help it. I decide to concentrate on the paperwork alone at my desk in the office.

“Will I finish it today? This…”

This time it was a great success. We explored the remaining levels extensively and even discovered a vein of gold ore. I won’t complain about the abundance of reports and paperwork for rights and declarations. There were also no casualties, so as soon as we have recovered from fatigue and resupplied, we will be ready for the next labyrinth dive.

We were lucky. It’s also thanks to everyone’s daily training.

However, it would be arrogant not to take into account what young Vim brought to the table.

Basic alertness, observation skills, delicate techniques, and above all, overwhelmingly powerful enhancements. By applying them to key areas of defence and attack, we were able to defeat formidable foes in less than half the time and effort it would normally take.

No, I shouldn’t exaggerate. I pause, gazing into the empty space and feeling a longing for this sensation.

It’s as if wings have grown on my back, a unity of body and mind. It’s so natural that it creates the illusion that my original abilities have been enhanced. I have achieved an output that far exceeds my actual power within the realm of ‘good feeling’.

Moreover, I have a premonition. Not as the leader of Night Dragonfly, but as the warrior Camilla, I’ve begun to feel the smoldering heat again.

Can I use this enhancement for training?

If I can vividly remember the sensation of Vim’s enhancement, it could serve as a guide to strive for greater heights. By focusing my training on reproducing myself from that time, I might be able to break through the ceiling I’m facing.

Various applications come to mind.

The heart of Dragon’s Wing was undoubtedly this young boy, Vim. It was because of him that the party was able to break through to the floor boss, even though he was a newcomer.

This raises a question.

Why did Vim leave Dragon’s Wing?

There was a knock at the office door.

“Um, Camilla-san.”

“Oh, it’s Vim. Come in.”

Vim appeared, looking a little apologetic. He was holding a bundle of papers.

“Um, this is…”

“What is this? Did you find it?”

“Yeah, well… no, not really. Um, these are my reports. The ones that have to be submitted to the Guild, yeah.”


“Well, sorry. Since we found the gold vein this time, I thought if there were any participants outside the party, we would need someone from their side to submit a report… Um, am I wrong?”

“No, you’re not, but, uh, sorry. Thank you.”

Indeed, when an outsider accompanies a group on a labyrinth dive where ownership issues arise, an additional document with the person’s signature is required to avoid conflict.

I leaf through the papers. Yes, they’re well written. In fact, they’re almost too detailed. In fact, I could easily separate them and attach them to my own report. That’s good. I’ll finish it soon.

“It’s a document I’ll need sooner or later… But I’m impressed that you remembered all these detailed rules. Did you take care of the accounting in ‘Dragon’s Wing’?”

“Well, um, I was… just doing odd jobs. Since I couldn’t do much, I did various tasks. Ahaha.”

“Odd jobs? What kind of position is that?”

“Well, since I can’t participate in combat, it’s anything except fighting big monsters.”

“Everything? Scouting, preparation, accounting?”

“Yes, because I’m not very strong. That’s about it.”

I’m starting to get confused. Is he exaggerating? Well, the report is all right, and in reality he has done various tasks… Anyway, it seems that he held several positions.

I see, this is a negotiation. He’s asking me to determine his value after he’s proven his worth to none other than me, the leader.

I understand now. He’s a boy who seems insecure, but he won’t take anything for nothing. He brought the report as a small token of gratitude, in consideration of the leader’s concerns, in a clever negotiation. He had calculated everything from the beginning.

“Um… Camilla-san?”

“How about 500?”


“Sorry about that. Even though you only accompanied us, you contributed to the extent that you did. We should have discussed the reward right away.”


“Unfortunately, the rights to the gold vein are completely under the jurisdiction of Night Dragonfly, so we can’t give you any money from there. But if you join our guild, I’ll pay you an additional 2,000 as a special bonus.”

“Um, what exactly are you saying?”

“Hm, isn’t that enough?”

In fact, it would be premature to judge Vim based on today’s work alone. It seems to be hiding something. Especially regarding his personal combat skills, I haven’t seen them yet.

Let me calculate. Map exploration has increased 17 times today alone. Considering the safety of the members and the reduction of fatigue, how much can I afford to pay without going into the red?

No, considering the possibility of using his improvements in training, it would be a waste to let him slip away now.

I look at Vim. He has a carefree expression on his face, as if the negotiations had nothing to do with him.

He’s an incredible guy.

Don’t let him get to you. Think, Camilla, think.

He deliberately came at the best time to sell himself at the highest price, while hiding his cards.

“…For today’s reward, 700, a special allowance of 3,000 upon joining, and a fixed salary equivalent to a high-ranking member, 600 per month. Of course, we’ll pay an additional bonus for each labyrinth dive. These minimums will definitely exceed the minimums of the executives.”


“What do you think?”

“Uh, um, is this some kind of joke? Sorry, I don’t quite understand… “Night Dragonfly’s way, I guess. Um, hehe.”

“No, it’s not a joke.”

“I don’t have to force you to take the reward… Um, well, if I could take it as a token of my efforts, I would be happy, but, um, excuse me!”

“Wait! Wait a moment!”

In a hurry, Vim opens the door and leaves.

“What on earth is he up to?”

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