Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 4

“Did you think I would accept that piece of scrap at this point? You’ve been babbling on, but in the end, from my point of view, you rejected all my proposals and arranged things so that ‘Falcon’s Sword’ would be the ones benefiting. There’s no fairness here. If it’s different, then call a priest who can use ‘Lie Detection’.”

“I said that was rejected.”

“It’s the guild master’s decision, isn’t it? Then, by that decision, what binds me, who is not related to the guild? First of all, the staff there told me that I needed money for my request. I agreed to pay and I did. But as soon as the guild master appeared, they tell me they reject my request. I’m not convinced at all. Will you call the priest as requested, or will the guild master himself immediately admit the sin that woman committed by using a monster to kill me? It’s one or the other.”

“Sora, mind your words. There’s no adventurer in Ishka who behaves like that. Yours is just paranoia. I can’t sympathize with the misfortune you’ve fallen into, but if you keep spouting delusions, we’ll have to take appropriate measures.”

“Taking appropriate measures, huh? Ohh, I’m so scared. In that case, we’ll have to part ways to avoid those appropriate measures. It was really a waste of time coming to talk to the guild.”

As I stood up and said that, Elgart raised his hand.

“Wait, we’re not done yet.”

“You don’t want to listen to me, but I have to listen to you? That’s too selfish, don’t you think?”

I ignored his words and headed towards the door.

“The master said to wait. Please, come back.”

“Move. If you don’t, I’ll have to take appropriate measures.”

When I mimicked Elgart, the receptionist’s cheeks turned a bright red.

“….. Of all the things I’ve heard, there’s really a limit to how rude you can be. If you live in the city of Ishka, you should know everything the master has done for this city! Besides, you’ve been a guild member for five years!”

“Heh, he’s committed to the city, and I see he’s allowed murderers free. That guild master leaves much to be desired.”


The receptionist, who was all red, took a step forward. It seems her patience in enduring my teasing of her beloved guild master has snapped.

At that moment, Elgart unexpectedly stood up, grabbed his subordinate’s shoulder, and restrained her.

“Liddell-kun, stop.”

“But, master!”


“There’s no need for you to raise your hand—Sora, if you don’t want to accept my proposal, then fine. However, there’s no need for the guild to move for those who don’t accept. Now, all the conditions I talked about will be discarded.”

“Do as you please. I don’t care about those conditions or whatever.”

“Also, consider this a warning. If you try to do anything that will harm the guild and its members–“

“Hahaha! ‘Take appropriate measures,’ you say? I already said it, do whatever you want. The guild has absolved their sins and granted favors to ‘Falcon’s Sword.’ A happy ending, I would say. I would celebrate if I could.”

Saying that, I pushed the receptionist in front of me and opened the door. I looked back over my shoulder and observed the people in the room.

Both ‘Falcon’s Sword,’ who tried to kill me, and the guild, who let them go scot-free. They have all become my enemies. I thought about telling them that, but there’s no need to warn them.

“Well then, goodbye—forever.”

Uttering a few small curse words, I left the room.

The discussion in the guild is over. It took about nine minutes, just as I expected. I’m not surprised they didn’t accept my claims. I knew they wouldn’t.

In fact, if they had admitted their sins, I would surely not have been able to hide my surprise.

—However, on the other hand, it’s true that I’m disappointed with this outcome. And like I said, it took about nine minutes, just as I expected. In other words, it’s like the other side of the coin, them accepting my case.

I am grateful to ‘Falcon’s Sword.’ I am truly grateful for being invited to the group five years ago. The farewell was bitter, but at first, it was a lot of fun.

Those days when we were all low-level, sometimes things went well, and sometimes they didn’t, but they were adventures filled with satisfaction that I had never experienced in Onigashima.

It was Lars and the others who gave me that. For that reason, if ‘Falcon’s Sword’ had admitted what they did, I would have let the matter go as a token of gratitude for those days.

However, the outcome is as I mentioned earlier.

I could confirm that Lars and the others I met five years ago are no longer the same. Likewise, the guild has also become my enemy.

Because they let Miroslav, who tried to kill me, go free as if nothing happened. And since there is the danger of those ‘appropriate measures’ in the future, all that’s left for me is to eliminate them. I thought about that and pursed my lips.

Now, the next problem is how to retaliate. It would be good to devour all those involved in this matter, but can I do that by attacking head-on?

I was able to obtain my soul equipment and raise my level, so I have certainly become stronger. But I am not the strongest in the world.

To put it simply, the problem is the guild master, Elgart Quiss. I can’t imagine defeating that first-class adventurer.

Not only Elgart, but Lars and the others also fall into the category of formidable enemies.

During the past years that I’ve been working on herb collection, ‘Falcon’s Sword’ has grown stronger by completing hundreds of missions.

I don’t know their exact levels—but Elgart’s level was publicly announced—Lars, being in the sixth class, would be impossible to be below ’10.’ It’s probably somewhere between ’15’ and ’20.’

The same would apply to Iria and Miroslav. In Luna Maria’s case, she might be slightly higher, but either way, I can’t do much now.

Even if they are rotten, they are a C-rank group, and by working together, they can surely display a power beyond their individual levels. Even if I defeated the lord of flies, I can’t underestimate them.

“In that case, it would be a good idea to divide them and hunt them down one by one,”

If possible, I would like to lure ‘Falcon’s Sword’ into the depths of Tittis Forest and annihilate them by exploiting a gap. By entering the depths, the guild’s surveillance won’t reach, and there will be no risk of involving unrelated individuals.

Above all, I have no intention of exposing my trump card, which is my soul equipment, to everyone. The problem is how to attract ‘Falcon’s Sword,’ but I have a plan for that. I will use the lord of flies’ nest where I was trapped. Specifically, I will capture Miroslav and throw her into the nest, then I will inform Lars and the others about that location.

That way, they will have to venture deeper to save Miroslav. That will be the moment to act.

It goes without saying why I chose Miroslav as my first target. No matter what happens or transpires with that ‘Murderer,’ it won’t affect me in the slightest.

Due to her temperament, she might misunderstand and think I want to violate her and choose to commit suicide, but if that happens, then so be it.

“With that decided, the next step is preparation. Food, water, clothing… Ah, will there be a fabric that can withstand the cold? Although it’s spring, the nights are still chilly.”

In some cases, I might have to live in the deep area of Tittis Forest for quite some time. The preparations must be well organized.

However, to turn that cave into a livable place, a considerable amount of materials will be required. And if I buy them in this city, the guild will know immediately.

I don’t think they can discover the plan, but there’s no need to give them any hints. I thought with my arms crossed.

After all, I have to leave this city and purchase supplies around the cities and towns near Tittis Forest. Then, there will be no suspicion. Besides, when I leave Ishka, ‘Falcon’s Sword’ and the guild won’t be as vigilant about me.

Well, they probably still think I’m at level ‘1.’ I don’t think they’ll be so careful with me, although that could also be a stumbling block for them.

Fortunately, I have enough funds, so it would be best to leave Ishka right away—thinking about that and returning my arms to their normal position, I realized something and let out a loud scream.

“Hmm… Ahhh!?”

Unintentionally, I wanted to hold my head. Damn it, I left all my gold coins at the guild! I could go back and retrieve them—no, that’s impossible.

After declaring everything so hostilely, how am I supposed to go back?

…Sigh. I could only sigh.

It can’t be helped. I think I still have silver coins, and there are still the adventurers’ equipment in the nest. I’m not proud of taking the gear from the dead, but I can’t turn back now. Thinking about that, I started walking through the streets of Ishka.

At that moment…


I heard a faint voice coming from behind. When I looked back, there was a blonde elf on the verge of collapse. It was Luna Maria.

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