The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 11

Episode 11: Fake – Acceleration Bestowal

As I sprinted, chasing Elline’s figure ahead, she was surrounded by a radiant glow of magical energy. It seemed she had activated the magic ring of [Enhancement Bestowal]. She swiftly moved through the dense foliage.

If she were in a hurry, she could have used [Acceleration Bestowal]. However, that magic spell increases movement speed, and in a place like this with obstacles around, careless use could result in losing control and disastrous consequences.

But still… she was fast. [Acceleration Bestowal] is a relatively rare magic ring, whereas [Enhancement Bestowal] is a common and easily obtainable one. Yet, she moved at such a speed. It indicated that her enhancement multiplier was higher than that of a typical [Enhancement Bestowal] ring.

It was likely a magic ring that Elline had crafted herself.

I see. If she could achieve such output, she would become legendary.

“I’ll leave the slowpokes behind.”

Elline glanced back at me for a moment and uttered those words, increasing her pace.

This forest must be familiar to her. She skillfully maneuvered through the surrounding bushes and trees, steadily widening the distance between us.


“Charl, Makina. You can catch up later.”

Leaving those words behind, I focused the magic of the activated [Enhancement Bestowal] into my legs.

With a forceful kick off the ground, I propelled myself forward, following the precise path Elline had taken. Even in an unfamiliar forest, if someone could show me an efficient route to traverse, I could increase my speed effortlessly.

The once considerable distance rapidly closed, and I skillfully navigated the path I observed, eventually standing side by side with Elline.

“So… you caught up with me?”

“I’m here.”

“Oh… so you admit it. I suppose, as a member of the royal family, you possess a magic ring like [Acceleration Bestowal].”

“Not at all. This is just a [Enhancement Bestowal] ring.”

“…What? You achieved this speed solely using [Enhancement Bestowal], even if I crafted the magic ring myself, it would be impossible to achieve with just a magic ring.”

Ordinarily, when employing [Enhancement Bestowal] on the body, it is common to evenly enhance the entire body. However, I deliberately concentrated the enhancement magic solely on my legs, maximizing their strength and replicating the effects of [Acceleration Bestowal].

This is [Fake – Acceleration Bestowal].

It’s merely an application of magic. Nothing extraordinary… just a technique.

“It all comes down to how you utilize it. Depending on that, even a common ring can exhibit extraordinary abilities.”


Elline’s eyes widened at my casually spoken words.

No, she seemed somewhat shaken… What’s the matter? She had an expression as if she had seen a ghost.

“…Ah, I understand now.”


As I tilted my head in confusion, a thunderous explosion reverberated from the direction we were heading.

Emerging abruptly from the underbrush, I slid to a halt on the ground.

“Well, what an entrance you’ve made.”

Elline wore a grim expression.

Her gaze fixed on the remnants of the earth barrier, likely destroyed near the entrance of the cave, and the group of thieves standing there.

“Who are you guys?”

The man, who appeared to be the leader of the thieves, glared at us.

I recognized his face. He was undoubtedly an A-class wanted criminal, who was also wanted in the capital city.


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