Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Sister

In the midst of my usual research in the study, I noticed the door creaking open slightly. However, it wasn’t someone entering the room. Through the crack in the door, I caught sight of a pair of deep purple eyes, identical to mine, fixed on me intently. Did they believe they were being discreet? But our gazes met completely. Should I pretend not to notice? It feels as though I’m being heavily guarded.

“…Nii-chan, what are you doing?”

“I’m conducting some research… Would you like to join me, Meldy?”

Meldy-Valdia. She’s an adorable four-year-old girl with red hair and our mother’s violet eyes.

“Nii-chan, can I stay with you…?”

“Sure, I don’t mind. Come here, let’s read a picture book.”

“Really!! You’re not lying, right!?”

Meldy swung the door wide open and rushed toward me, her eyes sparkling.

“I’m not lying. Shall we start reading now? But first, close the door.”


Meldy happily closed the door and approached me.

As I delved into Reed’s memories, the sorrowful exchange with Meldy surfaced in my mind. When Meldy was born, Reed adored her with all his heart. But as our mother, Nunnaly, fell ill, Reed began projecting his unfounded anxiety onto others. Perhaps it was his way of shielding his vulnerable heart as a child. Unfortunately, that anger also found its way to Meldy. Reed would shout at her for simply coming near him. When Meldy inquired about our mother, Reed would even resort to violence, striking her. Thankfully, Galun, Danae, and the other maids would intervene, preventing any serious harm. This incident was dismissed as a “childish quarrel.” Nevertheless, it created a growing distance between us as siblings. From then on, the household members made efforts to keep us apart, allowing us to interact only during mealtime.

“…Meldy, I’m sorry.”


“What for? Oh, Nii-chan, it’s not good to sleep in the garden.”

“Huh? You knew about that too? Don’t imitate me.”

“I won’t do such a thing.”

“Yeah, you’re a smart girl, Meldy.”

“Yeah, I’m a smart one.”

Meldy was called smart, and she giggled, her body wriggling as if she were tickled.

“Oh, Nii-chan. If you want, you can call me Mel.”

“…Is that alright?”

“Yeah, Mama always calls me Mel. So, Nii-chan can too, because you’re special.”

“I see, you’re special. Thank you.”

I smiled and replied, and Mel chuckled again, saying “Ehehe.” Afterward, I read picture books to Mel for a while, as if seeking redemption for my past transgressions.

As time passed, Mel drifted off to sleep while I read to her. I called for a maid, and after a brief pause, a gentle knock echoed through the door. When I granted permission to enter, Danae stepped into the study, her voice filled with a quiet “excuse me.”

Mel lay on the sofa, softly snoozing. Danae displayed a slight surprise upon witnessing the scene, but her face swiftly softened into a tender smile. Mel’s slumbering countenance was undeniably adorable. I believe anyone would smile upon seeing it. Danae inquired, “Meldy-sama, can you wake up and walk?” but received no response. Mel seemed to be soundly asleep. Danae lifted her up in her arms. When I opened the study door, she smiled and expressed her gratitude before leaving. Danae headed straight to Mel’s room, cradling her gently.

As I crossed paths with Danae, Galun arrived, casting a puzzled look at me and asking, “…Were you with Meldy-sama?”

“Yes, when I noticed the study door slightly ajar, Mel was peeking in. I read her a picture book until she fell asleep.”

My response seemed to catch Galun off guard, but he soon smiled, seemingly relieved.

“I see. Thank you for that. Please continue to take care of Meldy-sama from now on as well.”

“Of course. She’s my sister.”

Galun probably knew how I had treated Mel in the past. His expression held a hint of surprise upon hearing my answer.

“…Reed-sama seems to have changed a little after collapsing in the garden.”

“Huh? D-Do you think so? I don’t believe I’ve changed much.”

I tried to maintain a composed demeanor, but my heart continued to race.

“I understand. I apologize if I overstepped. It was not my intention.”

“N-No, it’s alright. Thank you for your concern.”

Our conversation seemed to carry an air of suspicion. Galun smiled and bid me farewell before exiting the room.

“Phew… That was unexpected. I suppose, compared to how I used to be, I shouldn’t be so surprised?”

When our mother fell ill, my mind was tormented, and I lashed out at everyone indiscriminately. The memories of that time still linger within me. That’s why I once again vowed to save our mother and retreated back into my study.

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