Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 3

Mob No. 3: “That’s for your convenience. And if she’s beautiful, I’m even more reluctant! “

“It’s as crowded as ever here…”

After finishing the overhaul on my ship that I had to do because of the last job, I went to the Galactic Empire Pout stellar region – planet Ytz branch of the Mercenary Guild.

While not on the scale of the headquarters on the imperial capital planet Hein, it’s still a pretty big guild.

The reason I came here is simple, to find work.

I input the request code numbers displayed on the bulletin board into my terminal and take it to reception.

There I hear the details and decide whether to take the job or not.

Where I head is of course the uncle reception with no line.

If I tried lining up at the beauty receptionist’s place,

I’d get punched with a “Hey you! Don’t go lining up in ◯◯-chan’s line! Uppity bastard who doesn’t know his place!”

And even if I did somehow get to the front and was just talking about work,

I’d still get punched with a “Hey you! Can’t you see she doesn’t like you? Beat it!”

So for now, I headed to the usual uncle to receive a simple nearby pirate subjugation request.

“Here you go.”

“Yo, it’s you huh. Another simple pirate subjugation request? As boring as ever.”

This reception uncle is Antonio Roans.

A four way combo of ex-mercenary – dark skinned – bald – macho uncle.

But he’s not actually the guild master or anything, just a normal staff member at this reception desk.

“Boring is fine. Better than gambling my life away right? And even these simple pirate subjugations can be deadly if you let your guard down.”

“Well, that’s true.”

He says it’s simple simple, but the opponents will still ruthlessly come to kill me, so I can’t be careless.

Yet people look down on them for being a simple pirate and get done in by unexpected counterattacks.

Well as long as you don’t underestimate them, their equipment is often poor so subjugation is easy.

“But, could you wait a bit on that request?”

He would normally start explaining right away, but today was an exception.

“Why’s that?”

“Well, a noble lady is looking for escorts to move to a long term residence, and she told us to prepare 50 people. We’re short just 1 person.”

“In other words, participate to make up the numbers?”

“Yeah. The pay’s not bad, and with 50 ships the chance of being attacked is low too.”

“I refuse. That’d definitely get caught up in trouble!”

As reinforcements on a battlefield that’s one thing, but 50 escorts is way too many!!

It’s like they’re asking to be attacked.

And with that many people, there’s sure to be protagonist-type guys there.

“Come on, don’t say that and accept it? We’ll be in trouble on our end if we don’t have the full numbers. The lady specified tomorrow as the day. And she’s supposed to be quite a beauty.”

Beautiful noble ladies often tend to be terrible.

Even if the lady herself is nice, generally terrible people cling to her surroundings.

So no matter what he says, I refuse.

“That’s your circumstances! And I especially refuse if she’s beautiful!”

With that I requested registration for the simple pirate subjugation.

“Got it. I’ll go over the details now.”

Uncle Roans sighed like he had no choice and started the procedure.

While having that exchange,

“Hey you!”

I was called out from behind.


What is it? It’s pretty rude to interrupt when we’re talking about a request.

Thinking that, when I turned around my face was punched.

The one who punched me was a tall, slender pretty boy in his late teens, with the kind of expression that was brimming with confidence.

His outfit was stylish with a sense of cleanliness and elegance in its sporty design.

But right now he had an expression of intense anger.

What’s with this guy?

Luckily I didn’t fall or hit my knee when punched, but what the hell man, punching me out of nowhere!!

I’m meeting this guy for the first time and don’t recall doing anything to him!

The pretty boy punched me then immediately followed up without pausing,

“Why is it that even though a woman is pleading for help, you refuse to accept the request? You still call yourself a mercenary!

The female client said she’d feel uneasy without 50 escorts, so she sought help from the mercenary guild!

To refuse that is a disgrace as a mercenary! Quit right now! You pathetic creepy otaku!”

And berated me.

Ah I see.

This guy has the misguided idea that mercenaries are [heroic warriors of justice who help the weak and punish the strong].

He probably won’t listen no matter what I or Uncle Roans say, believing absolutely in his own ideals and never doubting them.

While I was worrying about what to do, Uncle Roans called out to this Hero-kun.

“Hey, cut out the quarreling at the guild, okay? Besides, your rank is soldier while he’s a knight. Not only is he your senior, but it’s up to the mercenary what job to take or refuse.”

Uncle Roans admonished him in a stern tone, but

“Of course I’m stronger than a guy like him so raise my rank immediately!”

Hero-kun sneered at me and ignored his words, behaving completely drunk on himself.

“Then will you take the last spot for that request?”

“Of course!”

Saying that, Hero-kun slammed his guild card and terminal onto the counter.

“Get to the designated location by the time specified in the regulations. I won’t forgive tardiness.”

Saying that, Uncle Roans started the procedure while cautioning him.

By the way, the mercenary guild has 6 ranks based on the mercenary’s contributions, with the ranks of chess pieces assigned from the bottom up as: soldier – rook – knight – bishop – queen – king.

The card colors are: soldier: green – rook: yellow – knight: blue – bishop: white – queen: red – king: black.

By the way, you can rise up to knight by contributions alone, but you need to pass a test to become bishop.

By the way, I’m a knight as Uncle Roans said earlier.

The test is a pain so I have no intention of taking it.

While thinking about that, Hero-kun glared at me and said,

“Well I’m sure the client will be happier to have me instead of a gutless creepy otaku like you. And don’t show yourself before me again or I won’t show mercy!”

He showered me with abuse and then left the place.

“What’s with that guy…jeez…”

“He’s a newbie, but has already successfully taken several big requests from the start. He’s got high hopes as an elite, you could say.”

As I was holding my punched cheek, Uncle Roans explained who he was.

“But still, why didn’t you counterattack or argue back?”

“Because that guy would absolutely not listen to anything we said right? Even if I reported him for violence at the guild, his fangirls would defend him, and by the time a verdict could be handed down, everyone in a position to do so would be replaced by his fangirl supporters.”

He probably sees me as some small fry enemy in an evil organization.

At worst he might casually pull a gun on me, or try to socially erase me.

“I completely agree with that.”

“So does this mean I can take the job here now?”

Saying that, I held my bracelet terminal out to Uncle Roans.

“Well, I guess that’s how it is.”

Sighing, Uncle Roans started the procedure.

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