Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

“Don’t call Miro an ‘Murderer’! I won’t repeat it! You’re alive! Miro didn’t kill anyone!”

Unexpectedly, a sigh escaped from me. And addressing Lars, I began to explain.

“Let me give you an example… Let’s see. One day, I stabbed you through the heart from behind.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just listen. Naturally, you would die because of that. However, it turned out that there was a priest passing by who could use the miracle of ‘Resurrection’ and healed you. By surviving, you would obviously come to accuse me of my sin, wouldn’t you? You would accuse me of being a murderer. At that moment, I would respond like this: ‘But you didn’t die. So I didn’t kill anyone. Don’t call me a murderer.’ Well, what would you think upon hearing that? Would you accept it as if nothing happened?”


“Do you understand how irrational you are?”

As I told him that, Lars’s fists trembled, and he fell silent. And as if supporting Lars, Iria spoke up.

“That’s just an excuse. Lars, don’t let yourself be deceived. In the story, it wasn’t a heart stabbed from behind, but an arm wounded by Miro. Of course, it’s a sin, but it’s strange to compare a sin with a life.”

“It’s true! The magic that Miro cast hit you in the arm, you said it, Sora!”

Lars, who was fixated on this reasoning, regained his pale complexion with Iria’s help. Next to Lars, Iria stared at me intently.

“People who frequently mention stories often manipulate them to suit their convenience. Just like this man!”

Iria looked at me as if saying, “Let’s see you answer this if you can.”

Seeing that, I sighed, I don’t know how many times. There are two more idiots. No, wait, are they really not aware of it?

Luna María remained silent. Miroslav was hiding behind Lars, so I don’t know what she’s thinking… Well, it doesn’t matter.

Alright, I’m tired of this senseless conversation, so it’s time to end this.

“Miro didn’t stab your heart, she attacked your arm, right? Iria, do you know that’s much more brutal than killing? Despite being a C-ranked group, don’t you know what happens to the prey captured by the lord of the flies? By the way, I knew. I had Luna María read me a record before.”

Lars, who heard that, frowned in anger, and Iria fell silent immediately. Before my eyes, I saw Luna María’s shoulders trembling.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you really not know? As always, you’re bad at studying, Lars. Come on, Iria, tell him as you always do. Properly and in an easy-to-understand manner.”


“Um, Iria, what does it mean?”

“…The lord of the flies injects a paralyzing poison into its prey and takes them alive to its nest. To feed its larvae…”

“What? So, you’re saying that Sora…”

“You got it. I almost got devoured alive. Fortunately, I managed to come back alive, but the fear and desperation I felt at that moment… I wish I could share just a fraction of that with all of you!”

I started laughing deliberately and then turned to Iria.

“So, Iria, you said that attacking an arm is a sin, but it’s strange to compare it to a life, isn’t it? Come on, tell it to Lars again. If you’re captured by the lord of the flies, you’ll be eaten alive, but it’s still lighter than instantly killing, right?”


“Oh, wow, I’m disappointed by your silence. Are you exercising your right to remain silent as a priest of the temple? ‘Murderer’ and ‘Silent.’ HA, you really are good friends.”

“Sora! Enough! I won’t forgive you if you keep insulting my companions!”

I shrugged at Lars, who shouted without understanding his position.

“And here’s the ‘Angry Leader.’ Let me tell you this, Lars. When you were attacked by the lord of the flies, do you think it was a coincidence that the group fled towards where I was?”

“What do you mean?”

“Iria knew it. Of course, the mage Miroslav must have known about the lord of the flies’s habits too. An opponent they could never defeat. If they lost, someone would definitely be eaten by the monster. The one in the most danger was you, being unconscious. The three who love their dear leader started thinking. Is there any way to help the leader? Is there a way for them to survive… that’s surely what they thought. They encountered me before entering the forest. It wasn’t a coincidence. They intentionally fled towards where I was.”

Some of them trembled upon hearing that.

I continued explaining to Lars, who still stared at me intently.

“Why do you think Miroslav, who is skilled in fire magic, used wind magic at that moment? Because the power of fire magic is too great. Miroslav, who knew about the lord of the flies’s habits, knew that it was interested in capturing humans alive. It would be unfortunate if it killed its bait just by going a little too far. That’s why she used limited power wind magic. She only hurt me to a degree that wouldn’t kill me, to make me a living prey for the monster.”

“That’s nonsense!”

“Hmph. To you, I’m just a ‘Parasite’ from the past. Especially, Miroslav hated me more than the others. To the point of spreading bad rumors and driving me out of the city. Yet, I didn’t leave the city. I tried to stay even if the guild expelled me. It was at that moment that I was attacked by the lord of the flies…”

“Hey, Sora. Don’t tell me…”


“I thought it was a great opportunity. Lars, there’s a great cause to help you. Even if a crime is accused, it can be said to be an emergency evacuation. But it wasn’t like that. It was a planned murder using a monster.”

As I said all that, Lars stood up with a flushed face. If he had a sword at his waist, he would definitely have drawn it.

“Don’t spout nonsense! How dare you speak to your former companions like that?”

“My former companions? ‘Anyway, he has nothing to do with us anymore.’ That’s what you told me when we met in the forest, remember?”


Unable to refute, Lars gritted his teeth. Faced with Lars, I spoke in a lower tone than before.

“…Well, honestly, I don’t know if Iria and Luna María were thinking along those lines. But Miroslav was absolutely aware and decided to act that way. Most likely, she was leading when you were fleeing from the lord of the flies. So, what do you say, Iria, Luna María?”

Even when I asked, there was no response. There was no affirmation, but there wasn’t a denial either.

Iria can’t lie as a priest, and Luna María must be thinking that she shouldn’t lie. And Lars, who was unconscious, had no way to deny it.

When Lars looked at Miroslav with a frightened expression, the mage shook her head repeatedly, her red hair flowing.

“I-It’s a lie! It’s all a lie! Lars, please believe me. I… I certainly attacked that man. I did it to save us! But it was a quick decision! I had no malicious intentions like trying to kill him or anything like that!”

Miroslav clung to Lars. It was a repetition of before. I was just laughing.

“Well, that’s natural. There’s no woman who would say, ‘I tried to eliminate that nuisance with malicious intentions,’ in front of the man she loves.”

“Shut up, scum! I-I’m amazed that you can spout all that nonsense…! Do you think you can get away with insulting the daughter of the Sauzar Trading Company?”

Miroslav’s gaze was filled with a fire and a curse that could kill a person.

Some mages can use magic eyes and demon eyes, perhaps Miroslav can awaken that.

I raised both hands and looked at the receptionist who had remained silent throughout this spectacle.

“The daughter of the Sauzar Company said that. But I have no intention of withdrawing my accusation. So, I have a suggestion for the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“…A suggestion?”

“Yes, that’s right. Call a priest who can use ‘Lie Detection.’ So, if the words of that woman are evaluated, everything will become clear. If my suspicions are wrong, I will withdraw all my accusations. I will accept the punishment of the innocent called the ‘Murderer.’ I will also swear never to return to this city, let alone the guild. I don’t think the ‘Falcon’s Sword’ has any objections to this if they truly want to reveal the truth quickly… unless they’re lying, of course.”

I looked significantly at Miroslav. If my suspicions were truly mistaken, she should say something like, “So be it!” or something similar.

But I did see it, indeed. A flicker of doubt resided in the mage’s eyes. Probably, the receptionist saw it too. The next words I heard from her had a terrible mechanical sound.

“As you know, a certain amount of money is required to use miracles. When it comes to a high-class miracle like ‘Lie Detection,’ ten or twenty silver coins won’t be enough. Can you pay that amount, Sora-sama?”

Saying that, the receptionist stared at me intently. I’ll say it again, this receptionist is the one who informed me of my expulsion. She knows that I can’t even afford a silver coin for the promotion test.

With that clarified, the guild’s intention is more than obvious.

They’re trying to avoid any situation that could confirm any kind of guilt towards “Falcon’s Sword.” I narrowed my eyes and asked.

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