Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 2

Mob No.2: “But I refuse!”

After the battle ended.

It seems the Zeemas earl’s side did not hold the mercenaries responsible, but demanded an apology and enormous compensation from the Buckahoe earl family.

Thanks to that, the mercenaries hired by Earl Buckahoe’s side were able to receive supplies at the Buckahoe family’s base.

However, with my used modified ship, I can’t repeatedly perform that maneuver, so I need to properly dock it or overhaul it myself.

The compensation has already been paid, so I can leave anytime without issue, but I plan to depart later.

If everyone tries to depart at once, it’ll cause fights or accidents.

I may be seen as incompetent, but it’s better than being hostile or causing accidents.

While watching the ships depart, I suddenly received a communication.

“Yes, yes, who is this?”

[Nice to meet you. I am the small combat vessel WVS-09 Rossweisse. Am I correct that you are John Uzos’ ship [Patchwork] and you are the captain, mercenary John Uzos?]

Appearing on the screen was an incredibly beautiful blonde with blue eyes.

The kind of girl who would never talk to me except for sales pitches, receptionists, or scams.

Getting a communication from someone like that, moreover a stranger, only brings bad feelings.

“Yes…that’s correct, but what business do you have?”

I could’ve just said she was mistaken, but that would be pointless since she knew the call number.

[I’ll get right to the point. Would you like to switch over to me?]


What’s this person saying?

Switch over?

I’ve never had a lover since birth, so there’s nothing to switch over.

Perhaps sensing my expression, Miss Rossweisse continued speaking.

[I am the small combat vessel WVS-09 Rossweisse. I am the sentient ancient superweapon excavated from the ruins of the ancient civilization that you speak of.]


What’s this beauty saying?

A sentient superweapon?

If that’s true, it would be an incredible item!

It would fetch an unbelievable price if sold.

But I can’t readily believe such a claim.


“Wait wait! Even if that’s true, wouldn’t you already have a partner?”

Come to think of it, [Rossweisse] is the name of Ikiri-kun’s ship.

If she already has an owner, what does it mean for the ship to betray her owner?

[To be frank, my current crew member Lambert Riagraze is just all talk!]

The sentient superweapon Miss Rossweisse had an angry expression.

[[I’m the strongest mercenary!] and [There’s no one faster at piloting than me!] – He boasted all that, but the truth is he only became a mercenary 1 week ago, and today was his first battle!? What’s more! He had only ever piloted a ship on training simulations!]

“But isn’t it amazing he drew all those enemy craft and survived without being shot down?”

So Ikiri-kun was a newbie huh.

Well, he’s on the protagonist’s side so his hidden abilities must’ve activated for him to achieve those results, so I think that’s good enough.

However, Miss Rossweisse scowled discontentedly,

[He fainted and wet himself when a beam hit the barrier at the start of the battle!]

She bluntly divulged that.

He was probably quite upset about being embarrassed like that….

“Well…that happens a lot to new recruits.”

[What about you, Mister Uzos?]

“Well, at least I didn’t faint or wet myself. Not that I accomplished anything either.”

[In other words! As a mercenary, as a warrior, you have more aptitude!]

“Well, I don’t really know about that. Maybe he’ll transform later.”

Miss Rossweisse kept pressing me excitedly, but first battles can’t be helped.

[Anyway! All of my specs are hundreds of times better than your ship! Ride with me and glory and splendor will be as you wish!]

“It’s true such an amazing ship would be desirable.”

[Yes, yes! ♪]

Indeed, as an excavated sentient ancient superweapon, her capabilities would be tremendous – she could even battle fleets, let alone current combat vessels.

If I was piloting such a ship, I could have a prominent career as a mercenary.

So of course,

“But I refuse!”

I refused.

No joke!

If someone like me was on such an amazing ship, I’d immediately get dragged into trouble!

“A sorry sod like you would just let a treasure like this rot. We’ll make good use of it.” or,

“You must be threatening her! Release her immediately!”

Or I might get punched when disembarking!

So I refuse.

I’m unworthy – actor unsuited – know my lowly place.

She’s wasted on me anyway.

That kind of ship should be piloted by a handsome guy or beauty with protagonist attributes!

“So in other words, I have no intention of boarding you, so please work hard with your current partner.”

[Why?! I’m currently the strongest ship in the galaxy! Unrivaled! You can earn a huge amount!]

Miss Rossweisse desperately touted her advantages, but to me they were disadvantages.

The stronger the ship, the likelier I’d get sent to harsher battlefields and targeted by enemies.

I’ll say it again – handsome guys and beauties with protagonist attributes get burdened with that kind of thing!

Something like that isn’t fit for a mob otaku mercenary like me to shoulder.

“Anyway, since I have no need for you, please get along well with Ikiri-kun.”

[Wait a moment! Think it over more…]

Saying that, I cut the communication.

Just imagining what could happen if someone like me was on a ship like that frightens me.

You never know when you’ll die as a mercenary.

Overestimating yourself, getting cocky, standing out shortens your lifespan.

That’s why suitable equipment and environment for your status is important.

For a mob like me to survive long on the battlefield – don’t stand out, act cowardly, don’t seek glory.

Only the handsome guys and beauties with protagonist attributes can survive while standing out, acting brave, and indulging in glory and splendor.

A mob must not desire such things.

Knowing your place raises your chance of survival on the battlefield.

While reaffirming such thoughts, it suddenly got noisy outside.

Wondering what it was, when I looked outside,


“Don’t screw with me! I’m your owner! So why do I have to be kicked out!?”

[I don’t want to be owned by someone who fainted and wet themselves inside me at the first shot!]

“You…! Don’t screw around!”

It seems Miss Rossweisse and Ikiri-kun were having a fight.

Their voices reached here even though they’re quite far away.

And their statements are rather dangerous.

Those around probably don’t know Miss Rossweisse is an AI, so it just sounds like a lover’s quarrel.

And it sounds like they’re revealing private matters, which is in poor taste.

Well, best to stay out of it.

And thanks to that lover’s quarrel, the ships’ departure was halted, so I decided to leave the base for now.

I got approval from the control tower, slowly moved my ship toward the exit while watching the berths boiling with their lover’s quarrel out the corner of my eye, then blew the throttle and left Earl Buckahoe’s base behind.

Alright! I’ll hurry and finish maintenance then make a beeline for the anime shop!

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