Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 1

Mob No.1: [Hahahahahahaha! Our army is overwhelming! That foolish Baron Guy should have just handed over his daughter quickly! To think he resisted this much. I’ll be sure to treat her very lovingly after capturing her!]

My name is John Uzos. I’m a mercenary.

When you hear mercenary it has a cool image, but that’s only true for a handful of people.

The kind that become material for fiction,

Are beautiful men and women.

Their ships are either experimental models that no one could control, or ancient sentient super weapons excavated from ruins.

And they majestically pilot those ships, annihilating entire enemy fleets with just one.

Or infiltrate and completely destroy a planet-class fortress alone.

Or form a huge mercenary organization that doesn’t belong to any nation.

There are only questionable stories flying around about those kinds of people.

They live on a completely different plane from mob grunt mercenaries like me, an otaku with some pudge and glasses, whose ship is a used mediocre model even if modified.

Right now, I was stationed in the Fuiga stellar region within the Galactic Empire, and about to commence combat with the forces of Earl Zeemas as part of Earl Buckahoe’s forces.

The Galactic Empire is currently in the midst of domestic turmoil, with nobles of the same rank fighting over things like whose status is higher, and whether to hand over antique items or not.

Just stupid reasons to go to war.

And sure enough, it seems this Earl Buckahoe took a liking to Zeemas’ only daughter, and demanded she become his mistress.

I wonder if that old man would die if I rushed onto the flagship bridge right now and kicked him in the crotch?

Well, it was my mistake for taking this job without confirming that kind of thing first.

By the way, Earl Buckahoe is currently addressing the entire fleet, claiming this is retaliation for Earl Zeemas insulting him, but we all know the truth!

Anyway, his speech should be ending soon, so I’d better prepare for combat.

Once it starts, I’ll attack moderately from the edge of the combat zone and focus everything on evading.

That’s the strategy for survival.

“Alright! 4 aircraft shot down!”

It has already been 1 hour since the battle began.

I had somehow barely survived at the edge of the combat zone.

“Have they suppressed this area already?”

A totally obvious flag, but luckily it seems there was no problem.

Just then, a fleetwide communication came in.

[Support unit on the left flank! Head to reinforce the center! We’re being pushed back a bit!]

It was Lieutenant Galven, the guy in charge of us mercenaries.

Nice guy, but I’d prefer a cute female soldier to show up.

Or no problem if he himself was a beautiful female officer.

But reality is a worn out old man.

“Ehh?! What happened to the guys who were at the central unit? There was definitely some guy who went [Ha! A group of small fry like that is nothing against me! Don’t get in my way, mob!] right?”

[The support units are still holding out, but the main force is faltering. Also, that guy hasn’t shot down a single one.]

Lieutenant Galven politely answered my murmuring.

Well, it’s not that rare to not shoot down anything in combat, but with how cocky he was, it’s quite lame.

Anyway I decided to head to reinforce the center.

Rushing over, the situation at the center was pretty bad.

The support units were roughly holding their own, but the main force was faltering.

Wait, if the support units weren’t here it would have been really dangerous right?

And that Ikiri-kun was attracting dozens of enemy craft, wildly flying around the battlefield.

“Wow, incredible! He has no time to counterattack with that many chasing him!”

Because Ikiri-kun had drawn so many enemy craft, our allied craft had plenty of breathing room.

But that many chasing him and not being shot down must be due to his ship’s capabilities too.

As expected of protagonist Ikiri-kun. His actions are flashy.

By the way, when you hear rushing over, it sounds like I slowly meandered my way there, but the phrase is written as [oitori katana], meaning the situation was so sudden there was no time to properly put a sword at my waist so I came rushing over gripping it in hand, so rushing over is the correct meaning.

But anyway, I’ve gotta take down the guys stuck to that Ikiri-kun!

Besides me, the support unit guys were also shooting down the ones chasing Ikiri-kun.

But letting my guard down because of that was bad.

I had gotten preyed on from behind.

I’m somehow evading their attacks but this is bad if it continues.

I’ve gotta do this even though it puts strain on the ship!

First, open the throttle all the way to fly at full speed while leading the enemy directly behind me.

When the enemy is right behind, raise the nose, fire the attitude control thrusters on the underside of the ship at full power for an instant, and cut the main booster – doing this all at the precise timing.

Then, the ship will rotate and jump over the enemy’s ship, and if I fire the beam at that moment, the enemy will certainly become a beehive.

In other words, it’s the basic tactic of doing a somersault to get behind the enemy, but since the sudden nose up makes it look like the fuselage snapped from being attacked, we call it a [Feigned Kill].

And the enemy fell for it perfectly.

While doing that, the support unit on the right flank also arrived.

Then, the center suddenly became overwhelmingly advantageous for Earl Buckahoe’s forces.

With the forces on both flanks gone, morale would also drop for Earl Zeemas’ forces.

And when the number of enemies chasing Ikiri-kun fell below ten, and the entire battlefield became dominated by Earl Buckahoe’s forces, something unbelievable happened.

Earl Buckahoe’s flagship came forward, firing its main cannon, while yelling foolish things on an open channel to all friendly and enemy forces.

[Hahahahahahaha! My forces are overwhelming! That foolish baron should have just handed over his daughter quickly! To think he resisted this much. I’ll be sure to treat her very lovingly after capturing her!]

Ah, that’s a death flag.


The moment I thought that, one of the ships stuck to Ikiri-kun’s ship made a kamikaze run straight into the bridge of the flagship.

It was so fast that no one on our side could react.

Of course neither could the enemy side.

They probably weren’t expecting something like that.

It was probably some young soldier who had feelings for the baron’s daughter or something.

Even after taking that kamikaze hit, the ship didn’t sink, but the bridge was heavily damaged, barely retaining its shape.

If they hadn’t been wearing spacesuits properly, the earl and his entourage would certainly have been dead.


[Ah, this is Lieutenant Galven, currently the highest ranking officer. Earl Buckahoe and Colonel Scantun are dead, making continuation of combat impossible. I announce to all officers and men. Halt combat immediately! This foolish killing is pointless!]

With those words in an open transmission from a different ship, that Lieutenant Galven’s words made everyone halt combat.

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