Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4: Another Way to Devour Souls

Miroslav Sauzar, the sorceress of “Falcon’s Sword,” was in a bad mood. The reason is obvious: she hasn’t been able to go out much for almost a month.

This is due to the request (order) from the adventurer’s guild to protect Miroslav.

It has been a month since Sora survived the Lord of Flies and disappeared from Ishka.

Sora, who holds a grudge against Miroslav, might try to do something against her, so she was transferred to a mansion prepared to protect her from danger.

However, Miroslav’s level has reached “15,” while Sora’s is “1,” so it is more than obvious that it’s the opposite she would try to attack him as soon as she sees him.

Naturally, the guild knew this, and in addition to that, measures were taken to prevent Miroslav from leaving.

It was a detention and punishment for attacking Sora when she was pursued by the Lord of Flies.

“This is irrational. What sins am I supposed to have committed?” Miroslav bit her nails in an empty room. No, she tried to, but stopped halfway. It was foolish to hurt her beautiful nails with her teeth.

There are no inconveniences with food and water, and she can read magic and academic books if she wishes. At first, she took it as a vacation.

That’s why she took extra care of her hair, nails, and skin. Care is always essential, but if you’re active as an adventurer, you’ll have limited time to take care of your beauty. In that sense, she pampered herself.

However, that kind of life continued for a month, and obviously, it depressed her.

Furthermore, Miroslav had never experienced such suffocating life while being observed.

It seems that Lars and the others were given a different type of job, so it was difficult to see them.

The fact that she didn’t know how long this life would continue also frustrated Miroslav.

Inevitably, that frustration fell on the person who caused it.

“Sora… Wouldn’t it be useless to let a man like him live? A man who couldn’t leave the tenth class for more than five years should feel honored to give his life to save Lars.”

Miroslav thought that Sora should be grateful to her because she tried to give him that honor.

A voice of undeniably hidden hatred could be heard from the sorceress, who had no remorse for attacking Sora.

Indeed, Miroslav does not consider her actions to be wrong. She is aware that her behavior was objectively problematic, but if she could rewind time, she would do the same thing again.

“I don’t care what happens to other men besides Lars.”

Miroslav’s voice affirmed that it was filled with hatred for Sora and for the existence of men in general.

A father who had many lovers due to the power of money.

Students from the Academy of Sages who harassed a young Miroslav simply because they lost against her.

The memories of other men apart from Lars meant nothing to her. To that Miroslav, entering a group with men was nothing more than a headache. If it weren’t for Lars inviting her, she would have strongly opposed it.

Fortunately, Sora had a talent limit problem, so she only endured it for half a year, but still, that frustration she felt didn’t disappear.

Furthermore, Miroslav, who thought that an incompetent like Sora should be erased from the glorious record of “Falcon’s Sword,” She continued to show hostility towards Sora after expelling him from the group.

It would be better if he died, but she couldn’t do that. So she decided to drive him out of the city. Never seeing him again was the same as him being dead.

Miroslav spread rumors and bad reviews to corner Sora. They worked well, and one of the surest ones was spreading the infamous nickname “Parasite.”

“Hehe, that moment, the sight of that man’s back.”

Miroslav exclaimed with joy as she recalled Sora’s figure leaving the bar as if escaping.

It was an event in a bar that caused Sora to be hostile towards Luna Maria. In fact, it was the work of Miroslav, using Sauzar’s influence.

She instructed the store employee to invite Sora to the store and had him sit in a special seat.

After that, Miroslav invited Iria and Luna Maria to go out to eat and they casually sat nearby.

At that moment, the plan would be completed if Luna Maria called Sora a “Parasite.”

Indeed, Luna Maria didn’t refer to Sora as a “Parasite,” but rather spoke of creatures in nature itself.

It was Miroslav who connected that act of parasitism to the adventurer groups based on those words, and it was also her who put Sora in that situation and connected the two things. It was as if Luna Maria had attacked Sora.

Miroslav, pretending to be drunk and taking advantage of Luna Maria’s confusion, along with Iria, said, “It’s a great name for a man like him” while laughing.

Luna Maria was angry at their words but thought they were just drunken ramblings, so she didn’t blame them.

She would have never thought that Sora would be sitting nearby. As a result, everything went as Miroslav had planned.

The reason Miroslav did all that was to break the relationship between Sora and Luna Maria.

Luna Maria was the closest to Sora when he joined “Falcon’s Sword.”

The shock to Sora would be immense if he knew that Luna Maria called him a “Parasite.”

In this way, if the two distanced themselves, Luna Maria, who sympathizes with Sora, would eliminate the risk of her making any plans to bring Sora back to the group.

Furthermore, Miroslav originally hated Luna Maria, so this plan included the aspect of harassing her.

When she had isolated herself from the surroundings of the Academy of Sages, the existence of the elf princess was a nuisance to her.

And Miroslav, who had finally left the academy, didn’t have the right to call herself a sage like Luna Maria, so that also annoyed her.

The reason she didn’t try to drive her out like she did with Sora was because of her great skills as an adventurer.

In any case, Miroslav’s plan was almost perfect. The only and biggest miscalculation in this plan was that Sora stayed in the city of Ishka. It was something that not even Miroslav could foresee. If possible, she would have continued until breaking his heart, but if she went beyond that, it could expose her intentions.


In particular, she could no longer use Luna Maria. In the end, all Miroslav could do was wait for Sora to leave the city and let her bad reputation spread.

“I should have bullied him harder at that moment,” she murmured with slight regret.

However, if Sora had left Ishka at that time, she wouldn’t have been able to use him as bait when they were attacked by the Lord of Flies. Considering that, her judgment wasn’t wrong.

If Sora had been killed by the Lord of Flies, everything would have ended silently. It was at that moment when Miroslav seriously thought about it.

The door to the room opened with a rattling sound. Miroslav frowned at that.

She thought it might be a guild member who entered without knocking. Similar cases had occurred before.

Especially since it was a woman, the guild master had assigned a male staff member for surveillance.

Miroslav had protested many times, but there were no signs that anyone was paying attention.

The precious guild employees couldn’t stay here just for surveillance purposes for several days. Surely that’s what they thought. That’s also why Miroslav’s intentions were clear.

She attempted to strike the intruder in the room with great force.



Realizing it, the perpetrator was right behind Miroslav. She opened her eyes wide in astonishment. It was a speed that could only be described as magical.

The next moment, a punch struck Miroslav’s stomach. Upon receiving that relentless blow, she lost consciousness in an instant.

Just before the unconscious redhead sorceress fell to the floor, her body was lifted slightly by the perpetrator.

The perpetrator left the room while holding Miroslav just as she was. It was such a swift and precise job that not even 30 seconds had passed since entering the room.


“Where… am I…?”

That was Miroslav’s first voice when she woke up. Lying down, she raised only the upper part of her body and fixed her disheveled hair with her hands.

Then, with a drowsy gesture, she looked around, devoid of her usual venomous gaze.

As she silently observed, her wandering gaze shifted towards me. It seemed she had finally realized that someone was near her, and Miroslav raised her gaze.


It was the first time I saw the drowsy eyes of the sorceress. Shortly after, her eyes gradually focused. At that moment, it didn’t take her long to figure it out.

“No… You’re not Lars… Sora?”

Miroslav stood up in astonishment. Faced with the confused sorceress looking around, I decided to inform her about this place.

“This is the Lord of Flies’ nest. To be more precise, it’s a cave that used to be the Lord of Flies’ nest. It’s located deep in Tittis.”

“It’s a ridiculous lie. There’s no way a level ‘1’ like you could make it to the deepest part. We’re somewhere on the outer periphery, right? If you’re talking about the deep nest of the Lord of Flies, it’s just a trick to make me give up on escaping, isn’t it?”

While remaining cautious of me, Miroslav shouted as if screaming. Apparently, she had more or less guessed her situation in this short time. In that case, it makes things easier.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you. The fact remains the same anyway.”

“Do you think you can do something like this and get away with it?”

“That’s my line, Miroslav Sauzar. I don’t intend to let ‘Falcon’s Sword’ or the guild off the hook. You are just the beginning.”

“You’re just talking nonsense. It seems you don’t know your place. You’re wasting your life just when you managed to survive.”

“Thanks for the advice. But more importantly, don’t you have something else to worry about? For example, how is it possible that a level ‘1’ person like me could carry you while unconscious and bring your sorry ass to the depths?”

Upon hearing my words, anger vanished from Miroslav’s face, and instead, great doubt arose. She appeared like a scholar trying to solve a difficult problem.

“What…? That a level ‘1’ could bring me all the way to Tittis by themselves? No way—no, necessarily, we’re not even in Tittis. Saying the word ‘deep’ is just a trick to make me believe this is the Tittis Forest. But if this isn’t Tittis, then where are we? No, more importantly, how were you able to capture me and leave Ishka? What were the guild staff who were watching me and the city guards doing?”

Miroslav muttered her assumptions. And as for the answer to her question, the guild staff’s surveillance was poor, and as for the guards, I hadn’t even seen them because I didn’t go through the city gate.

I didn’t use the gate and left Ishka through the city walls.

Whether it’s entering or leaving the city, it’s a crime to do it through the walls, but if you’re not caught, then it’s not a crime. Of course, I didn’t bother explaining that to Miroslav.

“I’ll answer your questions slowly later. Because we’ll be living here for a while, after all.”

“You’re just spouting nonsense! I’d rather die than live with you!”

Miroslav quickly distanced herself from me. Then, she looked at me as if seeing a magical beast–

“Envelop my enemy in death—Princess of Flames!”

She completed her magic without hesitation.

A band of flames burst forth from Miroslav’s palm. A large flame approached at a steady pace, and it engulfed my entire body in an instant.


Along with a roar, the cave shook violently, and dust from the ground rose. Miroslav’s victorious voice echoed behind the curtain of smoke.

“Fifth-grade fire magic ‘Princess of Flames.’ How does it feel? For a level ‘1’ like you, didn’t that fifth-grade magic feel like a divine work? Ah, but, the power diminishes by omitting the incantation. You might have felt relieved when you took my staff, but your shallowness seems low-level. The rings, earrings, and bracelets I wear are made of magic stones. Even without my staff, I have no obstacles to using my magic.”

Miroslav just kept babbling. There was no doubt in her voice that she thought she had defeated me. However, there wasn’t a scratch on my body.

My energy-based defense completely blocked Miroslav’s magic.

Then, I uttered some sudden words to the smug sorceress.

“Seems like your shallowness is quite low-level. No, no, your rings and bracelets, I didn’t take them off because it wouldn’t make any difference anyway.”


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