Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 2

This was a room in the Cyan Imperial Army Headquarters. Antique furniture that likely cost unimaginable amounts dignifiedly occupy the space. And the man sitting before the long desk dominating the center had an even greater presence. Standing straight upright before him, Raze was anxious.

The man before her eyes was her direct superior and this country’s Prime Minister, Wellein Lug Zass. He rested his chin on folded hands placed on the desk.

“Lieutenant Colonel Raze Shess Orphan. I want to entrust you with a special mission. You’ll act alone, and depending on perspective, it’s a site plagued by more troublesome matters than normal duties.”

Hearing that, Raze’s heart raced violently.

(A special mission?! Huh? Don’t tell me this person thinks everything until now wasn’t a special mission?!)

At times sent right into enemy territory for spywork, ordered to dive underwater for hours on end for surprise attacks – compared to directing such absurd operations, would anything really surprise Raze now? She seriously doubted Wellein’s sanity.

But unfortunately orders from above were absolute. She desperately wanted to refuse if possible, but Wellein’s expression indicated that would be difficult.

Just when she finally returned to Ordiana, summoned by her fearsome boss upon coming home put Raze in the worst mood.

(Are they working me too hard because I’m capable and young?)

Becoming a Lt. Colonel after rising from a war orphan…to be used this much…

She wished she’d become an inventor instead of a soldier, but it was too late for that now.

“By your command, I will exert my full efforts.”

Against her will, Raze gives a perfect reply. Wellein seems amused as he smiles – her sense of impending doom just grows stronger.

But she survived this confounding world somehow for 15 years already. Unless it was something outrageous, nothing could surprise her now after being ordered into enemy territory to “Infiltrate their headquarters” or “Hunt 10,000 beasts and retrieve their magic stones”.

(If I work hard, it’ll work out!)

Raze waits for her superior’s command. She survived this far. With wisdom and hard work, she should manage most things…

“Excellent! Orphan-kun. You’re 16 this year without mistake right?”

“Yes. I’ve confirmed with measured values, so there’s no mistake.”

“Good. By that age, you’ve retrieved enemy classified intelligence multiple times, earned high marks at the military academy to become a Lt. Colonel. Your beast-slaying feats also earned you the title [Fang].”


A bit flustered at having her achievements suddenly listed. Though unfortunately, Raze didn’t think Wellein was simply praising her.

(Did he find out about my past life’s memories?)

She never told anyone it was all thanks to those memories. Even if suspected of lying about her age, she had no intention of bringing it up, but what did he want to say? Raze grew somewhat guarded.

Wellein raises the corner of his mouth.

“As expected, you are suitable. Lt. Colonel Raze Shess Orphan. I want you to become a student at Saint Rioll Royal Magic Academy this spring.”

Smile. The beautiful, deadly smile of the Grim Reaper is directed solely at her.

But Raze was in no state to be enraptured by it.

“……………Excuse me?”

She knew herself that was a pathetic dumbfounded expression. Rudeness to a superior, but she couldn’t help it. Those orders went way out of left field.

“Saint Rioll Royal Magic Academy – where only nobles who pass the exam are permitted enrollment, that Saint Rioll Royal Magic Academy?”

Mobilizing all her knowledge, she confirms that it’s the place she knows just in case.

“That’s right. However, [only nobles who] is a misunderstanding. Commoners may also enroll if they pass the exam. Tuition is even waived for talented individuals. The entrance exam simply requires a certain level of knowledge and learning.”

(So isn’t it practically the same as saying commoners can’t enter?)

Raze swallows back the words she nearly voices.

“Enrolling at this academy determines one’s future status. Children becoming 16 gather from all over the Empire this spring. His Majesty the Emperor’s son is also slated to enroll.”

The son of [His Majesty] ruling the Cyan Empire, Gaias Regen Ank Roseberry – Prince Ruben. Rumors of his graceful features and martial talent spread across the country, making him quite famous.

“Is my duty guarding his highness?”


Raze carefully confirms the mission details.

“That’s part of it, but what I expect from you differs somewhat. The Elder Prophetess foretold those born in the [Sunny Orchid Year] 16 years ago would receive a Revelation, triggering a baby boom as other influential figures also bore children. Those children have now grown up and seek to enter the academy. So to speak, the [Golden Eggs].”


The famous prophecy from the “Calendar” fortune-telling system that children born in the [Sunny Orchid Year] would receive a Revelation.

In this world with magic, prophecies also have high credibility. The activities of the enigmatic fortune teller “Elder Prophetess” advising Cyan’s government are common knowledge. Her prophecies alone influence society enough to create social phenomena.

“Their amicable relationships could determine the Empire’s future, it’s no exaggeration to say. So I want you to watch over them as a student. You just need to live academy life. Simple right?”

Contrary to Wellein’s lovely smile, Raze’s wariness only grows stronger.

(Simple…right? In other words, I get to enjoy academy life mingling with boys and girls in the prime of their youth?)

This was certainly the most unusually safe mission she had ever been given. But perhaps because her unease at such a sweet deal was showing on her face, Major Welline went on to say,

“Well, it’s also meant as a contingency plan. But don’t worry too much about that. There’s no need to reveal your identity and take action unless something really extreme happens. Do you remember taking that aptitude test I had you do the other day? It was actually this year’s entrance exam for St. Oriole.”

(Aptitude test? Oh, that one!)

Raze realizes that the test she was forced to take alone in a private room before the Baluda expedition was actually the school’s entrance exam.

“You got a flawless perfect score and passed. You’ve officially earned the qualifications to enroll,” Welline said.

She had thought they were just messing with her by making her answer some test-like questions alone. But it seems that she answered everything correctly, without slacking.

“The Chairman of the Academy Board is His Highness the Prince. After seeing your exam paper, he sent word that he very much wants you to enroll as well.”

Prince Harrens-Roi-Beilain. An impossibly important person wanted her there.

If that was the case, would she really be able to attend school normally? No, should she be allowed to attend at all?

–The answer is no. Raze lowers her eyes and opens her mouth to speak.

“I must humbly confess that I was born a simple orphan. Though I am a soldier, there have been times when I have had to raise my hand against others. I am far too low-born to share the same space as Your Highnesses.”

With the memories of her past life, she knew well that there were things she had put aside in order to survive. Even though morality differed from world to world, taking another person’s life was not a good thing anywhere.

Hearing this, Major Welline’s sexy lips curved in an arc.

“We won’t tell anyone that you’re a soldier. His Highness himself recommended you. To blend in with the students, we couldn’t ask for anyone more qualified than a lieutenant colonel.”

“You are too kind with your praise.”

Raze was humbled, but in her heart she still disagreed with his words – that wasn’t what she wanted to say.

With the memories of her past life, she understood only too well that she was anything but normal.

But with the lord’s interest as well, she had no choice but to accept this mission.

Raze’s lowered gaze now looked straight ahead. Seeing this, Welline held out the documents with the details.

“With your experience traversing Ordiana as a spy, you know the ways of the world well. His Highness said it would be a good incentive for these gilded chicks. Although the posting is listed as a ‘long-term solo mission,’ forget the military and enjoy the Academy as you see fit. Can you do that?”

“Yes, sir! For the sake of the future of my beloved homeland, Raze-Shess-Orphan will fulfill this mission to the fullest!”

“Good. Enjoy your school life to the fullest.”

“Yes, sir!”

And with that, Raze’s enrollment in the St. Oriole Imperial Academy of Magic was decided.

At this time, Raze did not notice that Major Welline was not looking at her with his usual artificial smile, but with somehow sad, gentle eyes.

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