Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 5

Miroslav Sauzar hates men. If asked what the cause was, she would name her father without hesitation.

In her hometown, the Sauzar Company is one of the three largest companies in the Kingdom of Canaria, and Miroslav’s father built it in just one generation.

Her father, who brought a small clothing store in a corner of the capital, turned it into a major corporation in just 30 years, making him highly respected as a merchant.

However, as a father, he was a failure–no, he was the worst. At least, that’s how Miroslav sees it.

Her father always had women on both sides. Moreover, the women changed from one day to another. Just like his business, or rather, he was more energetic with women.

Miroslav is the seventh daughter of a mistress. Her mother was a dancer, and because her father loved her passionate dances and her fiery red hair, Miroslav was born.

Young Miroslav did not live in the main residence but in a less well-maintained villa. The surrounding residents called it the mistress’s house.

Miroslav does not remember talking to her father when she was young. While the children in the main residence wore colorful clothes, the clothing in the mistress’s house was very basic.

In the mansion, her mother and the other mistresses waited for her father, who had no idea when he would come, and took care of their skin and put on makeup.

In the eyes of young Miroslav, she saw that her mother and the others looked terrible. She couldn’t count how many times she wished she wasn’t like them.

That’s why she studied hard. Her goal was the Academy of Sages. That was Miroslav’s path to not become just an ordinary woman.

But even if she had the aspiration, the cost of the exam was not something a girl could afford. She had no choice but to rely on her father. Instead of begging, it was an investment.

If his daughter entered the Academy of Sages, the company’s stocks would also increase–thinking that, her father paid the cost of the exam. When she passed the academy’s exam, she shouted with satisfaction. That’s how Miroslav managed to escape the “Mistress’s House.”

However, despite the hardships she went through to enter the Academy of Sages, there was no rest for Miroslav. The first thing was her appearance. At that time, Miroslav had no interest in beauty.

What mattered to her was cleanliness. Even if her hair was in poor condition, even if her freckles were visible, even if she had dark circles from staying up all night studying, she didn’t attempt to use makeup.

Miroslav thought that such a thing should only be used by women trying to attract men. She also had an unknown fear of approaching her mother and the others with makeup.

Because of that, the looks from the opposite sex were disdainful, and she was shunned by the same sex. Nevertheless, Miroslav thought that was fine. No one would bother her, and she could concentrate on her studies as much as possible.

Indeed, Miroslav was excellent. Not only was she knowledgeable in magical knowledge and had magical skills that surpassed her seniors, but she also had a promising future.

Miroslav was proud of that fact and became even more committed to her studies. In other words, it could also be said that the wall between her and the surroundings grew thicker than before.

As a result, Miroslav’s attitude was perceived by others as “bold,” and from isolation, it turned into direct and indirect harassment.

It wasn’t limited to the opposite sex. Miroslav hated men, but that didn’t mean she was close to the same sex.

On the contrary, Miroslav looked down on girls her age who were enthusiastic about makeup and the opposite sex, despite having entered the academy.

Such feelings were related to nature and behavior. The few friends she had diminished, and continued to diminish. Eventually, Miroslav had no allies in the academy.

Such a situation couldn’t be pleasant, and the days of chronic discomfort continued. And a point of escape for Miroslav was the ecological research of a certain monster.

To the village she came to for that, called Melte. That village was the home of Lars and Iria. Lars, who was curious about the world outside the village, was amazed by Miroslav, who, despite her age, acted as a full-time researcher, so for various reasons, he followed her.

At first, Miroslav disliked it, but regardless of appearance and gender, Lars’s actions directly praised Miroslav, and she began to feel comfortable. At the end of the research, she realized she was clearly attracted to Lars.

She also knew that Lars longed to be an adventurer. There was extensive magical research at the Academy of Sages, and many became adventurers after leaving the academy.


However, that was a profession for the lower achievers. The outstanding ones obtained state jobs such as court mages or were sent to a magical institution. In fact, Miroslav had that path in mind.

Miroslav’s magical aptitude, especially in handling fire magic, was at a very promising level, and the academy’s superiors already had their eyes on her.

No matter how attracted she was to Lars, she had no desire to throw away a bright future for a boy younger than her. The connection between Miroslav and Lars was supposed to end as a temporary encounter.

But things suddenly changed. Originally, Miroslav, who was supposed to complete her course at the age of 15, was shortened by two years and finished it at the age of 13, expected to graduate as a prodigy.

However, on the day of the graduation exam, Miroslav didn’t show up. It was because she was locked in an old library in the basement of the dormitory.

Even if she tried to destroy the door using magic, she would be exposed to danger in a confined space. Besides, there was also the situation where she couldn’t damage the valuable books.

The criminal who confined Miroslav is still unknown. Later, she managed to escape on her own, then spoke about the situation and requested to take a new exam, but her request was not accepted.

It was an outcome considered a problem that the royal family, who came to see the prodigy, was wasted.

In this way, instead of Miroslav obtaining an honorable profession, she couldn’t graduate and was expelled from the academy due to inappropriate behavior.

From the beginning, Miroslav was isolated from her surroundings. Moreover, there was no one who could do anything that would incur the wrath of the royal family, so in the end, Miroslav went to the adventurer’s guild. And needless to say, she encountered Lars there.

However, Miroslav didn’t immediately go to Lars. It was because she didn’t want him to see her in such a fallen state.

There was no way she could say, “I was expelled from the academy for inappropriate behavior.”

She wanted him to know that she became an adventurer of her own accord, so she decided to make a name for herself. When she went to see Lars, it would be after she gained a reputation she wasn’t ashamed of.

…Due to that impatience, she was on the verge of suffering violent actions in the first group she joined, so it was no wonder she harbored great hatred towards men.

And now, she didn’t know how long, but she had been forced into a painful situation by the existence of a man. At first, she didn’t think of it that way.

The opponent was a level “1,” so she thought that if she got serious, she could resolve this matter.

But that thought vanished in a day. That person whom she had once ridiculed as a “parasite” and expelled from the group turned out to be incredibly strong.

Her strongest magic was neutralized as if it were nothing, her fastest magic was undone in an instant, and her trump card was interrupted in a humiliating manner.

Every time Sora kissed her, she felt that something precious within her was being absorbed and chewed on. There were countless times she thought she would die.

She tried to kill that man—no, that monster. It was something else in the form of a human.

It was evident from the fact that Sora, who should be a level “1,” perfectly neutralized Miroslav’s magic.

However, the monster in the form of Sora continued his actions, disregarding Miroslav’s resistance. She couldn’t escape, and the days of humiliation continued.

Every time their lips met, she felt nauseous, but her body experienced a strong pleasure and involuntarily heated up.

She also attempted to choose death. Sora wasn’t always close to Miroslav. Although he could prevent her from resisting or escaping, he couldn’t prevent her from committing suicide.

However, despite having that in mind, Miroslav didn’t do it. She was afraid to die, but it was also because she knew that Sora’s plan would still be possible even if she died.

Sora would use Miroslav as bait to lure Lars and the others deep into danger. Even if Miroslav died, Lars and the others who were unaware would come to her rescue.

Just when Lars came to rescue her, it would be unbearable for her to be seen in such a state—so that feeling deprived Miroslav of the option to commit suicide.

Unable to resist, escape, or take her own life, Miroslav gave up and allowed Sora to do as he pleased. To be more precise, she pretended to surrender.

No matter how much strength she used, Sora was a man. Just a greedy man. If she stopped resisting, he would think she had become submissive, and in that way, he would let his guard down. At least, that’s how men were until now.

In that way, she would make Sora drop his guard, and she would strike when Lars and the others arrived—that was Miroslav’s plan.

Deciding on that, Miroslav ceased her resistance and remained calm. Moreover, she couldn’t help but laugh at how Sora’s attitude softened.


It was a miscalculation for Miroslav, who was convinced that she would win if she held on until Lars and the others arrived, but that didn’t happen.

This was because Sora changed the original plan based on his new ability to devour souls, and of course, Miroslav didn’t know about it.

There was no way Miroslav herself could say, “Why are you setting a trap for Lars and the others all of a sudden?”

Those indecent acts repeated day after day, that time that seemed like it would never end. Every day, Miroslav’s mind and body were compressed, and her hidden limits were lost.

The anger within Miroslav was not directed solely at Sora, but also at the adventurer’s guild that hadn’t come to rescue her, and her companions from the “Falcon Sword.”

She didn’t doubt that Lars was searching for her, but what about Iria and Luna Maria?

This situation in which Miroslav was absent was a great opportunity for them to deepen their relationship with Lars—such suspicion clung to her chest and wouldn’t fade away.

If that was the case, the longer Miroslav was absent, the better for them. That suspicion eventually convinced her, and it quickly grew intense.

Normally, Miroslav wouldn’t have sharpened her emotions to such an extent, and she should have noticed the words that had struck her from Sora.

However, she was practically a prisoner forced to engage in indecent acts morning and night, which weakened her both physically and mentally. It was impossible to remain calm in this state.

Despite being the daughter of a mistress, Miroslav had grown up under the protection of the Sauzar company and didn’t know true poverty.

Being exposed to direct violence and malice, her mind and body were more vulnerable than expected.

After seeing Miroslav’s vulnerability, Sora attempted to break the last barrier he hadn’t touched before, and if she didn’t like it, he would tell her to follow his plan.

If Miroslav followed his plan, she would betray her companions. But if she didn’t, she would surely lose everything and meet a cruel end. Sora whispered in Miroslav’s ear.

“You won’t betray your companions, but you will simply exact deserved revenge on Iria and Luna Maria for abandoning you. If you cooperate with me, I promise to leave you and Lars alone in the future. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll take everything from you and kill Lars and the others. In other words, Lars’s life is in your hands—”

Those words that manipulated her mind and body, clouded her consciousness, and made her believe that betrayal was the best option, for Miroslav, it was like the whisper of a demon…

Ten days later, the figure of Miroslav Sauzar appeared in Ishka. It had been approximately a month since she disappeared.

The guild staff and the adventurers who had continued their search activities, especially the members of the “Falcon Sword,” were completely surprised by Miroslav’s appearance.

Then, they noticed that Miroslav’s long red hair, of which she was proud, had been cut to shoulder-length. And also, her one-month absence.

When they asked what happened, she shrugged and sadly lowered her head.

And she said, “I’m not agreeing the guild’s arrest, so I disappeared in protest.”

The guild staff who heard this turned red-faced and shocked. It was only natural. Addressing those people, Miroslav knelt down and apologized. “My head cleared while I was alone.”

She was willing to accept any punishment—but with those words, the place fell silent.

Afterward, Miroslav was taken to the guild and questioned, but in any case, the situation was resolved. The arrangement for Sora to be secretly pursued as a suspect was also canceled.

Another ten days passed, and Sora returned to Ishka. At that time, Sora acquired a new slave.

At this point, only two people, including Sora, knew that this slave would be a new pawn.

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