About Reckless Girl Volume 1 chapter Epilogue

Epilogue – a short story at the end

“Our relationship is quite peculiar, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

Winter had passed, and the arrival of spring brought cherry blossoms blooming in the air. Even in this season, as the cherry blossom petals danced in the breeze, a hint of winter lingered. The falling white fragments from the sky reminded me of snow.

In the gradually warming weather outside, I found myself playing chess with a certain boy inside the house.

“Reincarnated companions… or rather, it’s a complex feeling, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

I was engaged in a conversation with Rain, the boy Yuki had mentioned. Rain seemed somewhat shy with his words, and I wasn’t particularly eloquent either. So, it wasn’t the liveliest of conversations. In moments like these, I couldn’t help but envy Yuki’s fluent tongue.

“I truly have to thank you, sincerely.”

“That’s not necessary…”

Rain blushed and looked down. He had discovered the treatment for my daughter’s illness in his past life. That alone was deserving of gratitude. And that illness had been the cause of my previous life’s death, while it seemed Rain’s past life was the son of my past life’s colleague. It was a peculiar connection, truly a mysterious bond.

“But Yuki herself doesn’t seem to comprehend the situation at all, does she?”

Anya, who brought us black coffee, remarked, and Rain and I lowered our heads. Yuki, the person involved, remained completely unaware.

In the first place, we had come to know that Rain was a reincarnated individual from Yuki’s story. She had said something like, “Rain didn’t want to be born again… but I don’t really understand the meaning of that.” We were left wondering, and it was a phenomenon we were familiar with.

Subsequently, when we visited Rain and inquired about it, this strange connection between us came to light.

However, Yuki knew nothing about it. She was rejoicing at Rain’s discharge without comprehending anything about the circumstances of our “reincarnated” relationship. She lived her days cheerfully. It was somewhat carefree… she was a happy daughter.

“That girl is intelligent, but she’s quite clueless, isn’t she?”



We responded to Anya’s merciless words with silence. Rain and I sipped our coffee, as if attempting to bridge the gap.

“Well… well, it can’t be helped, can it? It’s difficult to imagine such an absurd concept as ‘reincarnation,’ right?”

“W-Well, I… suppose so…”

“But even without that, she’s a bit absent-minded, isn’t she?”

Please refrain from saying any more, Anya.

But her words struck true, and we couldn’t defend Yuki. …I’m sorry, Yuki…

“I wonder if she’s alright. Don’t you think she might seem odd at school? She talks happily, but since she always mentions the same name, I think she has few friends, you know?”

“Let’s halt this conversation, Anya.”

It appeared that Anya was probing into Rain’s trauma… He trembled, clutching his chest in pain.

“…Or rather, aren’t you in a position to make such comments about others? You didn’t have many friends either, did you?”

“I never desired friends in the first place.”

Anya said that with a nonchalant tone. This girl… truly… she has been unwavering since childhood. Is she truly… doing well in her work? Is she not being bullied? I started to worry about the older child in front of me.

Rain gazed at Anya with a look of deep admiration in his eyes. It seemed that he admired her for her ability to remain unaffected by troubles, hardships, and the fear of being alone. Perhaps that was the reason for his admiration.

But that’s not good, Rain. The person standing there is a bad influence.

“…Was I the only one with many friends?”

“You were the only normal one.”


Anya struck a nerve with her accurate assessment. I clenched the chess piece tightly in my trembling hands. Seeing me like that, Anya burst into laughter. Rain looked flustered as he watched the two of us.

“Hey… Haven’t I said this multiple times? I mean, I did graduate from one of the most prestigious universities, you know? Well, I did have the advantage of being reincarnated, but it’s still an incredible achievement, isn’t it? Not just anyone can do it. I’ve actually worked really hard… Hey, wait, wait, Rain-kun. Hold on a second before you make your move.”


Rain-kun swiftly made a crucial move in the chess game, and I called for a timeout. If he made that move, my piece would be in jeopardy.

“Ugugugugu, I can’t lose easily after graduating from a top university…! I can’t let that happen here!”


“Oh, wait, wait. I’m really sorry, but please wait one more time…”

I had lost all dignity and pride.

Damn it! Is this the difference between a genius and me…? His predictions are unbelievably accurate.

Spring is beautiful, and time seems to flow leisurely. While I still enjoy the enchanting winter season, as I grow older, I find myself increasingly drawn to spring. Each passing year, I appreciate its warmth more and more.

“…Why am I able to find such peace?”


Rain-kun murmured in a soft voice.

“I haven’t changed at all…”


He fell silent. Expressing himself wasn’t his strong suit, despite his self-assessment. His words alone couldn’t convey all that he was thinking.

But as a teacher, I could usually sense it. I crafted my words based on his emotions.

“…Are you feeling confused?”


He nodded slightly.

He was bewildered by the changes in his world. Perhaps his world was crumbling and transforming with a bang, and he believed that he himself hadn’t changed. He couldn’t fathom why his world was altering while he remained the same. That’s how he felt, perhaps.

“…Is it because you’ve put in a lot of effort?”


He looked troubled and hung his head. It was a subtle expression, conveying both gratitude and a lack of complete acceptance.

“…Well, let’s consider other possibilities.”


“If you feel like your environment has changed even though you haven’t, it might simply be due to luck. You happened to encounter good people.”


“Yeah. Meeting good people depends on… well, to some extent, the person’s effort… but ultimately, it’s luck. If you come across good people, your world can change drastically, and whether you have the chance to meet good people or not depends largely on luck.”


From what I gathered, he seemed to have been a little unlucky. He hadn’t encountered someone who would reach out to him. Of course, it’s true that good people tend to gather in a good world, and it’s also true that when someone who has changed tries to change others, good people are more likely to appear. But even without those circumstances, it’s not uncommon for a helping hand to unexpectedly appear for no reason. If you can grasp that hand and have the capacity for it, even a difficult world can undergo a complete transformation.

And that simply comes down to luck or the lack thereof.

“Does that make sense?”


“Luck may sound empty, but…”

I took a sip of my coffee, and Rain cornered my king on the chessboard.

“…Actually, I feel like I can understand it… So, I was just lucky, huh…”

“If I say it, it might sound like a biased parent, but Yuki is a good kid. A bit stubborn, a little full of themselves, somewhat arrogant, and a bit scatterbrained… but Yuki is a good kid.”


As we conversed, I desperately tried to find an escape route for my king. Cherry blossom petals danced outside, and the warmth of spring sunlight enveloped us.

“Well, even so…”



“You did your best. Even if you don’t recognize it yourself, you certainly did your best. You put in efforts that not everyone can achieve.”

“You did your best. Truly, you did. You’re not a worthless person at all.”

“If you hadn’t struggled and found a treatment for the illness, Yuki wouldn’t exist in this world.”

“That’s… alright, isn’t it?”

Rain lifted his face from the chessboard and looked at me with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“…Thank you… very much.”

His voice carried a hint of shyness, reaching me and making me feel awkward. I was the one filled with gratitude. My gratitude knew no bounds. I wondered if I had done something teacher-like. It would bring me joy if my words could offer even a little support to him, someone who seemed weary.

“Rain-kun, you have it tough too. It would be better if you didn’t dwell on difficult things.”

Beside us, Anya was munching on cookies and casually spoke those words. Rain-kun looked bewildered.

“…Anya, you’re a genius too, right? Wasn’t there anything difficult or painful for you because you’re a genius?”

“There wasn’t!”

Anya cheerfully declared. …Well, that’s quite something.

Rain-kun wore a face that seemed to say, “With parents like you, it’s no wonder Yuki turned out that way.”

“Being healthy is the most important thing. Whether you’re smart or not, it doesn’t matter. Being healthy is what truly matters.”

“… “

“… “

Anya spoke the truth.

Indeed, that’s exactly right. We could only smile wryly at that opinion, which was all too accurate. Perhaps Anya was the greatest genius of all.

At that moment, the spring sun smiled cheerfully.

[Scene Transition]

“I’m home!”

“Welcome home.”

In the midst of a gathering of adults, my children rushed into the living room from their cram school. Yuki and Hale entered with a lively commotion.

“Oh, Rain, are you here?”


“Yuki, Hale-kun, sorry for intruding…”

Rain-kun offered a slight bow.

“It’s chess! …Oh? Did Dad lose?”

“Oh, wait, don’t look. Go wash your hands and rinse quickly.”


I had just been checkmated a moment ago. Damn it. I should have made the chessboard disappear quickly and destroyed the evidence.

“If Rain won, then I can’t lose either! Dad, let’s play next time!”


I couldn’t pretend to be stronger than my 11-year-old daughter. Yuki, you truly are smart. …Alright, let’s study chess. Let’s properly learn tactics. I wanted to maintain a little more dignity as a father.

“Rain, what would you like to do? Should we have dinner first today?”

“Let’s play!”

“Well, what should we do…?”

Rain-kun seemed taken aback by the two children crowding around him. Though he was mature on the inside, he struggled with being treated as an equal by children and being suggested to play children’s games.

…I remember that feeling. It brings back a sense of nostalgia. There’s a unique empathy that comes with being a reincarnator. But Rain-kun must have it harder than me due to his low communication skills.

“Both of you, make sure to put your socks and everything in the washing machine before you start playing. Don’t just leave them lying around, alright?”



The two children hurried off to the bathroom.

“…Ah! Mom!”

“What’s the matter, Yuki?”

Yuki poked her head out of the bathroom and spoke loudly.

“Please do the laundry separately from Dad!”


Out of nowhere, I feel like I’m about to vomit at those harsh words. It feels like a spear has been thrust into my chest, sending shockwaves through me. The intense blow was thrown at me without any warning. My body trembles uncontrollably.

“It’s alright, really, Yuki. What’s all this about suddenly?”

“Oh, it’s nothing!”

“Well, okay then.”

I wish Anya had stopped her… She said it was alright… Come to think of it, I had talked to Anya about the day when our rebellious daughter would start doing the laundry separately… It didn’t seem so far away… And now, it’s actually happening…

“Um, please cheer up…?”


I receive some comforting words from the bewildered Rain.

“Could it be that, despite everything that has happened… we haven’t actually resolved Yuki’s rebellious phase?”

“Well, of course not.”

Anya lets out an exasperated sigh. That’s right. None of the recent events had anything to do with the rebellious phase, and resolving the issues of rebellious teenagers is not something that can be done easily. It’s a problem that should be resolved with time and growth.

But still… sigh…

“Well, let’s just accept it. It’s a father’s duty to be rebelled against.”

“That duty is tough…”

Though it can’t be helped, this duty makes me want to cry.

“Look, Rain… This is what a peaceful daily life looks like.”

“T-That must be tough…”

Indeed, that’s exactly right. Rain smiles wryly.

Spring is gracious, with cherry blossom petals dancing like snowflakes. The scent of spring fills the city as flowers and plants begin to bloom. A normal and pleasant life is peaceful, yet as challenging as a heavy snowfall.

I have been leading a warm life for a long time.

[A story about a reckless and promising girl who challenges me, a reincarnated person, 1] complete.

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