Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

Miroslav let out a confused voice upon hearing the person she was supposed to have burned.

The dust that obscured our vision gradually diminished, revealing our appearances again.

The sorceress’s eyes that looked at me were as wide open as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Why… Why are you still alive?”

“Must be because your magic was too weak. Would you like to try again with the incantation this time?”

“You… ‘Pierce through–Fire Needle!'”

When Miroslav activated her magic with angry eyes, a sharp and pointed flame approached my face.

A fire arrow–no, it was more like a fire lance.

According to Miroslav, it was second-grade fire magic. It’s weaker than the Princess of Flames, but it still has enough power to make me disappear if it hits me directly.

Regardless of her personality, Miroslav is excellent as a sorceress. Thinking that, I opened my mouth.


Then, I extinguished the approaching flame with that voice. The red-haired sorceress, who was confident that her magic would make me disappear, stood dumbfounded and took one, two steps back.

“It can’t be… How is it possible for a level ‘1’ to withstand my magic…? W-What did you do?”

“That was an energy burst.”

“Energy… burst?”

“It’s a magic from my homeland. If I were to explain it in a mage’s interpretation, it would be that I released the magical power from my body to cancel out your magic—something like that.”

“Stop joking! My magic uses the magical power of the world. There’s no way you can cancel it with the magical power of your body! A-And besides, it’s impossible for a level ‘1’ like you to cancel the magic of a level ’15’ like me!”

She raised her voice, devoid of astonishment or anger. I simply chuckled.

“I don’t care if you refuse to acknowledge the facts. There’s no need to convince you.”

As I said those words, I closed the distance between Miroslav and me in an instant, and swiftly kicked her feet, making her fall to the ground. Ignoring her agonized voice, I held her fallen body as if covering her. Miroslav couldn’t react to my movements at all.

“L-Let go of me, you scum!”

Miroslav started thrashing violently to try to escape.

However, I strengthened my physical strength with energy, so her resistance was as weak as that of a child.

I didn’t loosen my grip even for a moment, and continued holding Miroslav’s body with both hands and feet.

Despite being in that position on the cave floor, she glared at me angrily.

“What… What are you going to do with me?”

“You’re no longer a brat, so I’m sure you already know.”

As I taunted her with those words, Miroslav’s face turned pale. Seeing her reaction, I burst into laughter from the depths of my throat.

This is the place where the larvae devoured me alive. A place where I shed tears, nasal secretions, and even urine while pleading for survival. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

There’s no better place to make Miroslav experience humiliation and fear—the revenge I had held onto until now boiled, and the corners of my lips naturally curved upward.

Miroslav, who saw that up close, radiated intense light in her eyes as her face grew paler. A clear fighting spirit.

“Magical solution–“

Miroslav tried to cast magic with a sharp voice. It was probably one of her trump cards, but of course, I didn’t stand idly by waiting for her to do it.

—I forcefully interrupted her incantation by sealing her lips with mine.

At first, Miroslav seemed unable to comprehend what had happened. She was stunned, eyes wide open. But she quickly understood the situation, let out a hoarse scream, and struggled like a cat that had fallen into water.

I smiled cruelly and attempted to move on to the next stage.

At that moment.

—That something arrived abruptly.


DONG, my heart beat violently. An impulse similar to sexual desire ran through my body.

When I realized it, I was holding Miroslav’s body tightly in my arms. She was screaming, but I didn’t care.

As I embraced Miroslav, I pressed my lips against hers even more forcefully than before, forcing them open—’Devour.’ Her soul, which is the most important thing to her.

At that moment, Miroslav’s body jerked in my arms. I don’t know what kind of sensation she feels when devouring her soul.

However, it seems safe to say that it’s something she has never felt before. Miroslav desperately shook her face, trying to make me let go of her.

But I ignored her actions. I mean, I wasn’t even looking at her. Because I was completely absorbed in the tremendous pleasure.

The pleasure I felt when I cut the larvae and the Lord of Flies continued as I sucked on those lips.

And it wasn’t just that. My mouth was filled with a melted sweetness. They say a girl’s lips are sweet, and it wasn’t just a metaphor, it was truly sweet.

It was a sweetness that reminded me of a fine honey liqueur that surpassed everything, and I was enjoying it like never before.

Drink, drink, drink, just drink. How many times had I repeated that?

In my arms, Miroslav had a flushed face as if she had a fever, while her whole body relaxed as if she were in awe.

Obviously, that seemed strange, but I kept acting on impulse.

I kept going, kept going, kept going, and before I knew it, my level had increased to ‘6’.

An ability to devour an opponent by overlapping with them. Another way to devour souls. With this new power, I decided to change my revenge plan, which I had worked on until now.

The original plan was to capture Miroslav, then inform Lars and the others and try to lure them into the depths of this place.

Everyone in ‘Falcon’s Sword’ are adventurers with double-digit levels, and I hoped that the value of their souls would be considerable.

However, I noticed something

Naturally, once you kill them, you can only devour their soul once.

As I come to that inevitable conclusion , I’ve come to realization, those souls are more valuable.

In that sense, it was a fact that I thought there might be a way to make better use of “Falcon’s Sword.”


Furthermore, if I were to simply kill them, they wouldn’t taste the fear and despair that I suffered in the Lord of Flies’ nest.

I wanted to throw them into that hell as deep and long as possible, as if drowning them in a muddy swamp of agony—I always had such a dark idea in my heart.

That’s why this recently developed ability pleased me. With this, I can inflict much deeper and prolonged suffering upon “Falcon’s Sword” than just killing them. And since my level also increases, I have no complaints.

The soul devourer is somewhat similar with sexual activity, and if I make a mistake, I could be identified as a vampire or another monster, so I have to act with caution, but this is deep in Tittis.

No one will notice what I do. I continued to harass Miroslav day and night to learn more about this ability. She is someone who once tried to kill me. No matter what happens to her, my heart feels no guilt or anything like that.

And the newly acquired knowledge is as follows.

First, the soul will recover to some extent if it rests like physical strength or magical power. If I devour part of the souls I will recover a bit the next day.

Moreover, regarding this amount of recovery, it seems that if you devour many part of the souls at once, it will take a long time to recover.

If I devour tenth parts of souls, the amount of recovery the next day will be one, but if I devour five, the amount of recovery the next day will be two, and if it’s seven, it will be three.

Regarding the numbers, it’s according to my experience, but there’s no doubt that the number of souls devoured affects the amount of recovery the next day.

Devour moderately and rest moderately. That way, the soul can be efficiently exploited. After knowing that, I stopped excessively harassing Miroslav.

As a result, Miroslav’s attitude also changed slightly. At first, she resisted violently every time I approached her and often attacked with magic, but in the past few days, that stopped, and she has been very calm.

Her expression was disgusting as always, and after finishing talking, she made grimaces again and again, but at least, that resistance she had stopped.

It’s possible that she’s afraid I will harass her like in the previous days if she tries to do something foolish.

Moreover, upon observing Miroslav’s state, it seems that she felt a slight sense of pleasure when I devour her soul.

It’s probably a mental and physical defense reaction to devouring her soul. When a vampire sucks the blood of a virgin, that person reacts with sexual pleasure, so it seems to be something like that.

And Miroslav was on guard against this pleasure. Well, pleasure is amusing since it’s something temporary, and by forcing her to experience pleasure against her will for a long time, it’s equivalent to torture.

This must be another reason why Miroslav’s attitude changed. With that in mind, I decided to move the plan to the next stage.

Although the soul can be devoured efficiently, I’ve already noticed that one person is not enough

The next plan is to “Increase the providers.” Conveniently, there are still two women in “Falcon’s Sword,” Iria and Luna Maria, so I will go after them.

However, even if it’s to increase my providers, it’s risky to capture them like Miroslav and take them to the nest.

With Miroslav’s disappearance, Lars, the others, and the guild must be more vigilant than ever.

There’s no guarantee that I can do the same as before, even if no one can find me, I can’t live in hiding forever.

Ideally, Miroslav, Luna Maria, and Iria would follow me of their own accord. Of course, there’s no way that would happen naturally, so I have to act.

The steps to achieve that are already in my head. For that, it is first necessary for Miroslav to obey me. For her to willingly obey me and set a trap for her comrades, originally, that’s something that would never happen. But I’ve been seeking the information to make it possible in the past few days.

In the morning, I asked Miroslav a question as she came out of the camping tent I prepared for her, with a straightforward attitude, to connect our lips.

“Now that I think about it, why haven’t you had any experience with men? I thought you had already slept with Lars a long time ago.”


Miroslav was momentarily stunned, suddenly creasing her brow deeply.

“That’s none of your concern.”

The response I was expecting came, so I laughed mockingly and reached out toward Miroslav’s clothing.

“True, it’s none of my concern. In that case, there’s no problem if I take it, right?”

“Please, stop!”

After screaming, Miroslav quickly lowered her gaze. If she didn’t respond, it seems she would understand that I had actually taken measures in this half-month confinement life.

“…I won’t become anyone’s lover or concubine. Even if it’s Lars.”

“Do you mean you won’t have relationships until after marriage and become an official wife?”

Upon hearing Miroslav’s words, I crossed my arms. In the marital system of the Kingdom of Canaria, it’s monogamous for commoners, and polygamous for aristocrats.

More specifically, the lower nobility (knights/barons) can have two wives, and the higher nobility (Counts or above with territories) can have three wives.

This is common in continental countries, even the Adastela Empire, and in general, an “official wife” refers to the women included in this framework.

Women who are not included in this framework are called lovers or concubines.

What Miroslav means is that no matter if it’s Lars, she won’t accept any position other than being the official wife.

“Will you accept it calmly if Lars chooses Iria instead?”

“Hmph! In time, Lars will receive a recommendation to become a knight. If necessary, a meeting can be arranged within the Sauzar company!”

“I see.”

Even if she becomes the second wife, she’s still an official wife. It seems her pride was overflowing. Miroslav was smiling as if imagining such a scene.

However, that smile quickly disappeared when she saw me in front of her.

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