Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

Chapter 1 – The Girl Named Raze Shess Orphan


Letting out a big yawn, Raze got out of bed quietly after putting on her jacket that only reached down to her shoulders. Her burnt umber hair that bounced every which way could not be tamed by just combing it with her hands.

Rubbing her heavy eyelids, she pushed back her long bangs and gathered her hair loosely at the bottom. She then stretched right where she stood. Although not a morning person, living alone for some time now, she woke up around the same time every day. Opening the curtains let the blinding morning sun fill the room.

After a simple breakfast of bread, fried egg, and soup, she washed her face and brushed her teeth. When she looked up at the mirror in the bathroom, she saw a girl without any notable features – brown hair and eyes you can find anywhere. Her looks weren’t what one would call beautiful, but she had an easy face to work with using makeup. Her height was a bit short compared to other girls her age, but she didn’t mind. Raze was an ordinary 16-year-old girl this year.

She got changed, put on her coat, and donned a hat. After checking she had everything, she took her worn-out square bag. It was about time to go to work.

“Alright. Let’s do our best today too.”

As she said that, a magical circle appeared at Raze’s feet.

This is a world where magic exists.

Using special stones called magic stones, people can wield special powers – “magic”.

Everyone possessed magic stones and prospered using their abilities. The powers brought about by magic stones were things like generating elements such as fire, wind, water, lightning, earth, moving objects without touching them, interfering with others’ minds, enhancing physical abilities…the variety was endless. Depending on the application, magic could be further classified into more detailed categories, too many to list. Also, the power of magic one could use differed according to one’s talents and shortcomings. Magic had infinite possibilities depending on the person.

And the spell Raze just activated with the magic stone earrings she always wore was a teleportation magic, allowing transportation to locations marked in advance.

In a flash of light, the next moment she was in a different place.

Unlike the small living space crammed with a bed, kitchen, and bathroom she was in earlier, this room had books and documents densely packed against the walls.

“Good morning, Boss.”

The first thing that entered Raze’s ears was a polite, low voice.

Boss? Who’s that referring to?

Some readers might be wondering, but there were only two people in this room – Raze and the man who just greeted her. So there’s no doubt who those words were aimed at.

“Good morning, Captain Bonaruto.”

Raze smiled at the man looking at her.

Her name was Raze Shess Orphan. Despite ordinary looks, she was actually a soldier serving the Cyan Empire located in the southern part of the Ordian Continent. She currently belonged to the Cyan Imperial Army’s Magic Beast Subjugation Unit, and had been serving this country for five years now.

The location she teleported to was a military facility placed a bit away from the headquarters.

Knowing that Raze would appear in the room punctually every time, Captain Cross Bonaruto stood up and waited to greet her refreshing morning. Though about a decade older than Raze, Cross was a capable subordinate who admired her.

“Boss. Here are notices from headquarters that arrived this morning.”

“Thank you very much.”

While tidying her bag and coat on the far side of the austere long desk, Raze accepted the documents Cross handed over.


Cutting open the seal and checking the contents, she twisted her face in displeasure.

The refreshing air instantly turns gloomy.

“Boss. Based on your expression…is it a summons?”

As Raze’s aide, Cross had seen her make this unpleasant face many times already so he was unfazed. But he gently points out that it’s not a maidenly expression.

Usually Raze doesn’t show dissatisfaction or weakness before other soldiers, maintaining her status as a soldier. However, before longtime colleagues of the magic beast subjugation unit she leads, her conduct is as frank as when dealing with friends.

“That’s right. And sadly, cough, I have to go to headquarters this afternoon…to see his excellency.”

Raze grabs her head saying “Ugghh” while Cross lets out an awkward “Oh” in sync.

A summons from his excellency the Prime Minister, also called the “Great Father” to the Cyan Emperor. It surely wouldn’t be for a fun talk. Rather, he’d surely push some terribly troublesome business, like every time. I’ll declare it now.

In her heart Raze refers to him as the Grim Reaper, and fitting of that name, the work given when called before her was always high risk.


“I’m so sick of this… I just got back from an expedition to Baluda, where I subjugated a beast, you know? I wish he’d let me relax with some desk work for once.”

“But boss. Sitting at a desk all day would dull your body. We soldiers have to reduce their numbers or the beasts don’t disappear.”

“I didn’t want such a correct answer…”

Raze rests her chin on the desk and looks displeased.

There are two continents in this world. “Baluda” refers to the continent where the magical beasts live, and she was exterminating the beasts there until three days ago. Meanwhile, the continent they’re on now is called “Ordiana,” but Baluda has a completely different ecosystem that’s unknown in many ways. Raze leads her unit in the relentless slaying of beasts in this dangerous land.

The magical stones vital to Ordiana are now extracted from the foreheads of magical beasts, so each country competed to carry out these subjugations.

“I cannot blame His Excellency for the summons. After all, you’re the ace of aces with the most S-class magic beast kills. Even though your personal information is classified, other countries are wary of Cyan having someone named [Fang].”

“Well, I’ve been doing this and that since I was little…”

I do have memories of my past life.

Raze closes her mouth and murmurs this in her heart.

Her exceptionally young enlistment in the army at the age of 10 was proof that she was no ordinary person.

Raze has knowledge of Earth, where she lived in her previous life.

However, she only vaguely remembers what kind of person she was in that past self. Instead, as she gained more information while living as her current Ordiana self, the memories of her past self became harder to recall each year. Her memories would resurface when there were triggers related to her past life knowledge.

But even this unstable memory was frightening with the knowledge of her previous world. Raze was allowed to enlist in the military at the unusual age of 10. Her subsequent exploits were also disproportionate to her age, as she performed intelligence activities and rescued prisoners of war.

In reality, she just lived every day and did her best because she didn’t want to die, but against those feelings, she was assigned missions. In addition, the Magenta Empire was at war with the neighboring country, and she was greatly rewarded for neutralizing enemy forces and recovering magic stones and beasts in Baluda. She was promoted several times and became a lieutenant colonel at the age of 14.

Then, shortly after she left Intelligence and became a Lieutenant Colonel, the clash between Magenta’s invasion and Cyan’s staunch defense finally didn’t collapse, and Magenta stopped attacking for a truce. With cooler heads, Headquarters considered her age and halted further promotions. Her previous promotions had only pushed her up the ranks to achieve the goal of not losing the war.

However, her military exploits were excellent regardless of her age, earning her the title of [Fang]. At present, she was the first and only living person to receive this title.

In addition, she had passed the rigorous selection process of Cyan’s Special Forces, all of whom wore black masks and undertook dangerous missions such as special operations and fighting heinous criminals, hence the name [Eyes of Shadow], and had become an officer of unparalleled excellence.

Now, as a senior officer, a member of the elite few [Eyes of Shadow], the ace in the field of magical beast subjugation, Raze carried out her duties.

Only a few within the military knew that she was active in so many areas. And those who understood Raze’s abilities called her “Boss” with more respect than just her position, regardless of her young age.

“Haah. I can’t help it… I’ll buy you some pudding as a reward today.”

After quickly accepting the inevitable orders, Raze began to look forward to the upside.

“Pudding? Speaking of which, I hear the cake shop on Margarita Street has a legendary pudding in stock.”

“You think I don’t know that, Captain Bonaruto?”

“…. As expected of you, boss.”

Cross smiles wryly.

“But Captain-“

Raze sits up straight, elbows on the desk, chin resting on clasped hands.

“Nothing scares me more than words like [Legendary] and [Limited Stock]. I pay close attention to food news, but…somehow there’s always a glitch, and I miss the chance to buy. Just the other day, I couldn’t get the strawberry mochi that Munhen Company imported from the Far East.”


Cross is silent.

Just when she could say something serious with that solemn expression on her face…

It’s a subject that annoys one, but understanding Raze’s passion for food, he doesn’t take her words lightly.

“I’ll buy some and put them aside when I get the chance.”

“Really?! Yay! Now I’m motivated to work! I look forward to it, Captain, and will definitely repay you!”

Raze’s eyes sparkle and she acts her age. Though she usually feels like she is talking to adults, reactions like this make her seem suddenly young.

Feeling somehow mystified while seeing the girl known as [Fang] like this, Cross nods.

“Now then. I already submitted the report about the harvested magic stones, so I need to get through the backlog of paperwork from the expedition today…”

“Yes. As usual I sorted those requiring the Boss’s confirmation in order of priority.”

“Thank you, you’re a big help as always.”

While Raze examined and wrote reports about the magic stones, Cross organized the accumulated documents.

It was winter. Outside the window, snow fluttered about.

(Snow huh…)

A memory surfaced of her past self skiing or something. Thinking she wanted to try it in this world someday too, Raze reaches for the documents.

The promised afternoon 2 PM. Raze’s dark blue uniform is adorned with several badges on the collar and chest.

(I’ve got nothing but bad feelings, really.)

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