Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 4

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Each profession is chosen by the individual after awakening to magical power. Once a profession has been chosen, it’s generally not possible to change it. Considering that we only have ourselves to live with, there’s no advantage to becoming a gifted magician who specialises in improving others. That’s why there are so few bestowed mages to begin with, and it’s rare to find someone who knows about it.

“Well then.”

I scan the shield team. Five people. Since they all have a similar build, it should be easy to coordinate.

“I’ll apply enhancements that focus on defence. Now for the authorisation declaration…”

When using bestowed magic, an authorisation declaration is required.

The definition varies, but bestowed magic primarily involves changing or enhancing the properties of objects. Just saying that makes it sound too versatile. However, when the crucial element of consciousness is taken into account, the whole picture becomes clearer.

A simple way to explain bestowed magic is that it changes things through consciousness. While it can enhance human physical abilities, it generally doesn’t work on inanimate objects. For example, it’s very difficult to soften and crush a large rock on the side of the road.

However, with a little twist, if we change something through consciousness, there are cases where enhancements can be applied to well-used objects. For example, a sword used by a swordsman can be enhanced. The ground under the soles of the shoes can be sensed. Tools that exist as extensions of the senses can be considered part of the human body.

It may seem like a matter of feeling. Magic, surprisingly, is something like that.

This also means that the magic bestowed is greatly influenced by the consciousness of the recipient. In most cases, enhancements cannot be applied without solid consent.

That’s why the affirmation is done. The wording can be anything, but it is said that the effect is enhanced by the clear declaration of both the caster and the recipient.

“Wait a minute, Mr Vim.”

A middle-aged man interrupts me. If I remember correctly, his name is Marc.

“Could you explain a little more? I’ve dabbled in bestowing magic before, but I’m not particularly fond of enhancements. It’s not that I don’t trust your abilities, but doesn’t that feel a bit different? I’d like to know what exactly is being improved. Besides, bestowed magic tends to assign attributes arbitrarily.”


What Marc said is true. The main reason why bestowed magic is disliked is because of the disparity in sensations. It’s the most worrying aspect of the Declaration of Consent.

However, based on my experience with Dragon’s Wing, my first impression was something different.

Are you interested?

“Um, well, I can only use basic level bestowed magic. So I don’t have any attributes, and I use different combinations that are a bit complicated. As for sensations, I can adjust them quite precisely, so if you let me know, I can adjust them.”

“Hey Vim, do you think I’m an amateur? I have some knowledge. Explain it in more detail.”

“Er… Is that OK? Even if you don’t care, the sensations will be the same, but the response will be better, and you can use a little more force than usual, I think.”

“What? No, what do you mean, the sensations stay the same? Is there such an improvement?”

“This is where the skill of the gifted magician comes into play. Can I really explain it?”

“Uh, sure…?”

It was the first time I had been asked to explain something. Usually I was just told not to worry about small details.

I was happy.

“Well, you see, the discomfort caused by bestowed magic, as commonly discussed, is due to the casting style known as the mould system, which is considered the mainstay of professional magic. But if bestowed magicians adopt it, it won’t work well. It’s actually a natural result if you look at the mechanism in order…”

“Yes. Well, different people have different builds and strengths. You can’t generalise.”

“That’s right! You can even break bones if you’re not careful!”

I was surprised! Marc understands! I see, as adventurers of ‘Nocturnal Dragonflies,’ they naturally consider these things!

“The important thing is flexibility in each situation! Um, what I came up with is, roughly speaking, preparing the minimum unit of movement using about 600 muscles, 103 pairs of bones, various connections to nerves and well-known weapons, and adjusting elasticity, hardness, friction, and so on. Each of these minimum units and their sequences is named as a code. My bestowed magic aims to minimalistically and optimally bestow the combination of the most suitable codes. …Sorry, I talked a lot. As for the enhancements I’ll apply this time, it will be a combination of seven types of defense-enhancing codes and twenty-five types of sensation-enhancing codes. Since everyone’s physique falls within a similar range, it should be applicable within the same code range as a principle. The defense enhancements are further divided into two types: flexibility enhancement, friction reduction, and friction increase are controlled by independent codes for each body part, while heat resistance, shock resistance, hardening, and dispersion change their proportions depending on the situation at that time. I control them through the pathways that connect me while actually being attacked. It’s a desperate measure I came up with because my magical power can’t sustain continuous layering. Hahaha… But surprisingly, it turned out that there are advantages to it. In short, it just eliminates unnecessary enhancements, so the discrepancy in sensations becomes much milder even without using sensation-enhancing codes. However, of course, that alone is not enough, so the twenty-five sensation-enhancing codes become important. Oh, of course, I use the term ‘enhancement,’ but it also includes the opposite, ‘de-enhancement.’ First, there’s tactile sensation, with skin sensation and visceral sensation—”


“Got it! Got it!”

Before I knew it, Marc interrupted me.

I snapped back to reality.

Damn it. I messed up completely.

I spoke too fast and blabbered on without restraint.

“Wow, so you can bestow that many simultaneously?”

Marc, with a somewhat exasperated expression, seemed to have been listening to the conversation properly.

I felt embarrassed.

“…I’m sorry, well, yes, no, um, well, it’s a bit different from what everyone might think of as excessive bestowed enhancements.”

Regret and guilt flooded me as I spoke. Looking back, maybe I got carried away after Camilla praised me.

“Um, it’s just that I’m doing it cleverly by dividing it into small parts. It’s a pitiful story, but I adjust it like this because I have limited magical power. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I spoke too much.”

Before I knew it, everyone in the shield team had fallen silent.

Yeah, I messed up. Yeah.

“Just to confirm, the sensations are the same as usual, right?”

Marc asked calmly, without changing his tone, as if he was trying hard to stay calm.

“Um, yes. It feels like everything is going very smoothly! Like that.”

Hearing this, Marc put his hand to his chin and fell into deep thought.

“I see. Grant the improvements. Declaration of approval: I, Marc, approve the bestowal of the bestowed magic by the bestowed magician, Vim.”


I thought he was sure to refuse.

“You’ve shown that you really think about us. Let’s at least try, okay?”

Marc said cheerfully. Abel followed him. The other three joined in.

It seemed that all five of them had a relaxed look on their faces. I couldn’t tell if they had given up or were surprised, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

“…Enhancement granted, complete.”

The enhancements were applied.

Marc and Abel faced each other.

“All right, Abel! Come at me for real!”

“Understood! I won’t hold back!”

“Then do it, idiot.”


“Idiot! Hold back…”

Before Marc could retract his words, Abel, who had already stepped forward, attacked him with his fist.

But Marc easily caught his fist.

“What is this…?”

He turned his eyes to me.

“…Impressive. It feels like I’m moving even though I’m not. It’s like I’m about to forget that enhancements have been applied.”


It’s like I’m about to forget that improvements have been made. That’s the best compliment I could have.

This is the realm of sensation enhancement. Adjusting the discrepancy in sensations through a kind of illusion-like adjustment caused by enhancements.

“All right, Abel! Come at me for real this time!”


The two of them exchanged blows for a while, but there didn’t seem to be any problems.

Occasionally they exchanged glances with me, and my cheeks lifted a little.

The place where we had taken up position was a room-like area that widened considerably from a narrow opening, like a bottle. If we could lure the wyvern into the mouth of this bottle with a self-contained decoy, we could make the first strike while we were ready.

My legs started to shake. It always happens when a large enemy approaches. It’s not that I’m afraid, well, I am afraid. But it’s also useful as a kind of reconnaissance, because the stronger the enemy gets, the more my legs shake.

And it seemed that the decoy had worked.

“All personnel, prepare for battle!”

Camilla’s message was broadcast to everyone. A moment of silence. Soon, the sound of wings cutting through the air was heard, and from the depths of the dungeon’s darkness, the wyvern emerged.

The grotesque creature, a monstrous black entity, lacks arms but possesses only wings and hind legs. At first glance, one can observe dozens of eyeballs divided into two groups, resembling compound eyes.

To be frank, it’s repulsive. However, if I were to describe it in a more elegant manner, it exudes the atmosphere of a dungeon.

With asymmetrical flapping wings, it occasionally kicks off the walls, swaying, while rapidly closing in on us.

At the moment of our encounter, it arrives—a green breath. The five of us line up in front of me, forming a single row of shields.

“Shield team here! Confirming the breath, engaging!”

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