Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 1

Chapter 3: Exposing the Sins

The next day, after dawn, I was sitting in a room at the adventurers’ guild.

The seats were arranged in a “コ” shape, and in front of me were the four members of the “Falcon Sword.”

The guild receptionist was seated on one side.

This room is located at the back of the guild hall, and the disturbances from the adventurers barely reach here.

It’s probably a place used for meetings with important individuals in the guild.

If it were my former self, I would be sitting here with hunched shoulders, but now I was sitting with crossed legs.

The victim was confronting the perpetrators, and from the beginning, I was very optimistic.

“…..So, Sora-sama, you won’t withdraw the accusation that ‘Falcon Sword’ deliberately attacked you, right?”

“I’ve been saying that for a while now. Don’t make me repeat it,” I snorted at the receptionist’s words and pointed to the four people at the table.

“‘Falcon Sword’ used me as bait to escape. They carefully used lethal magic to prevent me from moving. I have no intention of withdrawing this accusation. Besides, why should I withdraw it? They haven’t denied it, have they?”

“That’s true. But whenever there’s a discrepancy between the testimonies of both parties, it must be confirmed.”

“Then, confirm it. I don’t need to withdraw anything for that.”

Upon saying that, the receptionist fell silent. By the way, this receptionist is the same person who declared my expulsion the other day.

It was Lars who spoke up instead of the speechless receptionist.



“Did Miro really shoot you with magic? It’s hard to believe.”

Lars looked at me with a suspicious gaze. At that moment, Lars had fainted from the lord of the flies’s attack and was carried away by the warrior priestess Iria.

So, he didn’t witness it with his own eyes. I shrugged at Lars’ question.

“I don’t need you to believe me. I mean, ask the culprit herself before asking me.”

“Miro admitted to using magic, but she said she didn’t intend to attack you. Didn’t the magic she cast towards the lord of the flies just bring you bad luck?”

Upon hearing that, I burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! By bad luck, you mean? As expected from the great leader of the C-rank group ‘Falcon Sword,’ that’s some great reasoning!”

As I intentionally clapped my hands, Lars’ face turned red. Additionally, Miroslav and Iria looked at me with murderous eyes, but I laughed at their reactions.

“In that case, I have a question for the great leader. At that time, you were being chased by the lord of the flies, and I was standing in that direction.”

From Miroslav’s point of view, the monster was behind and I was in front.

Taking this into account, how can a mistake be made from that position? Did the magic she cast unexpectedly fly backward? Are you serious? Not even a child would make that mistake.”

When I laughed, Lars bit his lips in frustration. Then, the receptionist frowned and spoke up.

“Sora-sama, this is not a place for condemning a person. It’s a place to verify each party’s claims and go the right way. Please don’t intentionally harm others.”

“I apologize for that. I didn’t know it was such a noble place. I thought it was a place that wants to quickly settle one’s claims to protect the high-ranking adventurers who are important to the guild.”

“…..Are you trying to insult the guild?”

“If it’s different, then decide on the disposition for them. At first, guild tell me to withdraw my accusation, then guild warn me about my tone. That’s why I’m getting that kind of impression.”

Right now, I’m delivering a good blow to the person who declared my expulsion from the adventurers’ guild the other day. Unable to respond, that person pursed their lips. Seeing that, the corners of my mouth lifted.

To be honest… it feels really good!

The fact that my expulsion from the adventurers’ guild is in accordance with the rules is also on me.

However, I haven’t forgotten the receptionist’s attitude at that time. And being able to leave them speechless boosts my spirits.

And as they looked at me in that way, Iria opened her mouth with bitterness.

“All you’re doing is making demands. But what exactly do you want us to do? Will you be satisfied if we all bow our heads to the ground?”

“What’s with those words? Don’t speak for yourself. On my part, I don’t mind if you appeal to the temple. I can say that your priest used another person as bait to save their own life.”

In response to that, I crossed my arms thoughtfully.

“…..No, wait. It’s better that way. There must be a priest in the temple who can use the miracle ‘Lie Detection,’ and with that, it will be known whether my words are lies or not. It’s better than continuing with these stupid questions and answers in this place.”


Upon hearing that, Iria’s expression changed. Seeing me rise with a smile, Iria tried to say something. But someone spoke up before her. It was Miroslav.

“Wait! I was the one who shot you with magic! The others had nothing to do with it.”

“They had nothing to do with it? They didn’t help the victim when their comrade deliberately attacked me. Instead, they managed to escape by luck while the other became live prey. And you say they had nothing to do with it? You say some amusing things, ‘Murderer.'”

As a gift to those who coined the nickname ‘Parasite,’ I’ll give them a new nickname. Miroslav twisted his handsome face, probably realizing my intention.

Of course, I didn’t care about that and continued my attack.

“From what I heard, it seems like all of you attacked me. Something like ‘Unfortunately, the lord of the flies’s attention shifted to a civilian who was there.’ HA! A mage, an elf, a priestess. Did you all agree to cast the magic?”

“…..Huh! In the first place, even adventurers would run away. Two people clinging to one plank won’t survive!”

What Miroslav said was an old narrative. When a member of a crew from a ship that had sunk in a storm struggled to survive, a plank from the ship floated near him.

Thanks to that, he stayed afloat, but then another sailor came and asked if he could also stay on the plank.

However, the plank was small and could only support one person. If both clung to the same plank, they would both sink. The sailor who first grabbed the plank inevitably rejected the second sailor’s request, and as a result, that sailor drowned.

Time passed, and the sailor who was rescued confessed the circumstances and was accused of murder, but was acquitted in a trial…. Miroslav added her actions to this narrative. I laughed at his nose.

“Lars, did you hear it? It’s clear that she used the emergency evacuation as an excuse to attack me. This is what they say about falling on your own words.”



“L-Lars, I’m sorry! B-But, I was desperate to save you at that moment! I could only think that I had to do something…!”

Miroslav covered her face with both hands and began to cry. Seeing her like that, Lars immediately put his hand on Miroslav’s shoulder and spoke softly near her ear.

“I know. You’re not someone who hurts people. Besides, it was my incompetence that made you feel cornered. I take part of the responsibility. We’re in this together.”

“Ahh, Lars! I’m… sorry… sorry…!”

Miroslav hugged Lars as if surprised. And as I watched this melodrama with narrowed eyes, I said to myself, “What the hell is this?”

I mean, instead of apologizing to Lars, she should apologize to me. I don’t remember anyone apologizing to me after returning to Ishka.

Even Luna María, who seems to be the most sensible one.

Looking at that elf who has been silent for a while, she shrank into herself and turned pale. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but she was trembling a little. It’s been like this since she found me again in the Tittis Forest.

I don’t think she feels guilty at this point. So what is she doing?

As I watched Iria in that state and Lars and Miroslav embracing, I wondered if I should leave or keep watching.

Do they all have flowers in their brains? It seems they really don’t understand what Miroslav did.

I let out a sigh. Then Lars spoke while embracing Miroslav.

“Sora, this is how it is. This is not only Miro’s responsibility, but mine as well.”

“So, you’re saying the great leader will also take responsibility?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“How convenient. And how exactly will you take responsibility?”

“Of course, you’re free to do as you please. If you want me to bow my head, I will.”

“I see, you won’t bow your head unless told to, huh? You really don’t understand the situation, Lars.”

“What are you saying?”

“You told me I was free to do as I wanted, right? Then I’ll take you at your word. Move aside. I’m going to strangle that woman to death. That way we’ll be even.”

Saying that, I pointed at the red-haired mage with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t talk nonsense! There’s no way I’ll allow that!”

To kill Miroslav. The voice that Lars emitted upon hearing my request was so loud that it shook the wall.

He grabbed the right side of his waist where there was nothing. It’s a position where the hilt of his sword would be.

The anger of the sixth-class adventurer exploded. My former self would have trembled and cowered.

But for me at this moment, this man’s anger in front of me was like a gentle breeze.

“Why are you angry? You said it yourself, that you were free to do as you pleased, right?”

“There’s a limit! Why does Miro have to die!?”

“Why? Because that woman tried to kill me.”

“But you’re alive! You survived! So Miro doesn’t have to die!”

“Are you an idiot?”

“What did you say?”

“Since I survived, do you want me to let that ‘Murderer’ go? Yes, I survived, but it was due to my own strength and good luck. Neither the ‘Murderer,’ nor you, nor the others had anything to do with it. Where is the reason to diminish her sins?”

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