Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 3

“We’ve been expecting you, Miss Orphan.”

As she left the office, a female attendant greeted Raze.


She had no special plans after that, as far as she knew. She tilted her head in confusion.

“His Excellency has instructed us to take your uniform measurements. Please come this way.”


Her current military and combat uniforms were perfectly adequate.

Seeing Raze’s confusion, the attendant gave her a gracious smile.

“Yes, the St. Oriole uniform.”

Only then did Raze finally understand, and her eyes grew wide.

(The school uniform!)

In her past life as a girl, it was common to choose a high school based on the uniform design. Though taken aback unconsciously, her expression brightened–but the attendant’s smile brought her back to her senses. Of course, the fact that this attendant had been waiting here meant that her enrollment at the academy was already a done deal.

As the attendant led her from the room, Raze pondered the lack of input she’d had recently regarding her own words and refusal rights.

“I’ve brought Lieutenant Colonel Orphan.”

“Oh my!”

When they entered the room, a woman who looked to be in her fifties and wore glasses raised her voice at Raze’s arrival.

“Congratulations on your acceptance. I’m Tennah-Saliban, the tailor. It’s an honor to meet you, Lieutenant Colonel Orphan.”

“Thank you for taking the time to come all the way here. I look forward to working with you today.”

“Yes! Let’s get you fitted for a uniform that’s just perfect for the Lieutenant Colonel.”

With a lively tone, Tennah pulled out a rack that went rattle-rattle-rattle.

Hanging from it were blazers and skirts completely mismatched to Central Command–Raze felt a sense of discomfort.

“At St. Oriole, we value individuality, so you’re free to choose any uniform piece you like from among these.”


As expected of a school for young nobles.

It seemed the source of her discomfort wasn’t the novelty of the uniforms, but rather the number of garments hanging from the rack. At St. Oriole, even the uniforms could be freely customized.

Noticing that Raze had become engrossed with staring at the prices, Tennah smiled.

“Once acceptance is confirmed, the academy covers the costs if you apply. Plus the bill goes to the military, so please, choose whatever you like!”

“Huh? It comes out of the budget?”

In that case, there was no need to hold back. With the memories of her past life, she was now highly motivated to pick out a uniform. She could get back at them for always overworking her like this.

In the end, the uniform Raze chose featured heavy customization for defensive ability. She briefly considered pants, but didn’t want to stand out strangely, so she went with a jumpsuit-style dress for ease of movement. Incidentally, the reason she picked a dress was that outerwear with more surface area cost more–but that’s strictly between us.

Though Tennah recommended pieces with ribbons and frills, Raze decided to steer clear of anything so cute, thinking she’d be anxious wearing something like that. More than anything, the military uniform made anything seem cute in comparison.

With the outfit decided, it was time for measurements. Raze obediently allowed herself to be wrapped in measuring tape.

“A St. Oriole student come spring.”

“I never imagined I’d get to attend school normally…”

Smiled at by Tennah, Raze felt a little tickled.

(I graduated from the training academy and military university, but…)

She had never dreamed that someone like her would get to attend a regular school alongside children of the same age, even if it was for nobles only. It made her feel as if she had gone to another world.

“Hehe. I should be able to deliver the uniform within a week.”

“Thank you very much.”

With the measurements finished, Raze bid Tennah farewell.

Taking one last look in the full-length mirror left in the room, she decided to pamper her short, bristly hair and sun-baked skin a little before enrollment to say goodbye to the military crop and complexion.

With this, there was nothing left for her to do at Central Command. Raze returned to her station.

Unlike on her way there, she now carried an envelope stuffed full of enrollment paperwork as she was wrapped in the light of a teleportation circle.

“I’m back.”

“Welcome home.”


Lieutenant Cross, working at the L-shaped desk beside Raze’s, stopped what he was doing to gauge her expression.

I wonder what kind of mission she was saddled with this time.

This girl, a good ten-plus years his junior, bore far heavier responsibilities than he did. Though adulthood came at seventeen in this country, it had been a while since he found it laughable that she, not even of age, was entrusted with missions directly from the Prime Minister of their nation.

Expecting Raze to start complaining straight away, Cross was shocked to see her sit at her desk in silence, opening the envelope she had brought back to look over the paperwork.


When he noticed her eyes were no longer following the text, he called out to her.

Perhaps she had been given an extremely difficult mission, after all.

“Oh, sorry. I’m just having trouble wrapping my head around this…”

One of the most powerful people in this country was perplexed by her mission–what on earth was going on? Cross grew more and more curious about Raze’s assignment. Noticing his gaze, she gave an awkward laugh.

“It’s a long-term solo mission this time.”

“Long-term, solo?”

Raze nodded.

In addition to being a three-year school, St. Oriole had dorms.

She would return to the military during long breaks, but would be away for quite some time.

“Captain Bonar is going to take command of the unit while I’m gone, so please help.”

“Wha–Colonel, just how long is ‘long-term’?!”

“Three years max.”

“Three years?!”

Cross was flabbergasted. He was anxious about nothing more than having to lead the battle-crazy Fifth Combat Battalion during her absence. And three whole years at that–the future looked bleak…

“C-Colonel. What exactly is your mission? I don’t have confidence leading that unit for so long by myself…”

Unable to stay still, Cross stood and came around to stand in front of Raze.

The badge on her formal uniform let out a soft chime, as if representing Raze’s bewilderment.

“Well, starting this spring, I’m going to attend St. Oriole Imperial Academy of Magic.”


Cross’s reaction was exactly the same as Major Welline’s upon hearing Raze’s news.

“Oh, don’t worry. I clearly passed the exam on ability alone. It’s a school full of kids of royalty and top officials, and I’ll be playing the part of a student watching over them all. His Excellency even told me to enjoy my school life.”

“I see. So that’s why it’s a long-term solo mission… And you were born in the Year of prophecy as well.”

Cross accepted her mission with unexpected ease. Though the prophecy had been sixteen years ago, there wasn’t a Cyan soul who didn’t know Crown Prince Ruben had been born that year.

The top military ace enrolling must reassure His Majesty and His Excellency, Cross figured.

“That’s good news. I was sure it would be infiltrating the empire on an intelligence mission.”


Seeing Raze looking oddly dispirited for such a rare low-risk mission, Cross gave her a quizzical look.

“Is something the matter? You look unhappy.”

“No, it’s just…I never imagined I’d get to go to school with kids my age… I’m not taking this mission lightly, but getting such ideal conditions makes me uneasy, too.”

Raze held up the academy pamphlet that had been in the envelope, gazing at it.

When she did so, the paperwork beneath it peeked out, and Cross’s eyes widened.

“A letter of acceptance… You’re a scholarship student?!”

“Oh, yeah looks like it. Full tuition and housing covered.”

Raze gave a bitter laugh, as if it were nothing special.

Cross had no idea what she was comparing it to that made it seem like no big deal. It seemed to him she barely had time to study in the first place–this girl was truly outstanding. As a commoner himself, she was plenty deserving of respect for mastering both pen and sword.

An overachiever pulled in all directions. No sooner would she return from an expedition than she was advising the development department on weapons. Or she’d be picking a fight with medical over sanitation issues. Or getting sent out on intelligence missions to other countries since she still looked young. Or being dragged out on high-difficulty missions as the Shadow’s Eye…

In these past two years, Cross couldn’t recall her taking more than three days of vacation at a time.

“Colonel… I’ll take care of things here, so please go enjoy the academy. Rest assured, I will take full responsibility for leading the unit.”


Given a serious look by her trusted subordinate when she had been worried herself just moments ago, Raze tilted her head.

“You’re our teacher, benefactor, family. Congratulations on your acceptance. Due to the mission, we can’t attend the entrance ceremony, but know that we’re cheering you on from here.”

So it seemed they had prepared an acceptance gift for her. With her blood relatives already gone, Raze was deeply moved to think of them as family. She hadn’t expected these rambunctious subordinates who were always asking if they could go kill someone to do something so thoughtful.

The outstanding Vice Captain must have arranged it for them.

“Oh, I’m surprised. What’s this?”

“It’s a gift from all of us in the 537th Blitzkrieg Battalion, with our gratitude for everything. Please accept it.”

Such a sudden surprise left Raze stunned.

“Thank you so much. I’ll treasure it. What’s inside?”

“A dress.”


“A dress.”


A dress? Why?

Raze stared blankly at Cross.

“You didn’t prepare one after all, did you? Though called a school for nobles, St. Oriole is no exaggeration. The entrance ceremony you wear your uniform, but the new student welcome party is formal dress.”


Her eyes went wide.

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