Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 1

Chapter 5: Broken Sword

After returning to Ishka for the first time in about a month and a half, I had two things that I didn’t have before.

One is a black katana. This is not my soul equipment, but a normal weapon made by a human blacksmith.

Even if I say normal, it was made by an Adasteran Empire blacksmith who used black steel, known for its hardness.

It’s an excellent material that costs 10 gold coins each. Specifically, it cost me 50.

The reason I had been away from Ishka for so long was to go to the empire in search of this katana—that’s how it went.

As for how I obtained so much money, firstly, it was from selling materials from the magical beasts I defeated in Tittis.

The tails of manticores are sold at a very high price, around 18 gold coins.

Additionally, there was the price for the medicinal herbs I collected in the deepest part, which amounted to 2 gold coins.

It’s not much compared to the materials from magical beasts, but it’s surprising that I could get gold coins by selling herbs. After all, the herbs in the deepest part sell well.

Finally, there were the gears of the adventurers who were killed in the Lord of the Flies’s nest. I sold them in the empire because it would be problematic later if I sold them in the Kingdom of Canaria.

The necklaces with magical effects and shields with magical defenses were sold at a very high price, and I was able to get 60 gold coins.

Combined with the other earnings, I obtained over 80 gold coins.

One can live comfortably for a month with just one gold coin, so having 80 gold coins was quite something. It truly was a mystery to me to have so much money.

Well, more than half of it went due to the black katana, but it was unavoidable. Black katanas are popular because of their distinctive appearance and their durability and resistance to breaking.

The fact that very few blacksmiths make katanas compared to swords was one of the reasons why the price was so high.

I could have bought a regular katana and saved money, but it’s not that I chose a black katana because it looked cool. It was a choice with the purpose of not drawing attention to my soul equipment.

In the future, when I return to Ishka, there will be times when I have to fight in front of people. At that time, if I fight by summoning a black katana out of nowhere, it will definitely stand out.

It’s possible that some adventurers have heard about the Illusory Sword Style and soul equipment, and it’s not entirely certain that they won’t discover my connection to the Mitsurugi family. After all, the name Sora is Eastern.

To avoid such a situation, a black katana is always kept at my waist. That way, it won’t stand out even if I happen to summon my soul equipment.

That’s why the choice of a black katana, and there wasn’t an option to buy a regular katana from the start.

I had 30 gold coins left after acquiring the black katana. And the other thing I obtained was a beast girl who carried my luggage.

Looking back, the girl opened her mouth with a tense expression.

“Do you need anything, master?”

Young, healthy, and capable of withstanding battles. Ideally, she should be around 15 years old.

With such conditions in mind, the slave trader introduced me to this girl, her name is Seal Arous. It seems she was of the lion type. She had a name like that of a strong warrior.

…Upon asking her, it seems she has never touched anything other than farming tools.

Furthermore, it seems she wasn’t of the lion type but rather a breed of wild cats called ocelots.

“No, it’s nothing.”

I don’t think the slave trader deceived me, but she met the conditions, and since I have been closely observing her from the empire to Ishka, there were no issues with her words or behavior.

She hasn’t been an enslaved for many days, and in that sense, she will have doubts and concerns, but it’s inevitable. It can be said that it was a good purchase, just like the black katana. Although I had to spend 30 gold coins, but as I said before, it was unavoidable.

Thinking about that, I opened the door to an inn. The Blue Bird. It was the inn where I used to stay as an adventurer.

Upon seeing me, the innkeeper frowned. I threw some silver coins that were equivalent to a month’s accommodation, almost rubbing it in his face.


By the way, when the innkeeper’s daughter passed by, I also gave her some gold coins as a tip. It was too much to be considered a tip, but I decided to give it as compensation for previous troubles. I will continue to give the same amount for any eventualities.

When I entered the room, I remembered the confused and surprised faces of those two and burst into laughter.

Well, I’ll leave this little revenge at that. I didn’t choose this inn to show off all the money I have to that father and daughter. This is a supplier for the guild.

Of course, there are many adventurers among the guests. Moreover, it is deeply connected to the guild.

When I was expelled, the information reached the inn within an hour. By staying at this inn, surely my information will be transmitted to the guild.

The accusations directed at Miroslav should have been cleared, but the fact that I mocked the guild master didn’t disappear.

The case with “Falcon Sword” still remains. The guild will definitely continue to mark me as a dangerous person.

That’s why I chose this inn, so that it would be easier for them to mark me. They can watch me as much as they want. I won’t do anything.

If something happens while I’m doing nothing, that means it was the work of someone else. In a sense, the guild will prove my innocence.

However, if a problem occurs on the day I return to Ishka, it would be too convenient. Leaving that aside, I suppose I should also start working.

Yes, I will resume herb gathering from today!

…No, there shouldn’t be any problems with monster subjugation or bandit suppression in my current state.

However, since I was expelled from the guild, I couldn’t accept them as requests, and above all, I didn’t feel like showcasing my strength.

I am still level “1”—I want everyone to continue thinking that for now.

Some may be wondering how I survived and returned from the Lord of the Flies’s nest, but for most, I am still a “Parasite.”

It was a bit later when that perception changed.


The lowest class that exists in the Kingdom of Canaria, the Adasteran Empire, and in most other countries. The system of slavery has only been abolished in the sacred southern kingdom.

Even in the sacred kingdom, it is said to be difficult to completely abolish slavery deeply rooted in the history and society of the continent.

However, the reality of slaves is diverse even if they are called slaves.

Something amusing like this.

A wealthy boy hired a slave as a tomb guard. One day, the wealthy boy wanted to drink something, so he ordered the slave to buy a drink. Then, the slave responded like this: “My job is to be a tomb guard. It’s not to buy drinks.” The wealthy boy went to buy his drink himself with bitterness—something like that.

This shows that slaves have certain rights, and even the master cannot infringe upon them.

To be more specific.

A girl knocks on the door of a slave shop in order to pay off her family’s debt. At that moment, the girl can choose how far she is willing to go to sell herself. To be clear, she can choose whether to sell her chastity or not.

If she doesn’t sell it, she can refuse the sexual service of her master. However, it is natural that the amount of money will decrease accordingly.

Even the slave trader, the possibility of sale differs between those who allow nighttime service and those who don’t, so unless one has a very outstanding skill, a deal may or may not be made.

There’s nothing more wasteful than having a slave that can’t be sold.

As for the beast girl I bought as a slave, she sold everything to the slave trader. Even if I ask for nighttime service, she cannot refuse.

Of course, this was also reflected in the purchase price. Additionally, her visual acuity is very good, as well as her sense of smell. She can climb trees like a monkey, and she can swim like a fish in the water. She has a serious and honest personality.

She is obedient to orders, and although she doesn’t have much volume in her body, she is full of refreshing charm. It’s undoubtedly a very good deal.

Upon asking, it seems her father, who had been supporting the family, lost his legs in an accident, and they began to have problems with their income.

Seal, who was the eldest daughter, seems to have been trying to save her family by selling herself to a slave trader. When I heard that, I piled gold coins in front of the slave trader to break the deal.

It’s not that I’m playing the role of a hero. First of all, I bought a slave this time not to “devour” but to trap a certain elf, so I didn’t care which slave was bought as long as the conditions were met.

The reason I forcefully bought Seal was because she was the most suitable for this occasion.

Now that she has become my slave, Seal was letting out a sensual voice of “Ah… no… hyuu” while sitting on my knees.

We’re not doing anything indecent. I’m just playing with the cat ears on her head.

When I was a child, I did something similar with a cat that settled in the dojo. I nostalgically remembered that. Well, at that time, it scratched me without hesitation, and I cried.

In that sense, I can do whatever I want to this girl slave who sold everything. Fufufu.

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