Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 5

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The breath collides with the shields, causing the five individuals to drag their feet on the ground. But there’s no problem; the diffusion is working effectively. Moreover, they’re utilizing the diffusion to block the breath and even reflecting it slightly. It’s even better than expected. Truly deserving of their role as shields in the Night Dragonfly squad.

The Wyvern, which arrives late, stumbles in the air, taken aback by the reflection of its own breath.

“Rear guard, fire!”

Camilla commands.

“Understood! ‘Ice Thunder Spear!'”

Led by Heidemarie, the rear unit releases long-range magic—a combination of ice and thunder. A massive ice spear surrounded by lightning is launched with a thunderous roar, directly hitting the Wyvern unable to evade due to momentary weightlessness.

(scene transition)

I witness an unbelievable sight.

The shield class possesses a secret technique. By diffusing the enemy’s long-range attacks and finely adjusting the direction of diffusion, they can employ the very attacks as shields—a defensive miracle that skilled shield wielders can occasionally achieve through relentless efforts.

That miracle unfolds before my eyes with all five of them.

Although I want to gaze in astonishment, I restrain myself and relay the attack to the rear guard. As planned, the ‘Ice Thunder Spear’ strikes the Wyvern directly.

“Rear guard, prepare for a second strike! Start chanting!”

They reconfigure their formation and prepare for the second strike. As the dust settles, the fallen Wyvern is revealed in its entirety.

It lies there, attempting to rise. Its multiple eyeballs roll around, displaying signs of confusion, but also a calmness as if gathering information.

This is bad. It’s practically unharmed. While there’s a sense of impact within its body, there’s likely some sort of anti-magic attribute on its surface. We might be able to push through as it is, but it’s an unnecessary risk.

“Rear guard, cancel the chant! This Wyvern is a tricky one! Switch to retreat formation! I’ll handle it.”

I unsheathe my sword. In moments like these, it’s the perfect opportunity for someone with a grandiose title to step up. Individual combat prowess suits someone at the vanguard. Even though I’m always scolded with “The captain shouldn’t engage in such actions.”

As everyone retreats, reforming the formation while backing away, I dash toward the Wyvern. Whether I can defeat it or not, I can at least buy some time safely…

As I ponder that, I recall the previous reflection.

Are all five of them, the elite members of Night Dragonfly, capable of performing such a miracle simultaneously? Could this extraordinary coincidence occur today, in this place?

No, that’s not possible. The overlapping of miracles isn’t a miracle but a necessity. There must be a reason.

What could that reason be?

It’s obvious: the boy Vim. I’ve been listening to the interaction with the shield team, and even when it comes to bestowing enhancements other than magic, his strengthening is remarkably unique.

“Boy Vim! Can you enhance me?”

I transmit the message.

“Camilla-san!? Uh, is this personal!? Uh… um, what do you want!?”

“I’ll go all out with the attack. You’re familiar with my sword, right?”

“Yes! But…”

“I’ll adjust some of the sensations myself!”

(scene transition)

Just when I thought the decision to retreat was made as soon as the Wyvern’s characteristics were revealed, I was surprised to hear that Camilla herself would take charge of the rear guard. And then, she asked me to enhance her attack power.

She appeared to be a commander, but she turned out to be quite the battle maniac. This is Camilla, the Silver-Haired leader of the Night Dragonfly.

“Boy Vim, how much can you enhance me with your maximum power?”

“Well, it’s difficult to define, but if we consider it in terms of power accumulation, I can probably increase it threefold or so.”

That much, huh… No, you can still go further.


“You tend to prioritize safety too much. If we increase the danger, you can unleash even more power.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no!”

What is this person thinking? There’s no way I can bestow an enhancement that might cause the captain to fail. I can’t bear that responsibility.

“Don’t refuse so much. Well, it can’t be helped. Then, how about five percent?”

“Five percent?”

“The likelihood of encountering danger. If we tolerate up to a five percent failure rate, how much more power can you unleash?”

“Probably… probably around ten times. No, it’s impossible!”

Because a success rate of ninety-five percent is too low. I can’t accept such a probability.

“Enough! Show me what you can handle! Don’t worry! The Night Dragonfly members won’t blame you for that level of risk!”

“I don’t want to! The responsibility is too great!”

I shout as I disconnect the transmission.

“Did you say something?”


“Haha! I, Camilla, approve the bestowal of bestowed magic by the bestowed mage Vim!”

Oh my, this person is a mess.

“I don’t know!”


I proceed with the symbolic chant, thinking I’ve had enough. The symbolic chant is an incantation used to shorten the lengthy and complex chants required for advanced magic.

Advanced magic demands long and intricate incantations, so abbreviated magic spells are employed to shorten them.

These abbreviated magic spells themselves possess diverse and complex specifications.

The technique known as “Symbolic Chant” involves dividing a lengthy incantation into segments, adding tags to each segment, and pronouncing the written characters on the tags as a substitute for the extended incantation.

In this case, the act of reading the characters written on the tags is called a symbolic chant.

I analyze Camilla’s body. She indeed possesses an extraordinary physique. It transcends gender and even the structure of a human skeleton. I identify the positions of the joints, determine the center of gravity through their minute displacements, and reverse-engineer each pivot, force point, and action point.



I create codes to enhance each individual muscle. Since I must continuously adjust and guide them, I also establish pathways for communication with me.

The uniqueness of my bestowed magic lies here.

Normally, bestowed magic simply applies enhancements that last for a certain period. Although it has some effect, with my current amount of magical power, I can only sustain a few applications for continuous enhancements. If I were to bestow an attribute, for example, it would be depleted after just one use.

That’s why I had to develop enhancements with maximum efficiency. I categorized them further, applied them to the minimum necessary areas for the minimum necessary time, and selected the most suitable enhancements.

It’s finally completed, and the pathways are connected.

“Camilla! The enhancements have been bestowed!”

“It appears so!”

A faint light envelops Camilla as the enhancements take effect.

With a calm motion, she unsheathes her sword, raises her right hand, and firmly grips both ends of the unnaturally long hilt.

That is a magic sword, known as “Oogirioshi,” which responds to Camilla’s unique magic and enlarges.

With a running start, Camilla propels herself into the air, swinging the sword above her head.

Her leap causes her entire body to arch backward.

To ensure the proper coordination of muscles, I make slight adjustments and transmit commands through the pathways.

The codes are confirmed. Now, I must remain vigilant until the very last moment, never letting my guard down.

From this point onward, it’s up to Camilla.


In response to her incantation, the blade of Oogirioshi grows larger in mid-air.

Visually, it expands to approximately twice its size, then enlarges to four times, eight times, and sixteen times its original size before the swinging motion begins, distorting perspective. However, she wields it effortlessly.

This is the profoundness of sword magic—acceleration remains unchanged while only increasing mass, a truly absurd concept.

“[Giant Slayer].”

The enormous sword mercilessly strikes and slashes the Wyvern, disregarding the defenses residing in its skin.

Camilla gracefully lands, and Oogirioshi returns to its original size as if it were disappearing.

With cautious footsteps, she carefully examines the Wyvern’s corpse.

“Vim, boy.”

“Yes. Impressive, Camilla.”

“Thank you. It was a great addition.”

“I’m humbled.”

Having confirmed everything, Camilla finally turns to us.

“By the way, Vim, I didn’t ask before, but if your enhancement had failed, what kind of side effects might have occurred?”

“Oh, well, um, if it contained the risk of failure that we had this time, it would cause a slight discrepancy between the thought process and the physical body if the type of enhancement applied deviated. It would cause discomfort. If it went beyond that, the possible results would be, um, muscle strain, I guess.”

“That sounds painful. To what extent? Is it a torn muscle?”

“It would be that painful.”

“Painful? Won’t you hurt yourself?”

“Well, it would be painful. It would leave a big opening.”

“Hahahahaha… Hahahahaha!”

Camilla suddenly burst out laughing.

Somehow, everyone managed to complete the labyrinth dive safely, and we, Vim and the members of Night Dragonfly, were having a banquet in the great hall of the party house.

It was a strange thing. I thought we were going to gather after taking off our gear, but the hall was already set up with a magnificent feast, as if it could hold an army in formation.

Night Dragonfly had a huge subordinate organisation, and those who had failed the entrance exam were hoping for a chance to serve as estate staff.

Even with such a large number of people, there seemed to be a predetermined seating arrangement. I was ushered to a seat reserved for visitors and sat down.


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