Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 3

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“Let’s go with [Ice Lance]. It’s a live performance, so I’ll take care of the generation myself. Join me after the projection. The main chant hasn’t changed since then.”


In the depths of our vision, a gigantic monster turtle stood. Dull clusters of crystals were attached to its shell, creating pronounced irregularities.

“You two! You’ve come a long way, are you OK?”

Camilla said in a worried tone from behind.

Indeed, it is quite a distance from here to the monster turtle. With conventional magic, the effect would diminish significantly before reaching the target, making it almost useless as an attack.

However, if we get any closer, it might activate and take a defensive stance. Strategically, it’s an ideal position from which to launch a surprise attack.

“It’ll be fine. Probably.”

Heidemarie’s magic will reach far enough.

“What did you say, young Vim?”

It seems my voice was too low.

“He said… he’ll be fine!”

Heidemarie added.

“I see! I’m counting on you!”

Embarrassed, we made eye contact and then turned together towards the monster turtle.

Take a deep breath.

It’s a nostalgic feeling. It reminds me of when we used to dive together.


Heidemarie held up the collapsible pole she was carrying on her back.

Somehow, with a clattering sound, it assembled automatically, revealing a stick considerably larger than she was. It’s already big enough to be used as a war hammer when swung.

Although I saw it some time ago, it has been further modified. The entire staff, from handle to tip, is densely decorated with ancient characters and patterns related to incantations. The magic stone at the centre emits different flowing characters depending on the intensity of the light.

“Oh, the magic stone seems a little smaller?”

“You have a keen eye. It’s not just that I managed to make it smaller, the incantation density has tripled. Get ready!”

Seeing her smile, I couldn’t help but feel happy as well.

At the same time, I felt a surge of determination. I must do my best as well.


As Heidemarie chanted, a sharp sound rang out and ice crystals appeared overhead. Steam gathered and condensed on the crystals. What I felt on my side was dry and lukewarm air.
With each blink, the ice crystals grew larger, occasionally emitting roaring sounds as they compressed. Gradually, their shape became clearer, revealing a spear ready to be launched.

An ignorant mage would be astounded by such a spectacle.

The reason lies in the fact that this magic operates on principles far removed from existing magic.

Originally, ice magic falls under the category of heat magic and is primarily used for attacks centered around cold. In other words, advanced ice magic aims for freezing attacks like blizzards, rather than massive physical assaults like this.

This aligns perfectly with Heidemarie’s occupation as a “Sage.”

Magic can be divided into two types: basic magic and applied magic. Basic magic refers to inorganic magic that doesn’t alter the quality of magical power. The communication magic and scouting magic I used earlier fall into this category.

On the other hand, applied magic is practiced by individuals who have acquired a specific occupation and is tailored to suit their skills. Broadly speaking, it is classified into four occupations: “Warrior,” “Mage,” “Cleric,” and “Bestowal Mage.” The diversity and power of applied magic far exceed that of basic magic and is commonly referred to as occupational magic.

Now, the terrifying aspect of the rare occupation known as the Sage, and the reason it is considered the strongest, lies in the fact that Sages can utilize all forms of occupational magic.

It is undoubtedly a formidable ability. In this world, children with the aptitude of a Sage are involved in every aspect of society. This is why there exists an organization called the Sage Association, established by the Sages themselves for their protection.

However, all of these are nothing more than byproducts that deviate from the essence of the Sage occupation.

The true aspiration of a Sage lies in creating the basic units of magic. While those involved in magic development struggle to combine various elements to create something new, Sages can create missing components from scratch, completing the magic.

Truly versatile, Sages represent a perfect harmony of intelligence and combat prowess at the highest level.

“Now, Vim! Declaration of approval! I, Heidemarie, approve the bestowal from bestowed mage Vim Strauss!”


I visually confirmed the ice spear created by Heidemarie. It was already complete. All that was left was to launch it.

“[Solidify] – [Tremble] –“

I created a connection between the ice spear and myself through Heidemarie’s consciousness. Then, I executed a code that drastically reduced friction with the air and hardened the tip of the spear just before impact.


Now, the ice spear has been enhanced.


I don’t interfere with the output of the spellcaster. The enhancement is applied to the object after it has been released. For example, if it’s fire, it will spread more easily after being launched, and if it’s wind, it won’t attenuate until it reaches its target.

By understanding physical phenomena and subdividing bestowed magic, the most efficient way of operation naturally becomes apparent.

“Let’s go!”

Heidemarie takes the lead. We shout simultaneously.

“”[Ice Spear]!””

In an instant, the ice spear is launched without a sound. However, the vacuum created in its path pulls in the surrounding air, causing a violent storm.

The monstrous turtle is pierced through its core, including its shell.

There is no chance of survival. Its movements have completely ceased.

As the wind calms down, a momentary silence falls within the labyrinth. The members of “Nocturnal Dragonflies,” including myself, and even Heidemarie, the spellcaster herself, are astonished.

Clap, clap. Camilla starts applauding.

Others join in, and gradually, cheers mix in as well.


Camilla exclaims with a raised voice.

“Heidemarie, and young Vim, I am impressed by your ideas and the finesse of your techniques!”


Being praised so directly, I struggle to find the words to respond.

“I see, you kept yourself away from the spellcaster’s discretion and focused on support. Enhancements were applied after the output, paying attention to attenuation. If it’s feasible… No, it has been demonstrated that it is feasible. In that case, there is no doubt that the enhancements were effective if the range extends this far. It is undoubtedly useful.”

Camilla’s insight penetrates me.

Heidemarie knows my capabilities, but to understand it so clearly at first sight. Perhaps it’s natural for one of the strongest warriors in Fieldbron.

However, nevertheless.

I’m happy.

I know there’s likely a lot of polite compliments, but to understand it so well, to be praised with a basis, there’s no way I wouldn’t be happy.

“Um, well…”

I struggle to gather my thoughts. I don’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, um… I’m honored to receive your praise.”

As I say that, Camilla looks bewildered.

“Hahaha! Young Vim! Stand tall with pride!”

She lightly pats my back.

My hunched back trembles, and the tension is forcibly released.

I realize that I was nervous. Once aware, my field of vision widens a bit, and I see the faces of everyone watching us intently from behind.

Everyone is smiling. They are applauding with smiles.

“Is your magical power okay? If possible, I don’t mind seeing other enhancements within your range if we can continue like this…”

An itchy feeling wells up. I nod without hesitation.

“This is Jiemon. I detected the wyvern directly. The distance is thirty. It seems they’ve also noticed us. I sense hostility. At a distance of twenty… no, at twenty-two, they will attack us.”

“This is Camilla. Understood. As planned, we will set up a formation at distance three.”

Camilla’s voice resonates throughout the group.

To continue testing enhancements, I join the defense team. This team primarily consists of individuals who have acquired the profession of shield bearers, a subcategory of warriors.

It’s probably a configuration that considers my safety. Even if the enhancements fail, these people have enough stamina to handle situations when necessary. Considering that bestowed mages are inherently weak, it’s also rational to protect us from stray bullets.

I can relax. They’re the members of “Nocturnal Dragonflies.” I’ll give it my all.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too! I’m Abel!”

Abel-san, or rather Abel-kun. He’s a handsome young man about my age. He’s a bit rough around the edges, but his manner is polite, so he doesn’t come across as prickly or cold. He seems like a nice person.



“It’s impossible. I can’t start a conversation with someone I’ve just met. It’s beyond my capabilities.”

“Oh, um, well…”

“Are you OK? Hyperventilating maybe?”

“No! I’m-I’m fine!”

He said it with a straight face. It’s hard. I want to die.

“You don’t have to be so nervous.”

Abel-kun said, reassuring me with a smile.

Ah, he’s nice. That makes me happy.

“This time, it’s a wyvern, so it’s important that our shield team can withstand its breath. Can you give us some improvements?”

“Yes, of course.”

It’s easier when the conversation is thrown at me like that. As expected from the team leader.

“So, what kind of improvements should I make? Um, I haven’t really thought about what buffs to apply to shield team members since the Dragon Wing party was small.”

“The captain told me to use defensive buffs. The main purpose is to prevent the breath attack, so I think it should focus on heat resistance and diffusion. But I’m sorry, I don’t know much about bestowed magic. I’ll leave it up to you.”

Well, that’s the way it is.

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