Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 3

“Don’t guilds cover the expenses in these situations?”

“That applies if the guild deems it necessary. But, this proposal was made by Sora-sama. Therefore, Sora-sama is obligated to pay.”

“So, you’re saying the miracles aren’t needed despite hearing all of this?”

“I understand what truly happened. However, there are malicious intentions from Sora-sama, seemingly influenced by past events.”

“Are you saying I said all of this out of spite for being expelled from the group? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to use ‘Lie Detection’ to clarify that? If I’m lying, it will be revealed immediately.”

“As I said, the necessary amount of money must be paid.”

“Tch!” After clicking my tongue, I spoke to the others.

“Hey, daughter of Sauzar Company. You could also be the leader of ‘Falcon’s Sword.’ It’s a good opportunity to prove your innocence. Won’t you pay?”

“It’s not necessary. I believe in Miro. I don’t need to rely on miracles.”

“For me, as long as Lars believes me, it’s enough! I don’t care what someone like you thinks!”

“Haa… I see, so it can’t be helped.”

“In that case, the proposal is shamele—”

“I’ll pay.”


I took out a gold coin from my pocket and placed it on the table. The receptionist’s mouth dropped open at the sight. It was the first time I saw her distorted face.

“You said ten or twenty silver coins wouldn’t be enough, so how much is actually needed? Isn’t a single gold coin sufficient?”


“Do you need more? Then here you go. Still not enough? Here’s more. Look, here’s another one. I suppose this will be enough, right?”

As I hummed a tune, I accumulated several gold coins. Now, not only the receptionist, but Lars and the others also had their mouths wide open.

Surely, they didn’t think I could produce coins out of thin air just by collecting herbs.

…By the way, I found these coins in the nest of the lord of flies

They belonged to the adventurers who were taken to the nest and devoured by the larvae.

The dead don’t need money, so I took it as payment for defeating the larvae.

I urged the dazed receptionist.

“Hey, why are you daydreaming? I’ve already paid, so call the priest.”

“Yes… but, how did you get this much money?”

“Is it necessary to answer that question?”

“If you have this much money, we need to confirm the source.”

“Are you accusing me of a crime? Think very carefully before doing that!”

At the same time, I kicked the table in front of me. The gold coins on the table scattered from the impact. Witnessing that, the receptionist, with a trembling voice, shrunk back.

“You thought that a poor person like me, who was expelled from the guild, couldn’t pay, right? So you were trying to end this quickly. What a shame! Look, all this money is more than enough, so go call the priest already! I will also testify that this money is legitimate!”

The receptionist looked at me in terror and took on an aggressive posture.

Every day, she encounters rough adventurers, and many receptionists, aside from their beautiful appearance, possess a strong will. There are some talented adventurers among them. The receptionist in front of me is one of them.

If I were really speaking nonsense, there is no doubt she would refute it with a calm face. However, she surely knows that she made a mistake herself, which is why she can’t refute with such a strong will.

Humans can’t act as usual when they know they are wrong. If you’re a serious person, it’s even more pronounced. As an employee of the guild, the receptionist only acts according to the guild’s intentions.

I don’t commend myself for pressuring such a serious member of the staff, but I will suffer the disadvantages if I give in here. It’s too unreasonable. And then, I spoke up again.

“I would prefer it if you didn’t intimidate my personnel.”

With that voice, a man entered the room. He is around 40 years old.

He has striking eyebrows like a bird spreading its wings, and his eyes blink with a soft light that reveals great understanding and stable intelligence.

His appearance with silver hair combed back, and that emitting atmosphere gives him a subtle presence.

Level 35. The person in charge of Ishka and one of the top-class adventurers of whom there are only five in the entire Kingdom of Canaria, Elgart Quiss.

“Master! Have you returned already?”

“Yes, the meeting ended earlier than expected. I apologize for the inconvenience, Liddell-kun.”

“No, don’t worry… then… well…”

“Yes, Parfait-kun already told me in a way. Actually, I overheard a bit behind the door. I will take care of it from now on.”

“Y-Yes, please.”

Saying that, the receptionist named Liddell stood up. In exchange, Ishka’s guild master sat down.

The receptionist thought about whether she should leave the room, but she positioned herself behind Elgart like a secretary.

There was no longer a terrified color in her eyes; the serious light had returned. Apparently, Elgart’s appearance had the effect of awakening the receptionist’s eyes.

“Well, I suppose there’s no need for introductions. Let’s get to the point.”

Then Elgart looked at me and spoke with finality.

“The request for the use of ‘Lie Detection’ is denied. This is the guild master’s decision.”


“Fufu, you have eyes that want to say something. Of course, that’s not all. I acknowledge the responsibility of ‘Falcon’s Sword’ in this case, so I will impose the respective penalty. Naturally, that includes compensation for the victim. By the way, it goes without saying that the compensation does not involve taking another person’s life. We cannot afford to lose a talented individual for the guild. On the other hand, I know there will be dissatisfaction, but I want it to be known now that I am here. What do you think, Lars?”

“I will follow the master’s decision. But if he makes an unreasonable request, it’s a different story. For example, if he says that instead of killing Miro, he will cut off her arm or crush her eyes. If it’s something like that, then I will fight without hesitation.”

“That’s natural.”

Elgart nodded and then turned his gaze towards me.

“Sora, I know it’s unforgivable that Miroslav attacked you with magic, but there’s a certain emotional aspect to being pursued by the lord of flies With the fact that ‘Falcon’s Sword’ will be punished, can you calm your anger?”

“….. What will be included in this ‘penalty’ specifically? At the very least, will it be announced that you attacked a civilian and used them as bait to escape?”

“No, that will be impossible. The bad reputation would not only affect ‘Falcon’s Sword’ but also all adventurers in general. Given the role of adventurers in the city of Ishka, we must avoid situations that create a rift between adventurers and residents.”

Saying that, Elgart crossed his arms and thought.


“As for the penalty, let’s see. It will be mandatory request assignments. The content will be the extermination of monsters in the Tittis Forest for a month. During this time, rewards such as materials and the commission for the request by ‘Falcon’s Sword’ will be given to you. Considering your abilities, it should be a considerable amount. And it also has the benefit of reducing the risk when gathering herbs in Tittis.”

“So, in other words, you’re just giving me a bone to end this quickly, right?”

“Haha, I see that you don’t hesitate to say that. Well, the guild will also give something for your reconciliation. This–“

Saying that, Elgart took out a silver guild identification card. A familiar name was engraved on it.

“This is…”

“That’s right, it’s your identification card. Sora, the Ishka Adventurer Guild welcomes you as a ninth-class adventurer. The monthly dues to the guild will also be waived for the next three years. What do you say, can you accept it?”

The guild master attempted to hand me the identification card with a kind smile.

Of course, that smile wasn’t just superficial. It had an intensity that said, “You must know what will happen if you reject this.”

The guild master nodded satisfactorily when I took the identification card.

“Very well. Now our Adventurer Guild is more united than ever–“

Regardless of what Elgart was talking about, I tossed the identification card I received.

With a sound, the discarded identification card fell into the wastebasket in a corner of the room.

Seeing that, Elgart narrowed his eyes.

“….. Is that your way of rejecting our proposal?”

I nodded with a bitter smile on my face. He is the guild master–but I dropped the honorifics I used to use.

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